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					                                    From Birth to Hollywood                             I Love Lucy
                                                                 Hollywood to I Love Lucy
                                    Born in Jamestown, New       she had small parts in was a hit. different
                                    York. Attended drama         Three Little Pigskins types of comedy. the
                                    school but was outshined (1934) with the 3          cast was a family to
                                    Ball. In Who's Decided to Stooges,made $50          viewers. the key to
          Smith, R. (1992). Lucille by Bette Davis.who in comedy : comedians, comics, and clowns from vaudeville to today's s
                                    become a model by the        for That Girl from     success was Lucy's
encyclope                           name as Diane Belmont        Paris (1936), Room childlike ways. show
dia                                 with blonde hair. In a wheel Service with the Marx ended because of
                                    born in Jamestown, NY.        1933 to have a part CBS interested in her
                                    Father (electrician) died    in the chorus of       but not Desi. Lucy
          Zoglin, R. (1998).        when she was 3. tried to     Roman Scandals.        wanted Desi to play
          Lucille Ball. Time        get in show business in NY Buster Keaton            her husband so they
          International (Canada at age 15. had little luck.      worked on stunts       made an act and took
trade     Edition), 151(22), 128. Worked as a model until        with her.worked with it on the road.
journal                             she moved to Hollywood. Red Skelton in              wanted to shoot in
                                                                                        magic from perfect
                                                                                        chemistry of the cast.
          12 to watch of the                                                            Premiered Oct 1951.
          century. (2000).                                                              famous for lucy's
          Electronic Media ,                                                            antics. Lucy and desi
trade     19(3), 61.                                                                    insisted that show be
journal                                                                                 shot in LA for

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           Carini, S. M. (2003,                                   opened desilu in      originally aired
           Fall). Love's Labors                                   1950. Desi wanted to  October 15, 1951-
           Almost Lost:                                           be a business man     April 4, 1957. The
           Managing Crisis during                                 and lucy wanted       show was delayed
scholarly the Reign of I Love                                     them to be united.    because of the rocky
journal in Lucy. Cinema Journal,                                  Desi's business was   marriage and CBS.
bracken 43(1), 44-62.                                             perfect with lucy's   Ball publicised her
                                    born Aug 6, 1911. father                            debuted in 1951 on
           Violanti, A. (2003,      Henry Ball(25 and a                                 CBS. The couple was
           August 19). The          telephone lineman) mother     moved to Hollywood drained from running
           Melancholy Life          Desiree "DeDe"(19). Ball      in 1933. "Queen B" of Desilu, performing
           Behind Lucille Ball's    died 4 years later while      movies. Lucy met      and raising their
multisear Hollywood Dreams.         DeDe was pregnant. Moved      Desi in 1939.         children. Bad
ch         Buffalo News.            to Buffalo St. in Jamestown   struggled working     relationship.
           Lucille Ball. (1998). In born on aug 6, 1911 in        That Girl from Paris Desi and Lucy were
           Encyclopedia of World jamestown, NY. Lucille           (1936). Hey Diddle    determined to work
           Biography . Detroit:     Desiree Hunt. Father died     Diddle but it was     together to save their
           Gale. Retrieved from in 1915. Mother's name is         cancelled. Worked     marriage. They made
  DeDe. Moved to Celoron          with the Three        a Tv pilot. Stations
different m:80/ic/bic1/Referen outside Jamestown, NY              Stooges, the Marx     were sketch and they
database ceDetailsPage/Refere with DeDe's parents. DeDe           Brothers, Laurel and took their act on the

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After I Love Lucy to Death      Lucy's Influence               about lucy          other
divorce 1960. remarried
1961. hit in Wildcat. Bought
Desi's share for Desilu Prod.
Wealthiest women in show        after death, her picture was
business. Assets worth $50      on almost every major
million. Lucy 3 more times.     magazine. Reruns still
Regular on Monday night TV      popular
for 3 years after the show
ended, they did hourlong
specials. Ended it in 1960
because of divorce. Had 2
other popular series. Made a
few more movies. Attempted
a comeback in 1986.

                            named 1 of the top
                            influential people in the TV
                            business in the last century.
"The Lucy Show" and "Here's Picked as the top of the first
Lucy"                       50 years.
                                                               Lucy would do
                                                               any stunt. She
                                                               had her way to
                                                               make things
                                                               more funny then
                                                               they were on

                                first woman to play a
                                pregnant woman on a
                                sitcom, however she isn't
                                allowed to say the word
                                                               worked hard to
                                                               perfect her craft
                                                               and expected
                                                               that from
                                                               others. Didn't
                                                               feel like
divorce 1960. lucy was fake                                     brush with
about their marriage. Worked                                    communism in
together without speaking to                                    1953 (red scare).
each other the last days. Desi                                  Registered to
hurt that lucy received all the                                 vote in 1936 for
credit. Desilu was bigger than                                  her grandpa.
Fox or MGM.                                                     Carelessness like
Desi was cheater and
alcoholic which lead to
divorce in 1960. remarried
Gary Morton shortly after.
Struggled with aging and loss
of spotlight. scheduled to visit
hometown in April 1989 but
divorced in 1960 because of
his constant working, drinking
and cheating. Lucy in
Connecticut (1960). The Lucy-
Desi Comedy Hour (1962-
1967). with Vivian Vance The
Lucy Show (later called The

                                                                                    es of
                                                                                    are from
                                                                                    TV shows
                                                                                    of the
                                                                                    1950's. TV
                                   women's TV comedy gave
                                   roots for open feminist.
                                   Lucy gave women a chance
                                   to laugh at her and have a
                                   good time. Women were
                                   flocking to comedy. Women
                                   issues weren't taken

                                                                                    TV is a
nt of

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