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Towards a didactical Media Concept @ the Athénée de Luxembourg
       Athénée de Luxembourg

   Secondary school, founded 1603
   1350 students
   200 teachers
   www.al.lu
      The Athénée de Luxembourg & the media

   Motto: Innovation by tradition
   First major School Library in Luxembourg
   Information and Communication Environment
   Participation in many media-projects / IT-
    projects, integration of media education in
    many subjects (interdisciplinary)
   Media Library – Document Center – Support
    Center – Activity Center
   …
             Media Concept
   Overall concept for the use of the
    different media types at our school,
    developed by all the members of the
    school community – for both
    administrative and pedagogical purposes
   „By developing a media concept schools
    determine the status quo of their
    previous media use and fix the need and
    the perspectives for the coming years.“

 Initial inquiry: Where do we stand,
  where do we want to go, what do we
 Work out an effective planning -
  together with external experts
 Translation into action
 Evaluation
Our main goals:

   to simplify administrative procedures and to improve communication
    between all the people involved in our school
   to develop/strengthen teachers and students media skills
    (comprehension, analysis, production)
   teaching the media and teaching with the media
   encourage critical approaches to the media
   encourage comprehensive, autonomous, collaborative and creative
   continue to promote co-operation with external partners, the opening-up
    of schools, cross-curricular teaching and project work
   create the basis for a sensible and practical handling of the media
    (audio, video, books, the internet, etc.) by supplying and regularly
    updating both contents and hardware, and by creating support
    structures for teachers and students
Some activities
   Implementation of a web based Intranet – hosted by mySchool!
   Implementation of learning communities:
       To promote and improve collaborative learning processes
        (WebQuest, Assessments, Learning objects, ePortfolio,
        document sharing, communication tools, publishing tools …)
   Implementation of a media server hosted by our media library -
    flexible distribution of digital content (Stream or IPOD)
   To develop/strengthen communication competencies (reading,
    speaking, writing) of the students: cross-media activities (book,
    movies, press, readings, radio plays, other media events) to
    promote and support media literacy education
   To provide teachers with ongoing pre-service and in-service
    training and mentoring

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