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									      VIDYALAYA ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12
Principal’s Address During Annual Day 2011

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen

  Distinguished Chief guest Brig. D N Singh Station Commander, Devlali Military
Station, and Chairman, VMC,KV 1 Devlali, Mrs.Madhuri Singh, Col.Somnath
Gupta,Admn.Commandant,and Nominee Chairman, VMC,KV 1 Devlali,other esteemed
guests, parents, my colleagues and dear students

              It is my proud privilege to welcome you all on this auspicious occasion of
the Annual Day of our school. First of all let me extend my heartiest welcome to our
Chief Guest. Sir your presence among us today has really lifted our spirits and boosted
our enthusiasm. I am particularly grateful to you for readily accepting our invitation to
grace the occasion as chief guest. So on behalf of everyone present here, I extend a
warm welcome to you Sir. I am also indebted to Madam Madhuri Singh for graciously
accepting the invitation and honoring us by her august presence. I would also like to
welcome Col.Somnath Gupta, Admn. Commandant, and Nominee Chairman, VMC,KV
1 Devlali,. From the bottom of my heart I welcome you Sir. Next I would like to
welcome all other distinguished guests and principals from other KVs who have added
colour and vibrancy to this evening. Let me also make use of this opportunity to
welcome all parents who have come in large numbers to make this evening a
memorable one. Finally a warm welcome to all my colleagues and dear students.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my proud privilege to present the Annual Report of KV 1 Devlali for the year
2011-2012 before you.

Well, the Kendriya Vidyalayas can be aptly defined in the words of Adam Cooper and
Bill Collage, when they said:

“You don’t need fancy high-brow traditions or money to really learn. You just need
people with the desire to better themselves.”

Since its inception in the year 1965, the school has made tremendous progress in all
spheres, be it academics, sports or co-curricular activities.

       Anatole France says,” The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the
natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.” We at KV KV 1
Devlali strictly adhere to this dictum and try our level best to translate it into the day to
day activities in the school.

       Academically speaking the year 2010-11 had been an exceedingly satisfying
one. The performance of the students of class X in the board examination conducted
by CBSE was outstanding. Abhishek Nandurkar of class X made us all proud by
securing a perfect 10 CGPA impressive CGPA. The brilliant performance of class
XII was repeated by class X students. The overall pass percentage of class X stood at
1 with Kusum Panwar bagging the 1st position by securing 90%. In the home
examination also we have improved upon our own previous result with a brilliant
96.29% in this academic year.


Co-curricular activities are an integral part of KVS System which provides an
excellent platform for students to showcase their latent talent. Keeping with the
tradition of KVS, the school has been divided into four houses viz; Shivaji, Tagore
Ashoka and Raman. Various inter-house competitions are conducted regularly
which help in the all round development of the personality of the children.
Students also actively participate in the celebration of important days and festivals.
Hindi pakhwada was celebrated from 14th to 30th September with a large number of
purposeful activities. It was organized with the intention of encouraging children to
honour Hindi by bestowing it with the place of pride it deserves. This year we
have started a new club called Integrity Club with the intention of inculcating
moral values in the children. Slogan writing, Debate, Story writing, Recitation
Calligraphy, eco-friendly Ganesh making competition are few to name.

This year the we organized English Literary Week for the first time in the history of
the Vidyalaya. Students and teachers enthusiastically organized various
programmes and competitions. Many programmes like story telling competition
recitation group song panel discussion and a skit on Influence of Regionalism in
English Literary parade of Shakespearean Characters etc. were organized. The
students participated with a lot of zest and zeal in all the programmes.


KVS organizes exhibitions in Science & Social Science at different levels from school
level to national level to familiarize the students with the latest developments in
science and technology and the world around them. In the cluster level competition
held at KV ISP on 21 and 22 of Oct. 2011 Mast. Thomson of Std.X1 A and Miss Neha
Thakur of XB Stood first in the English and Hindi debate respectively. Mst. Sourav
Raha of XC stood second in the Quiz. The Vidyalaya also stood first in the group
dance competition. At the social science Exhibition held at cluster level many of our
charts and models were selected for the regional level and National level. 7 exhibits
were selected for the nationals in the regional level Social Science exhibition held at
Southern Command Pune on 8 and 9 Nov, 2011. Miss Neha Thakur stood first in
Hindi Debate and Mst Thomson stood second in the English Debate. Miss Neha
represented the Mumbai Region at the Nationals.


Physical fitness has captured the imagination of both young and old. KVS also has left
no stone unturned in its efforts to make its students learn the Art of healthy and
productive life. CBSE as a part of its ongoing educational reforms has made Physical
Education cards compulsory for its students. The card will reflect the physical and
mental well being of the students. Keeping pace with these developments our school
also gives much importance to sports and games. Our children regularly participate in
the various cluster level, regional level and national level meets organized by KVS. 230
students participateds in the Cluster Level Competitions out of which 17 represented
the Nationals. Mst. Birendar and Miss Preeti received bronze medals each at the
National level Judo competition. Miss Priyanka Kumari also won a bronze for Judo. Mst
Tarun Dhillon of X1 A and Miss Poonam Jadhav of X1 A won bronze medals in the
Taekwondo at the Nationals. All the afore-mentioned Bronze medalists were also
awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1500 each.

Science Exhibition

In the Science exhibition conducted the KVS. 6 projects were sent for the Regional
Level Competition. Bio-pesticides and Hazards of oil spill are a few to name. 10
students participated at the Regional level Children’s Science Congress 2011 held at
KV BEG Pune. 2 were selected for the National Children’s Science Congress held at
KV NO.1 Jaipur.

In the Health quiz conducted at the Sahyadri Hall by Station Health Centre Devlali
on 7 April 2011 three students got cash prizes.

92 students participated in the Green Olympiad and 142 students participated in the
National Science Olympiad.The results are awaited.
2011 is being observed as the International Year of Chemistry. Therefore the
Chemistry department organized quiz debate essay and poster competition.

Jawaharlal Nehru science exhibition was organized on 30 august 2011 at the
Vidyalaya level. Projects on Energy Resources Agricultural Technology
Transportation Health Envionment Conservation of Natural Resources Mathematical
modeling and disaster management.


There are 77 computers in the Vidyalaya. This includes 20 new computers. In
addition to this Star Board installed in the Senior secondary Computer Lab. The
newly purchased computers are of high configuration with i3 processors 500 GB hard
disk etc. In the National Cyber Olympiad held on 8 September 2011 33 students
appeared, out of which 2 students Mst. Alok Mishra of X11 A and Miss Kalyani Patil
of X1 C got prizes. Zonal Informatics Olympiad was held on 19 November 2011 in
Mumbai. 10 students of this Vidyalaya participated in it. The results are yet to be


Many competitions were conducted by the Art department. Rakhi making
competition eco friendly Ganesh statue making competition etc. are a few to name.
India Security Press had organized a drawing competition for all the schools in Nasik
Road and Devlali. 3 students of this Vidyalaya were awarded with prizes. In the all
India painting competition conducted by _________ a few paintings were selected by
the AC’s office Mumbai Region and sent for further perusal. Apart from this many of
our students participated in the drawing and painting competition organized by the
Mahek foundation.


In this the supw classes students learn to do repair and maintenance work like
repairing heater geyser toaster oven etc. They submitted project work in making
musical bell voltage stabilizer booster transistors etc.


Many activities have been conducted under AEP and Disha club.On 25 April
2011 a talk was given on Gender Bias by Mrs. Rohini Mallik PGT Biology. On 6
May the Disha Club conducted a debate on declining sex ratio. An essay
competition was also conducted on the same topic. The Vidyalaya also organized
an advocacy programme for parents on 12 Sep. 2011. Dr. Alka Swadi gave a
speech on menarche and problems faced by adolescent girls on 19 Oct.2011. The
talk was followed by a fruitful interactive session. During AIDS Awareness
week a street play was enacted by the students of Std.X.


Scout and guide movement is another platform meant for the personality
development of the students.


It has been aptly said that it takes a village to raise a child.

The coordination and support of parents are the capital we bank upon in times of need.
KV Devlali is particularly lucky in this regard. I must thank all the parents for their
whole hearted support in achieving the goals we envisage for ourselves in the domain
of education. Regular PTA meetings held in the school after each test & exam are a key
element in improving the performance of the students, academically and otherwise. The
school also has a separate guidance cell to apprise the students with the various career
options available to them after school.


“I tried to teach my child with books, he gave me only puzzled looks.

I tried to teach my child with words, they passed him by, often unheard.

Despairingly, I turned aside,” how shall I teach this child” I cried.

Into my hand he put the key,” come”, he said,” play with me”.

These four lines more or less summarises what a child expects from us, both parents
and teachers. Keeping this spirit in mind KVS has been striving hard to overhaul
primary education to make it more student friendly. In order to ensure stress free
education to our tiny tots we have initiated many projects under CMP in the primary
section. Two teacher norm for classes I and II, block periods for activities, worksheets
etc are a few among them. In order to facilitate activity based teaching, we have set up a
well equipped activity room containing computers, TV, VCR, digital duplicator
machine, digital copier etc. Apart from these in order develop soft skills, grandparents
day was celebrated in the school Campus. It was really a pleasure to see the enthusiasm
of the grandparents and children on that day.

 Finally a big thank you to God almighty for His incessant which helped us to sail
smoothly this year. My heartfelt thanks are also due to KVS officials for their guidance
& support and all the parents and well wishers of the school for their co-operation.

Let us then be up and doing,

With a heart for any fate:

Still achieving, still pursing

Learn to labour and to wait.


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