Android Application Tutorial for Beginners

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					Android Application Tutorial for Beginners

Quick Tips on How to Easily and Quickly Create Android Applications Without Coding and Free -
As we know, the new gadget with the current Android platform is on the rise as evidenced by
its increasingly popular range of devices that use Android Operating System. Applications that
use of course also be increased and varied.
For those of you who have a blog or website and want to incorporate it into your site palikasi
munkin android you can try how to make your own android application, the following may be
the way you try,
Here are tips for making the application (apk) android quickly, without having to use coding.
Easy Tips on How to Make Android Application

   Open type in the browser you use.

   List and then complete the data required to make application apk

tips to make android applications quickly
- Enter the url address of the website
- Fill in the title, as well as descriptions
- Setting icon and pilijh category
- Press the CREATE Finally, to end

  After you create a successful apk, then you can go to the dashboard to download apk

tips to create applications quickly and free android
On the dashboard there is statistical data, how many times we downloaded apk, test apk and
can also be added as well ads or ads from you and from third parties.
Good luck I hope the information on How to Easily Make your own Android applications is
beneficial for you

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