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					Spoken Language Study Homework: Due first English lesson after the summer holidays!

Read the transcript on the following page and then answer the essay question below.

‘Explore how Jonathan Ross and Alan Sugar communicate during the interview on the
Jonathan Ross show.’

You must write no fewer than 4 paragraphs and make sure you cover the following bullet points in
each one:

    A main quotation
    Explore the reasons why the speaker may have said this (maybe try to name speech features
     as you explain your ideas)
    Explore the effects on the person being spoken to (thoughts, feelings in response to what is
     said to them – you may include another quotation at this stage)
    Explain how the public might react to the speaker and listener
    Consider how the context (the situation) of the talk impact how people speak and respond.

    Top Tips!

    Choose quotations to explore in a chronological order

    If you can’t name a speech feature, as you explain, don’t let it stop you from writing about it.
JR:   Your highness (bows to Alan Sugar – 2) is that what you have to do now with the Lord/
AS:   No no no/
JR:   Sugar (.) Are people treating you differently do you get do you get er kinda different
      treatment do you get er
AS:   Erm what we got at the moment is people still callin me Sir Alan so erm until we get back on
      TV again and er we hear some of the apprentices call me erm Lord/
JR:   Lord Al/
AS:   Sugar (.) No Lord Sugar it is
JR:   Lord Sugar so you don’t say Lord Alan
AS:   No you don’t say Lord Alan no (.) no no
JR:   Cos Sir Alan sounded great didn’t it
AS:   It did yeah yeah/
JR:   Sir Alan (.) Sir Alan/
AS:   A lot of people still call me that yeah yeah/
JR:   But Lord Alan have you acclimatised/
AS:   No it’s not Lord Alan no
JR:   Lord Sugar Lord Sugar
AS:   No look, no you know what (.) just call me Alan
JR:   Lord Suga Lady Gaga Lord Suga (Audience laugh and applaud. Some indistinguishable
      comments pass between JR and AS) But I can still call you Alan is that correct/
AS:   Absolutely yes yes/
JR:   Fabulous thankyou (.) thankyou Sir Alan/ (more laughter from audience)
AS:   Yeah yeah
JR:   Now erm (1) I don’t know much about the er House of Lords erm (.) what does the job
      involve there for you (.) I know it’s a very high profile thing but is there is there pay involved/
AS:   no/
JR:   is there any perks (.) that sort of thing/
AS:   er well (laughs)
JR:   Is there/
AS:   Well/
JR:   a canteen a communal shower a bar is there a lap-dancing club attached to it (audience
      laughs) the ladies the house of ladies
AS:   No (.) it is a fan it is a fantastic institution and some people that are erm er you know come
      from up up up the country somewhere that represent ordinary people that are members of
      the House of Lords (.) I consider myself an ordinary person
JR:   Hmhm yeah
AS:   from you know cos I came from wherever I came from/
JR:   Is it the barron of Clapton you’re from
AS:   Erm well what actually happens is erm I’m known as the Barron of erm yeah (.) so it’s Barron
      Sugar erm actually (.) but the point is is that you know most of the Lords (.) so if there was a
      Lord Smith (.)
Mr Whitney’s class:

Over the summer you are to research the following two poems:

The Laboratory and My Last Duchess

For each of the poems – produce a summary of what they are about.

Write four bullet points on each poem which explain how the poet engages the reader.

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