Animating Clipart

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					      Animating Clipart

Open the CUPID file from the website;
   SAVE AS cupidanimation.png
         (Fireworks format)
     First—Remove background
• Use magic wand and click on
  the white background
• Press Delete
• You have to do this in two
  places… bottom and then
  upper part that’s what, too
• Control+D to deselect (make
  the selection go away)
     Next, move things to layers
• Zoom up (150% or so).
• Use lasso to drag around
  something—cupid’s head
• Doesn’t have to be precise,
  but don’t get too far off!
• Edit> CUT (to remove the
• Make a new layer and paste
  it, Edit> PASTE
• Think ahead. If you might want to animate
  another part (make it move, like one of the hearts
  or something) go ahead and move it to its own
  layer. You don’t want to have to do this after
  you’ve copied all the frames or it will be too late!
  Get it all divided before you do any animation
  and you will be a much happier camper.  TRUST
• Go ahead… move something else to a new layer
  (maybe pull the arrow out and draw the rest of it
  or something)
                    Fix gaps…
• Turn off the head layer
  (eyeball) for a minute
• Work on restoring the
  missing body
• Click paintbrush
• Use the eyedropper and
  click on flesh
• Now, you can paint in that
• Zoom up.. May have to
  change brush type, width,
      Moving the head around…
• Turn eyeball back on for head and click it’s
• Now that’s it is on its own layer, you can move
  – Press the Scale button
  – Use the handles to rotate as you copy frames
              Blinkie man…
• Let’s make our scary guy blink…
• Back on FRAME 4, click on the bitmap layer,
  use your eyedropper to color match and paint
  over his eyes so they appear to be closed
             Modify speeds
• Set each duration to 10/100
            Keep animating…
• You can do what you want, but here’s one
  more step to try.. How about making the guy’s
  expression change?
• Use the eyedropper, paintbrush, and eraser as
• Change expression slowly…
• On final frame, make it “stay” longer
• I’m stopping here, but you should do more…
  think about animating the hearts or the arrow
  or whatever!
  – Simple things are blinking or sticking a tongue out
• Or, do multiple versions!
• Make a new folder called anim. Export GIF to
  this folder, create a new webpage—call it
  animfun.html in that folder, and add them on
  it!   
My work in progress…

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