Sociology Unit Test 2006 by ZC523jcg


									                    Sociology Unit Test

1. A _____________ looks beyond an event or person to find
   an understanding of how and why people behave.
     a. psychiatrist
     b. sociologist

2. The word that best describes how influenced people are by
   others is called:
     a. mob mentality
     b. role playing

3. A sociologist studies:
     a. what causes people to behave the way they do
     b. how to investigate a crime

4. Sociology is the study of _____________ that make up
   human society.
     a. individuals
     b. groups
     c. both of the above

5. Information collected by sociologists can help explain the
   _________ to develop solutions.
      a. causes of crime
      b. causes of poverty
      c. causes of social problems
      d. all of the above
   6. Most sociologists work in the field of education, but others
       work as:
          a. city planners
          b. researchers of the conditions and needs of the

   7. Anna and Isabelle are examples of:
        a. aggression
        b. social isolation

   8. Which is not true of both Anna and Isabelle?
       a. they were unwanted children
       b. they were born in the 1990’s
       c. they were loved by their grandparents

   9. Isabelle reached a normal mentality within 2 years.
         a. True
         b. False

   10. Anna and Isabelle’s cases show the importance of
   ___________ in the socialization process, as well as a loving,
   nurturing family.
        a. having sisters and brothers
        b. Language


   11. Females remember details better than males.
        a. True
        b. False
   12. Males have 25% more upper body strength than females.
        a. True
        b. False

  13. Females are more intelligent than males.
       a. True
       b. False

  14. Females can hear sounds that are close by better than males.
       a. True
       b. False

 15. Females have little difficulty reading a map and have poor
memory for details.
      a. True
      b. False


  16. What is the reason behind the “solo” in the Wilderness
     a. to tell each other their problems
     b. to rely totally on themselves to survive

  17. A rule from “The Wilderness Experience” is:
     a. all members need to share the work load
     b. do your own thing

  18. The organization that put on this experience is:
     a. Outward Bound
     b. YMCA
  19. According to an instructor _______________ is the key
factor needed.
      a. friendliness
      b. commitment

  20. The actual experience lasts 50 days.
     a. True
     b. False

  21. The first challenge for 20 students is to make sure that
everyone ______________.
     a. hikes 5 miles
     b. climb a wall

  22. Outward Bound is:
     a. free to all
     b. expensive but worth it

   23. The childhood pastimes reading says that a child is _____
times more likely to play a video game on a typical day then ride a
       a. 6
       b. 10

  24. What is the reason kids stay indoors more?
     a. to watch T.V.
     b. to play video games
     c. parents are afraid
     d. all of the above

  25. By completing this test, I have finished Unit 1 in Sociology.
       a. True
       b. False
          Sociology Study Guide-Unit 1 Test
Sociology is the study of individuals and groups that make up our
society. They study what causes people to behave the way they do.
Information sociologists collect can help understand and solve
poverty, crime and social problems. Mob mentality is a word that
means people are influenced by what other people do (for example,
if one person starts to wear shorts in the winter and then everyone
else started doing the same thing because it was the “cool” thing to
do). Most sociologists work in education but others are city
planners. Others do research in the community and try to find
ways to improve it.

In the readings about Anna and Isabelle, it showed examples of 2
girls who were socially isolated when they were young. Their
story shows the importance of being loved in a family and how
important language is while growing up.

The discussion on males and females shows that:
   Females remember details like dates and times better than
   Males are 25% stronger in their upper body-arms and
   Females can hear sounds that are close up better than males.
   Males are better at reading maps but not as good a memory
     as females.
The Wilderness Experience was run by Outward Bound. It lasts 50
days and is expensive but very worthwhile. An important factor is
the commitment involved to participate in all the activities. All
participants are also told they have to share the load and do equal
work. Before starting, each student has to climb a wall before they
can do other activities.

A reading on childhood pastimes shows that a child today is 6
times more likely to play a video game than to go outside and ride
a bike. More children stay indoors because they like to watch TV.
Play videos and the parents are afraid they will not be safe outside.

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