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									                                                    Political Science
Summer 2007                                               News
                      Connecting to the World
                      Professor Bill Miles has taken
                      experiential education well be-
                      yond the classroom – to Niger,
                      in fact. Since spring 2006, Pro-
                      fessor Miles has expanded his
                      courses on development and
                      politics in developing nations to
                      include actual support for a
                      village in Niger and, most re-
                      cently, a study tour to the coun-
                      try. Last year, undergraduate
  Save the Date!      and graduate students in his
                      classes raised over $600,
50th Anniversary of   matched by the Political Science
the Department of     Department, to purchase bulls,
 Political Science.   carts, goats and school supplies
                      for neighboring villages in Ni-
                      ger and Nigeria.
 October 19, 2007
                                     Continued on Page 3                         Professor Miles in Niger
 Join us for an af-
 ternoon series of    Political Science Joins New School of Social
seminars and eve-     Science, Urban Affairs, and Public Policy
ning dinner at the
   Northeastern       The Department of Political           Studies, the programs in Inter-     ate Dean Christopher
     campus.          Science is now part of the new        national Affairs and Law, Pol-      Bosso, Professor of Political
                      School of Social Science, Urban       icy, and Society, and a number      Science.
 Mark your calen-     Affairs, and Public Policy, ap-       of existing Northeastern re-
                                                                                                The broad mission of the
 dar! More infor-     proved in June 2006 by the            search centers. The School is
                                                                                                School is to promote inte-
                      Board of Trustees. The new            led by Dean Barry Bluestone,
 mation to come.      school also incorporates the          the Stearns Trustee Professor
                                                                                                grated, cross-disciplinary
                                                                                                social science research,
                      departments of Economics,             of Political Economy and Di-
                      Sociology & Anthropology,             rector of the Center for Urban                  Continued on Page 6
                      History, and African-American         & Regional Policy, and Associ-

                      PhD Program Hits 10 Year Mark
                      The Department’s PhD Pro-            thirty-two students engaged in     the program provides theoreti-
                      gram – Doctorate in Public           coursework and research.           cal as well as applied training
                      and International Affairs –          During the past academic year,     related to the world of public
                      enters its tenth year in the fall    five students began studies in     affairs.
                      of 2007. Formally launched in        the program. Consistent with
                                                                                                            Continued on page 5
                      1997 with three students, the        Northeastern’s mission of
                      program has grown to include         practice-oriented education,
PAGE 2                                                                                          POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWS

Note from the Chair. . .
Welcome to the Political Science News! In    Our work as a department – both in         At the end of this newsletter is a section
an effort to connect with our alumni         research and teaching – goes on. In this   focused on charitable giving opportuni-
around the country (and world), we are       newsletter you’ll read about some of       ties. And finally, as noted on the first
producing this semi-annual newsletter        those activities. From trips to Niger to   page, please save the date of October
with stories and updates on happenings       nanotechnology policy, faculty and stu-    19th for the 50th anniversary celebration
and events in the Department of Political    dents in the department are busy ex-       of the founding of the Department of
Science. Down whatever path your life        ploring the world of politics and gov-     Political Science. We are planning a
has taken you, we hope you remain con-       ernment. Please take a moment to read      great event and hope you can come.
nected to the political world around you.    about these many activities. And, we
As you think back to your days at North-     hope you will connect or reconnect
eastern University, hopefully we left you    with the department. We would like to
with the tools and interest to make that     hear where your career has taken you,
connection.                                  and we hope you will consider support-     John Portz
                                             ing the activities of the department.      Professor and Chair

Spring 2007 Events

High School Essay Contest                    from other faculty and students. Pi        challenges of working in the judiciary.
                                             Sigma Alpha, the national political        While noting the difficulties of work-
“You must be the change you wish to see
                                             science honorary society, provided         ing in an environment of budget
in the world.” It is with this quotation
                                             financial support.                         shortfalls, she spoke about the satis-
from Mohandas Gandhi that Zachary
                                                                                        faction and importance of public
Maybury, a junior at Chelmsford High         Presidents’ Day Speech                     service.
School, concluded his first-prize essay in
                                             On February 21st the department
the Department’s 2007 High School Es-                                                   A number of students were recog-
                                             sponsored the 10th Presidents’ Day
say Contest.                                                                            nized at the annual dinner. Forty-one
                                             Lecture. This year’s speaker was
                                                                                        undergraduate students and thirteen
The contest, now in its third year, was      Robert S. Robins, Professor Emeritus
                                                                                        graduate students joined Pi Sigma
initiated to challenge high school stu-      of Political Science at Tulane Univer-
                                                                                        Alpha, the national honorary society
dents to address critical issues in Ameri-   sity. Drawing from his experience
                                                                                        for political science. Graduate and
can politics and government. All sopho-      working in the intelligence services as
                                                                                        undergraduate paper awards were
mores and juniors attending high school      well as academic study, Professor Rob-
                                                                                        given and three outstanding senior
in Massachusetts are eligible to enter.      ins spoke on “The CIA Under Ken-
                                                                                        awards were presented: Outstanding
This year’s essay theme was “Has Some-       nedy and Johnson: Lessons from the
                                                                                        Senior in Experiential Education to
thing Gone Wrong with Politics Today?”       Past for the Bush Administration.” A
                                                                                        William Durkin, Outstanding Senior
Contestants were invited to respond in       full lecture hall heard Professor Robins
                                                                                        in Cooperative Education to Chris-
1,000 words or less.                         describe the challenges of developing
                                                                                        tina Mulka, and Outstanding Senior
                                             and using intelligence information in a
In addition to first-prize winner Zachary                                               in Political Science to Candice Botes.
                                             presidential and highly political envi-
Maybury, second-place honors went to
James T. Boggie of Boston Latin Acad-
emy, and third-place went to Miriam          Recognition Dinner                           Upcoming Fall Events
Aczel of Maimonides High School in
                                             On the evening of April  20th thede-       • Week of Sept. 17 (date TBD)-
Brookline. The three students received
                                             partment hosted its annual Political
$300, $200, and $100 respectively for                                                     Constitution Day Lecture
                                             Science Recognition Dinner in the
their essays. Nine other students were
                                             Raytheon Amphitheatre. Highlighting        • October 19 - 50th Anniversary
chosen for honorable mention. Awards
                                             the event was the Honorable Margot           Celebration (see p. 1 - Save the
were presented at a ceremony convened
                                             Botsford, Associate Justice of the Mas-
by the department on April 26 at the                                                      Date)
                                             sachusetts Superior Court. Judge
Egan Center.
                                             Botsford, an alumnus of the NU Law         • October 26 - Homecoming
Coordinating the Essay Contest was Pro-      School and a member of the NU
fessor David Rochefort, with support         Board of Trustees, spoke about the
Summer 2007                                                                                                           PAGE 3

Connections to the World                             (continued from page 1)

The students discussed how the mate-       Dialogue of Civilizations                    Most of the Dialogue programs take
rials should be allocated – an impor-                                                   place during one of the summer ses-
                                           Professor Miles is not alone. A major
tant and delicate subject in the devel-                                                 sions and involve a full-time, eight-
                                           initiative at the university is to expand
opment world – and Professor Miles                                                      credit commitment from students.
                                           the academic experience to include
traveled to Niger during the spring                                                     The Dialogue begins in Boston, but
                                           learning abroad. Denis Sullivan, Pro-
break in 2006 to actually purchase the
                                           fessor of Political Science and Director     most of the seven-week semester is
animals and supplies and deliver them
                                           of the International Affairs Program, is     spent abroad. Several faculty members
to the villages.
                                           heading an effort known as the Dia-          from the department have led Dia-
Last fall, Professor Miles offered a new   logue of Civilizations. This is a series     logues, including Suzanne Ogden to
course that combined a semester of         of “global student exchanges" between        China, Denis Sullivan to Egypt, and
study on Niger with a 15-day trip to       students at Northeastern and students
                                                                                        Denise Garcia to Cyprus and Ge-
the country during the December/           around the world. The goal is to con-
January school break. With the assis-      nect NU students with their peers in         neva. Denise Horn from the Interna-
tance of Professor Janet Dewan from        different cultural, political, and social    tional Affairs Program also has led
Bouve College, Professor Miles led         environments and to provide NU stu-          Dialogues in South Africa and Thai-
fifteen students on an experience of a     dents with a “global experience" that        land. For more information on the
lifetime in one of the poorest countries   builds upon their academic studies and       Dialogues program, visit http://
in the world. They visited several vil-    training in Boston.                          www.iaf.neu.edu
lages and traveled in different parts of
the country to learn first-hand about
the development challenges faced in
West Africa. As one student wrote
after the trip: “Life altering, gut-
wrenching or heart-breaking: any one
of these terms could be used to de-
scribe this experience. I never, not
even for one minute, thought that I
would be affected so profoundly from
this trip.” For more information, see

Northeastern Students and Denis Sullivan
(bottom, far right) in Egypt.

Changes in the Undergraduate Curriculum
This past year set the stage for several   riential and classroom-based compo-          include selections, both required and
changes in the undergraduate curricu-      nents. It includes reflection on experi-     electives, from each of the component
lum. Perhaps most prominent is the         ential activities as well as research pro-   majors. Dual majors provide an inter-
introduction of a capstone course, POL     jects involving individual or group          disciplinary experience for under-
U700, as the culminating academic          presentations.                               graduates.
course for political science majors.
                                           Also during the past year the depart-        And finally, the department approved
Offered in the fall 2006 as an optional
                                           ment approved three dual majors:             a dual degree in which students can be
elective, beginning with January 2008
                                           Political Science and International          admitted to the MA or MPA programs
graduates the course will be required
                                           Affairs, Political Science and Econom-       as juniors and have up to 15 graduate
for our majors. The course builds
                                           ics, and Political Science and Environ-      credits during the senior year count
upon concepts and skills developed by
                                           mental Studies. In a dual major, stu-        towards both the undergraduate and
students throughout the political sci-
                                           dents complete nineteen courses that         masters degree.
ence curriculum, including both expe-
  PAGE 4                                                                                                      POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWS

          Full Time Faculty                                   Undergraduate Scholarships
Amílcar Antonio Barreto
Comparative Politics, International Law, Latino Politics      Each year the department awards a        Also in the fall, eleven students were
Barry Bluestone                                               number of scholarships to under-         given scholarships ranging from
Political Economy, Urban and Social Policy                    graduate political science students.     $200 to $300 from the Michael and
                                                              Supported by endowments, these           Charlotte Baer Scholarship Fund. These
Christopher J. Bosso                                          scholarships are awarded based           awards were given to students to
American and Legislative Politics, Environmental Policy
                                                              upon academic achievement, finan-        help cover expenses related to over-
L. Gerald Bursey                                              cial need or competitive applica-        seas work or study abroad.
Political Theory, Revolution, Terrorism                       tions.
                                                                                                       And finally, in the spring and fall,
William Crotty                                                In the fall of 2006, six students        seven students were given scholar-
Political Parties, Electoral and Political Behavior           received scholarships ranging from       ships ranging from $300 to $450
Michael S. Dukakis                                            $2000 to $6000 from the Sean Pat-        from the Robert L. Cord Endowed
Public Policy, Health Care Policy, American Politics          rick O’Rourke Scholarship. These         Book Fund. These awards help stu-
                                                              awards were given to juniors and         dents cover book and related course
Denise Garcia
International Relations and Security, Comparative Politics    seniors who have financial need          expenses for classes at NU.
                                                              and high grade point averages.
Robert E. Gilbert
American Politics, Presidency, Mass Media
Minton F. Goldman                                             Undergraduate Spotlight:
Comparative Politics, Russian and East European Politics      Christina Mulka
Kirstin L. Rodine Hardy
Comparative Politics, International Relations                Among the many political science
Ronald D. Hedlund                                            coop success stories, that of Christina
American Politics, State Legislatures, Methodology           Mulka stands out. A spring graduate,
William D. Kay                                               Christina was in her final co-op in
Public Policy, Organizational Theory, Technology Policy      Washington, D.C. working in the of-
William G. Mayer                                             fice of U.S. Senator Richard Durbin
American Politics, Public Opinion, Media, Parties            when a position opened in the sena-
Eileen L. McDonagh
                                                             tor’s office. She moved quickly, and
American Political Development, Gender, Methodology          successfully! On March 5th, even be-
                                                             fore graduation, she started her new
William F. S. Miles
Comparative and Developmental Politics, Religion             job as Senator Durbin’s press secretary
                                                             for his home state of Illinois.
Richard L. O’Bryant
Technology Policy, Urban Politics, Public Administration       Christina Mulka in Washington D.C.
Suzanne P. Ogden
Comparative Politics, East Asia, International Relations
                                                             More on Co-ops
John H. Portz
Public Policy, State & Local Govt, Education Policy
                                                             This spring one student was awarded          There may be other opportunities
David A. Rochefort
                                                             the Michael Dukakis Scholarship,             to support the co-op program.
Public Policy, Health & Social Welfare, Methodology
                                                             which provides a stipend for students        Does your employer have interest-
David E. Schmitt                                             doing a co-op in state or local govern-      ing and challenging projects or
Comparative Politics, Irish Politics, Ethnicity, Violence    ment. The scholarship makes it possi-        work that could be done by a
Denis J. Sullivan                                            ble for students of any economic back-       Northeastern co-op student? Help
Comparative Politics, Middle Eastern Politics                ground to gain direct experience in          your company, organization,
                                                             state or local government. We are cur-       agency, or school while also con-
Michael C. Tolley
                                                             rently seeking contributions from            tributing to the experience and
Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Comparative Law
                                                             alumni to grow the number and                education of current Northeastern
Bruce A. Wallin                                              amount of Dukakis Scholarships               students. Contact Co-op Advisor
American Politics, Budgeting and Finance                     awarded. Please contact John Sarvey,         Bill Wray at w.wray@neu.edu or
                                                             j.sarvey@neu.edu or (617) 373-4049           (617) 373-4210 to learn more and
                                                             for more information.                        make arrangements.
Summer 2007                                                                                                                 PAGE 5

Graduate Programs Continue Strong
As the PhD program celebrates its            gram. Professor Ron Hedlund serves             serves as chair of the MA and PhD
tenth year, both of our masters-level        as the chair of the program.                   programs.
programs continue to attract top-
                                             The Master of Arts program also remains        As a measure of program success, the
quality students. The Master of Public
                                             active. The program continues to offer         university recently started a revenue
Administration program will enter its
                                             a range of courses and allows students         sharing program in which graduate
38th year this fall. The conversion to
                                             to concentrate in one of four areas:           programs with significant enrollment
semesters four years ago resulted in a
                                             U.S. Politics and Public Policy, Interna-      increases receive a portion of the addi-
number of curricular changes in the
                                             tional Relations, Comparative Politics,        tional revenues for discretionary uses.
program, including the introduction of
                                             and Political Thought. Recently, the           In the last two cycles of this program,
a capstone course as the final academic
                                             MA program has provided an entry               the Department of Political Science
experience for MPA students. The
                                             point – and testing ground – for several       rated first in the College of Arts &
program remains accredited by the
                                             students who later joined the PhD pro-         Sciences among all graduate depart-
National Association of Schools of
                                             gram. Currently, there are twenty stu-         ments. For more information on the
Public Affairs and Administration.
                                             dents, both full- and part-time, in the        graduate programs, visit: http://
Currently, there are thirty students,
                                             program. Professor Amilcar Barreto             www.polisci.neu.edu/graduate/
both full- and part-time in the pro-

PhD 10 Year Mark                         (continued from page 1)

The program blends political science          •    Michelle Lee (2006) - "The
and the study of public policy to pre-             Rhetoric of Nationalism in               Alumni -- Keep in
pare students as practitioners, research-
ers, and teachers.
                                                   Public Policy: Immigration and               Touch!
                                                   Indigenous Land Rights Poli-
Students in the program are introduced             cies in Australia"
                                                                                          In future newsletters, we would like to
to international/comparative study as              Advisor: Professor Barreto
                                                                                          feature more activities and updates from
well as U.S. politics and policy making,      •    Petra Polaskova (2007) -               alumni.
although they typically concentrate in             “Institution-Building and Sta-
one of these two fields. Recent gradu-             biligy in Post-Conflict Socie-         Meanwhile, go to the new alumni sec-
ates include:                                      ties”                                  tion of the Political Science Department
•    Philip D'Agati (2006) -                       Advisor: Professor Crotty              website at www.polisci.neu.edu/alumni
     "Nationalism on the World Stage:                                                     to find out what other alumni are doing
     Cultural Performances at the Mod-                                                    and to submit a note on what’s happen-
     ern Olympic Games"                                                                   ing in your professional or personal life.
     Advisor: Professor Barreto

Graduate Student Awards
To support graduate students in their        been distributed from this fund.               for dissertation support and expenses
academic pursuits, the department                                                           related to internships.
                                             A second award opportunity, begun in
recently institutionalized two awards
                                             2006, is the Graduate Student Award.           The department hopes to continue
programs. For political science con-
                                             These competitive awards are made to           both of these awards programs, but
ference-related activities, the depart-
                                             support research-related activities of our     must rely upon revenue sharing de-
ment started the Political Science Gradu-
                                             graduate students. In 2006, $3,800 was         scribed above and the availability of
ate Student Fund for Conference Participa-
                                             awarded to four students. Rachel Ellett,       other discretionary monies. The de-
tion. Students are provided up to $500
                                             whose research is featured on the next         partment funds these programs out of
to help cover expenses related to con-
                                             page, was one of the recipients. In            its limited discretionary funds, so sup-
ference participation. In the last two
                                             2007, $5,150 was awarded to five stu-          port from alumni is particularly wel-
years, between $1500 and $2500 has
                                             dents. Monies were awarded primarily           come
PAGE 6                                                                                              POLITICAL SCIENCE NEWS

Graduate Spotlight: Rachel Ellett Reports on Research in Africa

Correspondence from Rachel Ellett::
Thanks to generous grants from the Na-
tional Science Foundation, the Whiting
Foundation and Northeastern’s Depart-
ment of Political Science, I have spent the
last nine months conducting fieldwork for
my doctoral dissertation in Tanzania,
Uganda and Malawi. The title of my disser-
tation is “Building the Rule of Law and
Judicial Independence in sub-Saharan Af-
rica: Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.” Un-
der the direction of Professor Tolley, I am
examining how the upper level courts re-
spond to changes in the political environ-
ment from independence to the present.                        Rachel Ellett with women from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania
 From the weather to political culture, field-   the judiciary. It is also turning into one   interviews, I realized that this was not
work is a challenge. It is like entering a       of the biggest obstacles to the effective    the case. As a non-African female
parallel universe, where nothing ever seems      deployment of my meticulously planned        PhD student asking questions of in-
to get done very fast, if at all. Being Brit-    dissertation methodology. Flexibility        terviewees in a highly patriarchal soci-
ish, I wholeheartedly blame this on the          and adaptability are keys to survival.       ety, it was clear to me that the re-
weather. It is incredibly hot, humid, and                                                     sponses were shaped, at least in part,
currently very rainy and muddy as well.          As part of my research, I have attended
                                                                                              by my identity. I am certain that the
                                                 a number of conferences where I have
Still, I set out on my research trips, diving                                                 same interviews conducted by native
                                                 collected valuable information, both
into the world of dusty libraries and court                                                   researchers, or older male researchers,
                                                 through formal proceedings and infor-
archives, ready to do battle with secretaries                                                 would generate different responses.
                                                 mal conversations. In Malawi, for ex-
and assistants to secure interviews, and         ample, I recently attended the Second        Let me leave you with my favorite
trying to meet as many people as possible.       Constitutional Redrafting Convention.        quote. In response to proposed con-
Navigating the records system is always a        Expecting a dry and boring legal confer-     stitutional amendments by a Parlia-
challenge. At the High Court in Kampala,         ence, I witnessed instead passion and        mentary Women’s Caucus, a male MP
for example, I discovered a room so full of      enthusiasm from the delegates. It was        declared: “The bible says that
files that you couldn’t open the door. In        more like a rowdy session of parliament      women must not wear men’s
another court, the response to my question       at Westminster than a legal conference.      clothes.” A female MP stood up,
on the number of cases filed was a hand-                                                      speaking loudly, referred to the Right
written note on a crumpled piece of paper.       Let me end with a note on gender and
                                                                                              Honorable Gentleman as a Right
A computer was nearby, but I was told that       research. Before I began my research I
                                                                                              Honorable “dinosaur.” I remained in
it was used only to play solitaire. Records      was working under the assumption that
                                                                                              my chair shifting uncomfortably in
management is one of the biggest obstacles       my identity as the researcher was neu-
                                                                                              my trousers.
to the efficient and effective operation of      tral. However, as I began to conduct

Political Science Joins New School                                        (continued from page 1)

policy-relevant and professional training,       Current initiatives include new graduate     fundraising effort is underway to se-
and sustained community involvement, all         programs in urban studies and plans for      cure funds for program development
aimed at making Northeastern the premier         an array of cross-cutting core centers       and the construction of a new build-
university-based social science research and     designed to enhance student training in      ing to house units in the School.
policy innovation laboratory for the Boston      statistics and methodology, promote          More information on the School can
region with strengths in local, national, and    interdisciplinary policy research, and       be found at http://
global policy studies.                           provide opportunities for close interac-     www.policyschool.neu.edu/.
                                                 tion among students, faculty, and policy
                                                 professionals. A general planning and
Summer 2007                                                                                                               PAGE 7

Faculty Grants & Research
Bosso and Kay Receive NSF Grant              Sullivan and Northeastern Receive            provided $13,000 in support.
                                             Federal Department of Education
In September 2006, an interdisciplinary                                                   Funding will be used to improve and
team led by Professor Christopher                                                         expand CBRI applied social research
Bosso and including Professor                Professor Denis Sullivan, through the        projects. CBRI includes a four-credit
Woody Kay was awarded a four-year,           Middle East Center for Peace, Culture        class for students who work with com-
$1.4 million National Science Founda-        and Development, along with the              munity partners to develop a research
tion grant to assess the regulatory and      School of Professional and Continuing        project and report that serves the
governance challenges posed by               Studies at Northeastern, recently re-        needs of the partners. Recent CBRI
nanotechnology for local, state and          ceived a two-year, $200,000 Title VI         reports covered cuts to public library
federal governments.                         grant from the U.S. Department of            services in Mass. and the erosion of
                                             Education. The grant will be used to         employment-based health insurance
Nanotechnology, which involves the
                                             expand the Arabic language program at        coverage. More information on CBRI
manipulation of matter at the molecu-
                                             the university, as well as Hebrew in-        is available at www.cbri.neu.edu.
lar level, is widely expected to be the
                                             struction, and it will support the
transformative technology of the 21st                                                     Other NU research grants include:
                                             planned development of a new major in
Century. The Northeastern project,
                                             Middle East Studies.                         Richard O’Bryant – Scholarship De-
titled “Nanotechnology in the Public
                                                                                          velopment – “Camfield Estates
Interest: Regulatory Challenges, Ca-         Rochefort Receives Foundation and
                                                                                          (Revisited): Community, Technology
pacity and Policy Recommendations”           University Support for Community-
                                                                                          and Citizen Participation” ($11,000)
will encompass a broad array of stud-        Based Research
ies, workshops and outreach efforts                                                       Denise Garcia – Faculty of Color –
                                             Professor David Rochefort received a
related to the development of                                                             “The International Arms Trade as an
                                             $7,500 award from the Corporation for
nanotechnology. As Bosso notes,                                                           Obstacle to Peace” ($5,000)
                                             National and Community Service Learn
“Can government promote the devel-
                                             & Serve America to support the com-          Bill Miles – Faculty Development –
opment of nanotechnology and also be
                                             munity-based research initiative (CBRI).     “Human Dynamics International
equipped to deal with the potential
                                             In addition, Northeastern University’s       Training Program” ($5,000)
negative side effects?” Additional
                                             College of Arts and Sciences provided a
information on the project can be
                                             $3,750 match, and the Provost’s Office
found at http://nsrg.neu.edu.

Faculty Transitions
New Faculty Member – Denise                  published by Routledge. In this book        Other Faculty Transitions
Garcia                                       she analyzes how new international
                                                                                         In other changes in the department,
                                             norms develop to deal with illicit arms
                               In the fall
                                             trafficking worldwide. In future pro-
                                                                                         Kirsten Rodine Hardy will join the
                               of 2006,                                                  department in the fall of 2007 as a
                                             jects, she plans to address other major
                               Denise                                                    tenure-track appointment. A graduate
                                             themes in international security, includ-
                               Garcia                                                    of the University of California-
                                             ing international energy security and
                               joined                                                    Berkeley, Professor Hardy will add
                                             the dimensions of transnational organ-
                               the de-                                                   international and comparative politics
                                             ized crime.
                               partment                                                  expertise to the department. She will
                               as a ten-     On the teaching side, Professor Garcia      be featured in the next newsletter.
                               ure-track     already has created a new course on         Andy Baker, an assistant professor in
                               appoint-      international security and will teach       the department for the last three years,
                               ment          other courses in this area, including       is leaving to join the Political Science
                               with joint    international law and, as noted else-       Department at the University of Colo-
                               teaching      where in this newsletter, in the Dia-       rado-Boulder. We will miss him as a
responsibilities in the department and       logue of Civilizations program. A truly     colleague and contributor to the work
the International Affairs Program. Her       international addition to the depart-       of the department. And finally, De-
areas of expertise include international     ment, Professor Garcia is a native of       nise Horn, formerly a visiting profes-
and comparative politics, with a focus       Brazil and completed her doctoral           sor in the department and the Interna-
on security issues. In October, her          studies at the University of Geneva in      tional Affairs Program, is now in a
first book, titled Small Arms and Security   Switzerland.                                tenure-track position in International
– New Emerging International Norms, was                                                  Affairs. Congratulations to Denise.
Northeastern University
Department of Political Science
301 Meserve Hall
Boston, MA 02115

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