7th Grade Language Arts by VlFb8K9


									                              7th Grade Language Arts

                                       English 7

                              Indian Hills Middle School

             Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Harrigan Mrs. Jones Mrs. Lampton

Course Description:
English 7 classes will develop literary analysis skills with novels, short stories, and
poetry. Students will also analyze and evaluate how authors use text structures
(sequence, problem/solution, compare/contrast, description, cause/effect,
fact/opinion, main idea/supporting detail, context, drawing conclusions) to
achieve their purposes in narrative, expository, and technical texts. Students will
gain strong writing skills with exercises in grammar, sentence patterns,
punctuation lessons, and specific writing techniques. Formal writing assignments
will be assessed using 6 + 1 Traits of Writing. Technology will enhance this rich
curriculum of reading and writing.

Elements of Literature                     Elements of Language

Novel Studies:
Treasure Island     Woodsong         The Outsiders

Students will be given homework assignments to reinforce skills taught in class.
Please visit the Planner Connection and Teacher Web Backpack where class
work and homework are briefly described.

To check on assignments and homework, go to the Shawnee Mission Schools
site . . .click on Parents. . .Schools . . . Teacher Web Pages . . . type the teacher’s
name . . . Search . . . click on the teacher’s name and the English 7 button.
Planner Connection or the Teacher Web Pages can be reviewed as well for
daily work and homework.

To access documents, click the “Documents” button on the Teacher’s Web
Grades are based on homework, class work, quizzes, tests, and written
compositions. Late work is discouraged. If a student is absent the day an
assignment is due or a test is given, he is expected to turn in the assignment or
take the test the day he returns. Grades are given according to standard
grading percentages:

90-100% = A
80- 89% = B
70- 79% = C
60- 69% = D
50 -59% = F

Contact Information:
Mrs. Lampton: ihlampto@smsd.org                  993-0450
Mrs. Jones: ihjonest@smsd.org                    993-0447
Mrs. Harrigan: ihharrig@smsd.org                 993-0463
Mrs. Anderson: ihanders@smsd.org                 993-0448

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