The Ethics of World Trade by 3kQWm23H


									The Ethics of World Trade

       A Simulation
Whoa, What Just Happened Here?

 Human behaviour isn’t as funny as it first appears.
Though at times nations in closely, act in ways that
…I say, watch the followingthe worldand ask yourself:
 seem incomprehensible, it really isn’t that complex.
Quite often, world events and the conduct of nations
Do I show any of these destructive behaviours,
 are merely the collective result of combining the
              that I claim I millions
  normal human behaviour ofreject? of people.
  So, you ask why the World is so cruel and has so
                many problems?...
    Pleas of the Poor Fall on Deaf Ears
          In the Game                                 In Real Life
 One of the first comments heard in the        The IMF, WTO, UN (among others)
game comes from the poorer groups and        were made to meet the needs of the rich.
                 is often:                    Poorer nations who reject the agenda of
                                             the rich nations are often ridiculed. What
“How can we make any shapes if we                         they’re saying is:
    don’t have any scissors?”
                                               “How can we sell any goods and
 After whining for a while, most groups       survive if we don’t have the means
 give up and come to terms with the fact      with which to compete in the global
 that they have deliberately been dealt a                 economy?”
‘disadvantaged hand,’ as though they’ve
  been set up to fail. Many assume the       But their cries for help are attributed to
teacher is ‘out to get them,’ and miss the     ‘whining’ out of jealousy or laziness.
                   point.                    Meanwhile, these organizations continue
                                              to support financial policies that make
                                                participating in the global economy
                                                  impossible for poorer nations.
  Discrimination, Wealth and Poverty
         In the Game                                 In Real Life
 Poor nations tend to appeal to other       Poor and struggling nations regularly
nations for assistance. This is usually        seek loans from rich nations. They
  in the form of resources or help in       appeal to the IMF and World Bank for
production. Rich nations tend to avoid          loans and debt relief. The poorest
helping. In some cases they may even         nations are often the target of foreign
  try to exploit the poorer groups. In           aid, but aid is usually very small
 response, poor groups band together       relative to the total wealth of the donor
in a ‘one for all’ mentality in order to    nations. Meanwhile, rich nations suck
                 survive.                      raw materials from poorer nations,
                                           denying them a chance to manufacture
                                                  those materials into higher end
                                           products. To survive, poor nations band
                                           together and exercise what little power
                                              they have. Oil and OPEC is a prime
    Foreign Aid, Loans, and Progress
        In the Game                            In Real Life
    The poorer groups found it          You need wealth to make wealth.
 difficult to change their situation     It is for this very reason that the
 without help from richer nations,      world’s poorest nations can’t pull
  which rarely happened if at all.        themselves out of poverty. The
     Generally, the rich are too        simple act of donating wealth or
 concerned with making their own             materials can make a huge
shapes to worry about the situation    difference. Unfortunately, the west
  in other groups. If help is ever      generally exploits poorer nations
     offered, it can make a big        for their resources or cheap labour.
              difference.               If they do help out (World Bank,
                                        IMF) it only does so with strings
                                             attached. Sometimes these
                                         “strings” cause more harm than
                    Crime and Defense
        In the Game                                 In Real Life
In order to survive, some nations will        Nations go to war over resources,
 steal resources or money, sometimes         territorial disputes, or pure hatred,
even from other poor groups. Usually          while the rest of the world turns a
  such activity goes uncaught, or the     blind eye (Iraq/Iran/Kuwait/Rwanda).
 instructor doesn’t seem to care. As a     They protect their resources from the
   result, nations are left to fend for      have-nots, and spend just as much
 themselves, wasting valuable labour       energy trying to steal resources from
 time on protecting their belongings,     others. The U.S. defence budget alone
  and giving them the feeling that the    is as large as all the rest of the world’s
             game is unfair.                  combined. Poor nations can’t win
                                           conflicts with rich ones; instead they
                                           fight with one another. (Middle-East,
                                          Central America, and Africa). The last
                                             thing they want to do is turn to the
                                              International Community of “rich
                                                 nations” for help. Did you?
 Increasing Intensity of Mechanical Production

        In the Game                                In Real Life
    In the game, poor nations likely       In the western world manufacturing
 started out making only the simplest       becomes more “capital intensive”
 shapes, as they lacked the ability to     with every passing day. The focus is
     make anything else. As nations        automation, not human labour. The
 became more and more prosperous,          human element is usually only in an
    they purchased capital resources      expert or skilled “knowledge” roll. As
   rather than more labour. After all,     poor nations do not have the capital
 more people means more mouths to          equipment, nor the money to buy it,
feed. With modern capital equipment,      nor an educated labour force, they are
you can make more with less people.       often unable to compete directly with
That’s more wealth to go around. Too        rich nations. This is why so many
bad for the groups with lots of mouths    countries are still only able to produce
to feed, and no spare cash to invest in   coffee and sugar cane, as though they
capital though, eh? …like most of the      were still ruled by colonial powers.
           nations on earth…
               Labour Specialization
       In the Game                            In Real Life
    Groups quickly realized the         In the industrial revolution the
benefit of assigning specific tasks    efficiency of the production line
to certain people. (i.e. someone to      was realized. Assembly lines
    cut, someone to trace). This         increased productivity. Each
 increased the rate that the shapes      employee had a specific job
were created. Group members got       allowing the nations that realized
   better and more efficient with         specialization first to gain a
  experience, and this maximized      competitive advantage. Those that
     the production of shapes.         saw it later had to play catch-up.
                                             The consequences of
                                      specialization are many however.
                                      Being alienated from both human
                                      contact and your final product are
                                                 just examples.
       In the Game                        In Real Life
Countries that purchased labour       Favouritism to patriots in
  tended to pick former group       business and politics, to the
 members who had entered the           exclusion of all others,
   labour pool as a result of a     precludes rational thinking,
death earlier in the game. This    bars nations from participating
selection is rarely based on the    in fair trade, results in trade
productivity of the worker, but    barriers, perpetuates prejudice,
 his national identity instead.      ignorance, and hatred, and
                                    excludes or punishes ethnic
                                     groups or those ‘not of the
                                   fold.’ It has been the source of
                                    much of the world’s pain and
                                   suffering for a thousand years.
  Other Things You Might Have Seen
      In the Game                        In Real Life
    Resource Use/Wastage               These attributes and
                                  characteristics have the same
   Leadership effectiveness
                                 effects in real life as they did in
Effect of epidemics and growth               the game.
       Innovation and            Now you should be able to see
      Entrepreneurship                      why.
The End

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