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									       Class of 2012 and 2013
College Informational Meeting

        Lee-Scott Academy

   Bonnie S. Matthews, School Counselor

             PANEL GUESTS
       Auburn University – Admissions
              Jake Williamson

       Auburn University - Financial Aid
               Brooke Wheat

     Auburn University - NCAA Eligibility
                 Lisa Koch

    Southern Union State CC - Admissions
              Brandon Morgan

Southern Union State CC - Student Development
               Jeremy Taunton

   Auburn University - Professor and Author
             Dr. Michael Bozack

 HS Graduation Requirements
 College Admissions Process
 ACT and SAT
 Transcripts/Letters/Essays
 Scholarships
 Financial Aid
 NCAA Eligibility
 Book Signing
                          Lee-Scott Academy

       Course of Study
           Advanced College Prep Diploma
           College Prep Diploma
       Credits (26 or 27 – earn 7 credits/year)
       Community Service Hours
           Minimum of 75
           45 hours must be “off campus”

       Scholarship Application                  (min. of 1)

If you are not a Lee-Scott student, make sure you are on track to
         graduate and know your schools’ requirements.

   Contents include, but not limited to:

     Application / Application Fee
     Transcript

     Standardized Testing

     Personal Statements / Essays

     Letters of Recommendation
   Electronic vs. print
   Demographic information, GPA, SAT/ACT
    scores, senior year schedule, unofficial
    transcript (self-reporting), accolades, activities,
    etc. (brag sheet/resume)
   Common Application (
   Will not be processed without fee
   Have a sloppy copy!

                Transcripts are available through Mrs.
                 Matthews (request forms are available in
                 her office and on the website)
                Students must apply to a
                 college/university before the transcript
                 will be mailed
                Transcripts will not be faxed, so make
                 sure you are meeting deadlines
                Allow 3 day turn-around for transcripts to
                 be processed and mailed

Non-LSA students, allow a longer turn-around and be prepared
                     for a processing fee.
                                ACT / SAT
   Required for colleges and universities
        ACT – Achievement Test (English, Math, Reading, Science) $33
             Optional Writing ($48 total)
             Guessing OK
        SAT – Aptitude Test (Critical Reading, Math, Writing) $47
   Registration due about a month before test days
   ACT – written required for most schools
        Take at least once
        Placement purposes
   ACT administered at LSA
        Sept., Oct., Dec., Feb., & April
   SAT administered at LSA
        October & January
   Juniors should start by December or after Algebra 2
        (Sophomores too!)

                           LSA School Code: 010223
                         TEST PREP

   ZAPS @ LSA
       October 2nd (Sunday) 12:30-6:00pm
       $79; includes take-home materials
       Register at (LSA students only)
   Sylvan Learning Center
       National Diag Day
            FREE ACT diagnostic practice exam
            Saturday, September 24th
       SAT & ACT Prep (satisfaction guaranteed)
            SAT is individualized - $740 (6-8 weeks before test)
            ACT is group - $695 (6-8 weeks before test)

   “Recommended” means “Required” if
    you are really interested in that school
   Follow directions . . . 250 words does
    not mean 150 or 450!
   Think of something about yourself that
    makes you stand out from others (e.g.
    leadership qualities)
   Give at least 2 weeks notice to writers
   Choose someone who likes you and can speak
    of your abilities
   Letters should come from multiple sources
    (e.g. academic teacher and coach)
   Provide writers with envelopes already
    addressed and stamped for mailing
   Complete a “Brag Sheet” (or resume) if there
    are other things about yourself the writer
    should know
                  FINANCIAL AID
   All students should consider financial aid opportunities
   Helpful Resources
      College Financial Aid Office**



   Multiple forms of financial aid
      Scholarships

      Grants

      Work Study

      Loans
   Free money that does not need to be paid back
   Merit-based vs. Need-based
   Review criteria closely . . . Do not discount yourself!
   Be cautious of fee-based services
   Utilize technology for searches
            LSA Leaders
            Secondary Counselor
            Scholarships (matrix)
        ALWAYS begin with the college/university
            Request a scholarship/financial brochure from EACH college
             or download from college website
        Local Area Resources
          High School website
          Civic organizations
          Service clubs
          Student’s employer
            Left-handed
            Duck Calling
            Duct Tape Prom
            Scholar-Athlete Milk Mustache
            Tall Clubs
            Vegetarian
Remember: Do not pay for scholarship search services!
   EVERYONE should complete the FAFSA
   Free Application for Federal Student Aid
   Get PIN now! (
   Automatically considered for:
       Grants
       Work Study Jobs
       Loan Options

Complete after January 1st and by March 15th
              of the senior year
              FAFSA FOR JUNIORS
     The federal government has a form you may
      complete that gives you an “early estimate”
     based on the current year’s income and assets
      to help you make projections for NEXT year.

            Go To:
               WORK STUDY
   Federally-funded and/or Campus-funded
   Job on campus = “payment” towards
   Can be varied: work events, Student
    Union Building, Athletics, etc.
   Contact specific college’s Financial Aid
    Office for opportunities
   Way to supplement other sources of
    financial aid
   Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized
   Payments may begin 6 months after
   Some loans do not accrue interest until after
   Stay away from Non-Federal Private Credit
   Student-athlete must register with
    NCAA Eligibility Center
       Registration Fee $65 or waiver

   Official transcript mailed to NCAA
   ACT/SAT scores sent (official)
   NCAA will not process a transcript with
    fewer than 6 semesters (conclusion of junior
    year request transcript to be sent)

               Division 3 – institutions decide
                   NAIA ELIGIBILITY

         Register Online (
         Registration Fee ($60) or Fee Waiver
         Official Test Scores (ACT/SAT)
         Official Transcript mailed

Check out the NAIA’s Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes
                WHAT DO I DO NOW?
       Review HS Graduation Requirements
       Complete a Brag Sheet/Resume
       Register for the ACT/SAT
       Visit Campuses/Attend Preview Days
       Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center or NAIA
       Determine and calendar scholarship deadlines…
        Apply now to start saving money for later!
       Attend College Fairs

       LSA Junior Parents/Guardians:
The Junior Handbook is now available online!
           WHAT DO I DO NOW?
   Complete appropriate admission application forms
    well before deadlines
   Retake the ACT/SAT (September or October)
   Get a scholarship/financial aid brochure from EACH
    college you plan to apply to
   Determine and calendar scholarship deadlines-apply!
   Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center or NAIA
   Obtain a FAFSA form and/or look at the website to
    feel better prepared
   Attend College Fairs
               QUESTIONS ?

 * Class of 2012 seniors and guardians:
 Remember to sign-in with Mrs. Matthews
              before leaving.

* Panel Guests will be available in the lobby
           following the program

  * Book signing will be held in the lobby
 “Street-Smart Advice to Christian College
Students: From a Professor’s Point of View”

   Dr. Michael Bozack (AU Professor Physics)

   Are you a prospective Christian college student who is
    anxious about attending college? Wants a high GPA? Is
    undecided about what college to attend? Wonders whether
    you can cut it academically? Is clueless about what to do
    with your life? Is unsure about living in a secular college
    environment? This book includes seven effective strategies
    for guaranteed academic success…the most common bad
    habits and mistakes made by college students… how to
    manage student life outside the college classroom…how to
    effectively live the Christian life as a college student in a
    major university. A secondary audience for the book
    includes parents, ministers, and education professionals
    who care about education and its direction in our nation. It
    seeks to help parents understand what factors are affecting
    their child's education and secondary educators who seek
    to prepare their students for college…
                                    -Excerpt from Editorial Review
            HAVE A GREAT NIGHT! 

        On behalf of Lee-Scott Academy,
            THANK YOU for coming!

LSA College Fair – Wednesday, September 7th (6-7:30pm)

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