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Swine Resource Handbook
4-H circular 134R
The Ohio State University

Swine 1 – Growing with Swine (revised 2004)
Swine 2 – Becoming Swine Smart (revised 2004)
Swine 3 – Entering the Arena (revised 2004)
Swine Helper’s Guide (revised 2004)
Available from your extension offices

Swine care Handbook (2003) (under publications)
National Pork Board Materials

Beef Resource Handbook
4-H circular 117R
The Ohio State University

Beef 1 – Bite into Beef (revised 2005)
Beef 2 – Here’s the Beef (revised 2005)
Beef 3 – Leading the Charge (revised 2005)
Beef Helper’s Guide (revised 2005)
Available from your extension offices
Beef and Cattle Handbook (1999, 6 printing) (under publications)
For Mixed and Senior Divisions: Nebguides: Beef Cattle Implant Update and Synchronizing
Estrus in Beef Cattle, can be found at

Sheep Resource Handbook
4-H circular 194R
The Ohio State University
Phone number 614-292-1607

Sheep Production Handbook
Formerly called the sheep industry development handbook or SID
803-771-3500 ext. 46

Sheep 1 – Lambs, Rams, and You (revised 2000)
Sheep 2 – Shear Delight (revised 2000)
Sheep 3 – Leading the Flock (revised 2000)
Sheep Helper’s guide
Available from your extension offices
Meat Goats
Meat Goat 1 – Just Browsing
Meat Goat 2 – Growing up with Meat Goats
Meat Goat 3 – Meating the Future
Meat Goat Helper’s Guide
Available from your extension offices

The 4-H Meat Goat Project: An Introduction
North Carolina State University Meat Goat Materials:
Texas A&M University Meat Goat Resources
Colorado and Texas Meat Goat Guides at
Penn State Home Study Course
Langston University

Vet Science Curriculum Books
Book 1 – From Airedales to Zebras (2004)
Book 2 – All Systems Go (2004)
Book 3 – On The Cutting Edge (2004)
Helper’s Guide (2004)
Available from your extension offices
The Meat We Eat (13 edition, Interstate Publishers, Inc.) 510 North Vermillion St., PO Box 50,
Danville, IL 61834. Phone 800-843-4774. It is also available from

Websites & Current Event References:
A small percentage of questions will be based on current events in the beef, sheep and swine
industries. Since studying from these may appear to be overwhelming, keep these points in
mind. Think about major issues that has affected the livestock industry in many ways such as:
animal diseases, exports, animal ID, environmental issues, and regulator changes. The following
on-line resources will be used to develop these questions:
1. American Sheep Industry Association website at:
2. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association website at:
3. National Pork Board website at:
4. Pork Magazine (questions related to current industry issues, January – December 200)
website at:, you need to subscribe for a free subscription.
5. Beef Magazine (questions related to current industry issues, January – December 2008)
website at:
7. National Pork Board website at: Questions from the Pork Board site will
be focused from the following specific topics and links:
PQA Plus, including History, FAQ's and GPP's:
Fact sheets for youth producers (13 fact sheets):
Use of distillers grains:
8. Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium.
9. OFF (On Farm deFense) factsheet
10. Aphis –
For those in the Senior Division the following references are required in
addition to the above.
Nebraska Animal Health NebGuides-
Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Companion Animals, G1501
Banned Mammalian Protein -- What Does it Mean?, G1692
Biosecurity Basics for Cattle Operations
and Good Management Practices (GMP) for Controlling Infectious Diseases , G1411
Biosecurity: Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Animals, G1694
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in the United States, NF455
Care of Veterinary Vaccine Syringes, G1443
Guarding Against Contagious Livestock Diseases from Farm Visitors, G1689
Guidelines for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Food Animals, G1485
Medical Sharps Disposal from Livestock Operations, G1444
Safe Use of Animal Medicines, G1576
Selection and Use of Disinfectants , G1410
Surveillance for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy , NF595
Understanding How USDA-FSIS Determines the Age of Cattle for Current BSE Regulations,
Understanding Vaccines , G1445
Preventing the Spread of Animal Diseases - Applications for Youth Livestock Shows, G1541

Nebraska Animal General NebGuides
Blending Grain and Feedstuffs - How to Figure the Proper Proportions, G1500
Biosecurity Principles for Livestock Producers, G1442
Disposal Methods of Livestock Mortality, G1421

Nebraska Sheep Nebguides
Understanding Lamb Carcass Contest Information, G1432

Nebraska Swine Nebguides
G1520 Current Issues Affecting Youth Shows
Swine Nutrition Guide, EC273

Nebraska Beef Nebguides
G1420 Direct Sales of Beef
G1637 Beef Export Verification Programs: What Should Cattle Producers Do?
G100 Feeding High Moisture Corn
G1431 Understanding Beef Carcass Contest Information

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