A. New World Beginnings 33_000 B.C. - A.D. 1769 by Studented


									A. New World Beginnings 33,000 B.C. - A.D. 1769
1. Key terms and Concepts o Bering Sea- Sea in the Pacific Ocean next to Alaska o Aztecs- A Native American tribe who ruled Mexico and neighboring areas before the Spaniards (Cortes) conquered it. o Incas- A Native American tribe who ruled over South America until the Spaniards (Francisco Pizarro) conquered it. o Pueblos- (Rio Grande) Native Americans o Anasazis-(South West) Native Americans o Cherokee- A Native American tribe who lived in the Southeast in the 19th century. o Iroquois-(New York-ish) Native Americans o Mali-A kingdom in Africa o Portuguese Exploration- the Portuguese were more successful in trading with India then the rest of Europe. o Bartholomew Dias- (Portuguese) sailed to the tip of Africa o Vasco de Gama- (Portuguese) sailed around Africa o Columbus- an Italian explorer who discovered America in 1492 by accident. o Collusion of New and Old worlds- Check key question 3 o Treaty of Tordesillas- Agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over land. o Conquistadores- Spanish explorers/soldiers who wanted to bring Jesus to the Native Americans o Magellan- a Portuguese navigator of who sailed around the Earth; however he was killed on the voyage. o Ponce de Leon- killed by an arrow. Was longing for the foundation of youth and gold o Francisco Coronado- wanted to find a city of gold but found bison, The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. o Francisco Pizarro- Won against the Incas of Peru

o Encomienda- Allowed the government to “Commend or praise” or give, Indians to colonist but they have to baptize them. o Bartholomew de Las Casas- a Dominican friar witness the awful fate of the Native Americans. „The only good guy‟ o Cortes- a Spanish conquistador who overthrew the Aztec established the authority of Spain over the country. o Moctezuma- Last king of the Aztecs o Spread of Spanish America it took about 50+/- years for the Spanish to take over New Mexico. o Pueblo Revolt- a revolt led by Pope (a Native American) in New Mexico. He destroyed every thing that deal with Christianity. o “Black Legend”- A “false” concept about the conquerors merely killing the Indians “for Christ”, taking gold and leaving them to suffer. 2. Key Questions o What were some of the major similarities and differences between Native American groups? Name Aztecs Area Mexico Accomplishments o Gold o Sliver o hospitable Incas South America o Gold o Sliver Pueblos Rio Grande o Corn o Irrigation system Anasazis Cherokee Iroquois South West- desert Southeast New York-ish o Well made houses o Farming o Iroquois Confederacy o Military alliance Mali Africa o Slaved

o What important changes took place Europe in the years before European exploration of the “New” World? How did these changes affect that exploration? i. Marco polo‟s journey ii. Europeans wanted to go to India/China iii. African slaves made work easier iv. Needed a better way to get to India v. Spain looked to the West to out do the Portuguese o What were principal effects of Spain‟s explorations in the New World? The Colombian Exchange New World Old World+ Africa

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