Statewide Updates Articulation Task Force Meetings

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					 Presented by:
ATAC Facilitator
University Members                     Comm. College Members

Dr. Ronald Pitt (NAU)*                 Dr. Jeanne Swarthout (Rural - NPC)*

Dr. Todd Lutes (Univ. Rotating - UA)   Dr. Suzanne Miles (Pima)

Dr. David Young (ASU)                  Dr. Maria Harper Marinick (MCCD)

Dr. Juan Garcia (UA)                   Dr. Kitty Corak (Rural- CCC)

Stephanie Jacobson (ABOR)              Jennie Scott (CC Mem at Lrg - Pima)

* Co-chairs
   Interface Management System Interface – tool for
    students (made possible from ABOR-Prop 301 money)
    o Four schools have an implementation plan
    o Facilitates the ease of developing planning guides

   Arizona Transfer Scholarships awarded
    o One time award from unused funds from the 4th
      Biennial Conference on Transfer and Articulation
    o One award per community college district (12) worth
      $595 per student
   DVD to be distributed Fall 2008
    o Designed for high school students undecided about
      college and/or major
   Web Redesign
    o – feedback appreciated
        • Individual ATF Portal Pages
        • Handbooks and training materials
        • CEG
        • Much more
   Transfer Back Process
    o Often students transfer to one of the public universities
      without completing the AGEC and/or an associate’s
    o Students should be encouraged by advisors at the
      community colleges and universities to transfer
      university course work that will complete the AGEC or
      degree, back to the community college.
    o A Transfer Back Policy was accepted by both APASC
      and the Joint Conference Committee.
 LanguageATF approved common scores for
 Japanese Advanced Placement Exam
       ATF approved a common cut score for
 English
 CLEP English Composition with Essay
 Dance   ATF re-established
   Common Numbering System
    o 21 ATF’s are being asked to consider common
      numbering in one or more courses.

    o JCC requested that this process be investigated to
      enhance the transfer process.

    o The chairs of these ATF’s have been contacted and
      this discussion will be included on agenda
         number of baccalaureate degrees
 Increase
 oExpecting more partnerships between
  community colleges and universities
 oDiscussing University Centers on community
  colleges campuses and other ways to ensure
  that students understand how to continue on to
  the baccalaureate degree with maximum
  transfer of credit
   Course Applicability System (CAS)
    o Miami University DARS is now redLantern.
    o As of September 1, 2008 CAS will be
   Proposed ATASS Budget for FY 2010 is 10% lower than
    approved FY 2009 Budget
   More partnerships and better collaboration continues to
    be discussed.
 Meetingsopen to the public (all to be held in
 Maricopa County):
    oSeptember 19, 2008
    oNovember 14, 2008
    oMarch 6, 2009
    oMay 1, 2009

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