The Elites by hedongchenchen


									The Elites            Credit goes to:

                      Megan Gritzfeld
                           Mr. Box
                     Mr. Briber (mentor)
Alex Brush               Mr. Kliewer
                       Mr. McDougal
Brandon Stiles        Mrs. McDougal
                         Mrs. Silver
Erick Box               Nick Holland
Reihia Todd              Tye Barba
                    And nameless angels
Theodore McDougal
 Purpose: To test our PowerAde bottle
 device to contain air pressure and be able
 to confirm a pressure drop with increase of

Our team’s hypothesis is that the air
pressure within the bottle will equalize to
the outside air pressure as the altitude
 First we went through our checklist in which
 we made sure that every component was in
 place and we had all of our equipment ready
 for use. We then sent up our balloon on a kite
 reel. After waiting for ten minutes we brought
 the balloon down to make a measurement on
 the air pressure. We had failed to open the
 valve before launching, causing us to re-
 launch. Again we had another error which
 caused us to re-launch.
Problems                   Problems Fixed
• Our two toy balloons     • We had added four
  did not have enough        more balloons and
  lift to carry our          one large helium
  experiment.                filled balloon to give
• SOMEONE didn’t             it enough lift.
  open the one-way         • We opened the one-
                             way valve.
• SOMEONE let the air
  pressure in the bottle   • We solved the last
  equalize at ground         problem by collecting
  level when they were       data from other
  not concentrating on       people to complete
  their job.                 our experiment.
   Pressure Temperature Test
Ideal Gas Law- P*V=n*R*T
Pressure * Volume=Constant*Temperature
  To prove that our air pressure bottle worked we
  performed a test using the Ideal Gas Law.
P(initial)=The Bottle’s Pressure was103kpa at
  temperature of approx. 373K (bottle in boiling
P(final)=87.5kpa at a temperature of approx. 290K
  (room temperature).
Calculated pressure change -20kpa over this temp.
  drop. Actual difference was -15.5kpa.
This agrees within 22.5% of our calculation.
Test of Bottle Result
    Seconds    Pressure (kpa)

         50    102.475832
         60    102.494864
         70     102.39011
         80     102.27584
         90    102.180602
        100    102.123428
        110   87.56152962
        120   87.58057722
        130   87.58057722
        140   87.55200582
        150   87.54248202
        160   87.55200582

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