Time_and_Motion_Study_Template_for_Contractors_-_AUTOMATED_DISPENSING by hedongchenchen


									                                                                                     AUTOMATED DISPENSING TEMPLATE

*The table below lists all activities involved in the automated dispensing of oral liquid methadone
*Please record the time taken using a stopwatch (or equivalent),
*Record the total amount of time (in minutes) taken for bulk activities such as setting up/dismantling. Then record the time taken in seconds for each activity related to individual patient dispensing.
*The table has been split so that you can time the dispensing of different types of prescriptions within the pharmacy, depending on how many bottles were
dispensed for the patient on the day:
i.e. where the patient collects once daily complete the "1 bottle dispensed" column.
For a patient who collects once weekly but is given 7 separate bottles , complete the "7 bottles dispensed" column.
For a patient who collects more frequently than once a week but less frequently than daily for example collects three bottles on a Friday (for a weekend take-home), complete the "3 bottles dispensed"
Where the patient may collect a supervised volume and a take away volume on a daily basis complete the "2 bottles dispensed" column etc.

*You can time one prescription within each dispensing scenario or 3 within each dispensing scenario and take an average of all three.
*Please endeavour to fill out all 7 scenarios of dispensing or as many examples as possible.

Pharmacy Role: please specify who has performed the activity from the drop down box:                      Pharmacist

                                                                                No of bottles dispensed        1             2              3             4              5             6              7

                                                                 TOTAL TIME                               Time Taken    Time Taken      Time Taken   Time Taken    Time Taken     Time Taken    Time Taken
                     Activity (per prescription)                                     Pharmacy Role
                                                                 Taken (mins)                                (secs)        (secs)          (secs)       (secs)        (secs)         (secs)        (secs)
Set machine/laptop
Load machine with methadone
Calibrating machine - SF methadone
Calibrating machine - non SF methadone
Verification of calibration measures
Load pharmacist details onto system
Retrieve prescription from its usual location
Verify Patient
Input patient details
Verify volume of supply due that day
Dispense into suitable container
Apply label(s) & forward for checking
Accuracy check by pharmacist or ACT
Transfer to patient/ return dispensed item to CD safe
Annotate prescription to indicate supply made
Dismantle and clean measuring equipment
Return stock bottle to CD safe
Process any non-collections
Reconcile CD register and print

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