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The launch of Harrington’s Kitchen, a bread-making cookery school in South London, is feeding men’s appetite for home baking.

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August 2012

Age Old Baking Attracts New Age Man

Six months after the launch of Harrington’s Kitchen – a bread-making cookery
school in South London, founder, Stephen Harrington, is witnessing a
dramatic trend arise – the upsurge of the male baker.

Former city broker, Stephen Harrington, gave up his day job to fulfil his ambition to
cook. After several years spent in France, running a cookery school in the Basque
area and a catering company in Paris, Harrington returned to England to discover his
true passion – baking. Little did he know his bread-making classes would unveil a
new phenomenon – the rise of the male artisan chef.

“The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in home-baking enthusiasts” explains
Harrington, “but whilst there was an abundance of cookery classes teaching people
cake-making and cupcake decorating, there was a distinct lack of baking classes to
inspire men.”

Realising a gap in the market, Harrington set up his cookery school to dispel the
impression that baking was for the 1940s housewives and teach people the artisan
skill of traditional bread making, from French bread to Fougasse, Grissini, even

“It’s not hard when you know how, but people often think they don’t have the right
equipment or time to spend making bread,” explains Harrington. Harrington’s Kitchen
teaches a simple method – which doesn’t require any specialist equipment, just a
pair of hands and a domestic oven, so people can replicate the classes in their own
kitchens. It is this, which Harrington believes, appeals to men. “There’s nothing fancy
about baking bread but there is a definite thrill in nurturing something by hand that is
guaranteed to impress.”

Whilst Harrington’s classes started as a 50:50 split between men and women,
notably higher in favour of men than the average cookery class, Harrington says men
are increasingly being drawn to the activity. “Male celebrity chefs have been a
common feature on our TV screens and with a surge in baking programmes, coupled
with a recession mind-set – ‘why buy something that you could make at home?’ more
and more men are taking to the kitchen to produce artisanal handmade loaves. And
since there are not many meals that don’t benefit from adding a warm slice of freshly
made bread – it makes the pursuit all the more worthwhile,” concludes Harrington.

Notes to Editors

About Harrington’s Kitchen

Harrington’s Kitchen provides hands-on cookery classes for those interested in
discovering the art of bread making. Using just a pair of hands and an ordinary
domestic oven, the classes teach people a simple, yet wonderfully effective
technique to produce delicious breads that can then be replicated in people’s own

Classes are run by Stephen Harrington, from his stylish kitchen in Beckenham.
Stephen set up the classes to share his passion for baking, having previously run his
own cookery school in the Basque area of France and a successful catering
company in Paris.

The Introduction to Bread Making class teaches an original method to create light
airy dough and goes on to demonstrate how to produce an impressive range of
breads from French Fougasse, Rustic Flavoured Bread Sticks, Mediterranean Olive
Breads and delicious flavoured Focaccias. Classes last 4 hours and finish with a
feast of the freshly made bread, delicious hams, cheese and wine.

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