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					            Chinese Animal Protection Network                                         http://www.CAPN.ngo.cn

CAPN in the World Lab
                                                                   Who We Are
Animal Day (WLAD) in
                                                                   Chinese     Animal         Protection     Network
China 2009, 2010                                                   (CAPN) is the first Chinese network for
                                                                   animal protection. It is consisted of
V1.0 May 2010
                                                                   several pioneering projects that targets
                                                                   to different issues such as academic
                                                                   research of animal ethics, protection of
                                                                   companion animals, and vegetarianism.
                                                                   Since the launching of our first project
                                                                   back to 2004, our cooperative network
Table of Contents                                                  has been expending and has reached
                                                                   almost every part of China. By now, we
Who We Are...........................................1
                                                                   have more than 40 member groups, 2
Background ............................................2           branches      and         over   ten     thousand
                                                                   individual supporters who recognize our
Methods .................................................2
                                                                   values,     that     is     using      technology,
     The 2010 Report’ My Personal                                  research,     education,         artistry,    and
     Experience                    in               Animal         creativity make our world a better place

     Experimentation: a report from a                              for all sentience beings. If you would like

     medical student’ ............................. 2              to know more information of CAPN
                                                                   please visit our websites or write to us:
     The 2010 video clip’ My Personal                              info@capn.ngo.cn.
     Experience                    in               Animal
                                                                   Chinese Companion Animals Protection
     Experimentation: a report from a
                                                                   Network (CCAPN)
     medical student’ ............................. 3
                                                                   Animal Rights in China (ARC)
     Distribution of WLAD poster in 2009
     and 2010 ....................................... 3            ChangChun Animal Protection Network
Actions of Animal Protection Community
...............................................................4   Pioneer      of      Vegetarianism           China
Links: Media Coverage during the month
of       WLAD            2010           and          Animal        CAPN Website: http://www.capn.ngo.cn
Experimentation in China.......................5

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        Chinese Animal Protection Network                           http://www.CAPN.ngo.cn

Background                                       The         2010           Report’             My
                                                 Personal              Experience                 in
Ever since ARC (http://www.arc.ngo.cn)
has established, we have always been             Animal Experimentation: a
concerning about animal abuse related            report        from           a        medical
to animal experimentation. As a part of
our lab animal protection work, ARC
introduced WLAD to China in 2008. In             The body of the report is written by Vivi,
2009 and 2010 we have been carrying              a second year medical student in a
on lab animal protection work based on           Medical university in Guangzhou.
WLAD continuesly.
                                                 The report describes the process of an

Methods                                          experiment         using    rabbits      in     her
                                                 university Medical College. Although she
Despite of distribution of our World Lab         has heard of the rabbits’ miserable
Animal Day posters, this year ARC                situation from other students and has
published    a    report      My    Personal     though that she was fully prepared, Vivi
Experience in Animal Experimentation: a          was shocked on the spot. According to
report from a medical student one month          the report, the students were lack of
before WLAD. The report is written by a          experience since it was the first time
member of ARC Lab Animal Rights                  they put real animals under the knife,
Group, a volunteer group for lab animal          and the instruction from both teacher
protection operated under ARC. A video           and textbooks are lacking in detail. Vivi
clip of the same title is also released at       expresses      her      anger     against       the
the mean time.                                   disrespectful attitude towards the lives of
                                                 lab animals, and the regret that this
The    exposed         terrible    experience
                                                 experiment     could       have   been        more
associated with animal experimentation
                                                 valuable for the students if they had
in these material is not compatible with
                                                 more      information       or    have        been
the idea of Harmonious Society.
                                                 combined with other experiment to avoid
Using those materials published this             the pain of other lab animals. Besides,
year, we call the public and animal              concern for the animals absent from the
protection communities to pay more               lecture    and       textbooks,       even      the
attention   to   the     animal    abuse    in   anaesthetization is only for people’s
unnecessary and unregulated animal               convenience but not for reducing the
experimentation, we also ask people join         pain of the animals. “It seems that only
us to commemorate WLAD 2010.                     when      facing     the   human       themself,
                                                 compassion will appear”, Vivi wrote.

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          Chinese Animal Protection Network                           http://www.CAPN.ngo.cn

During the experiment, the rabbit was                 animals can feel great pain but cannot
meek and gentle, and Vivi felt it believed            move, besides, this kind of experiments
her who would kill it later. Because of               always last a long time.
the lack of instruction, Vivi’s group
couldn’t manage to anaesthetize their                 The 2010 video clip’ My
rabbit after a few tries, and they asked              Personal           Experience               in
for the teacher’s help at last. Although
                                                      Animal Experimentation: a
their group would rather the rabbit
peacefully      die    of      overdosed        on    report        from          a     medical
anaesthetic than wake up in the middle                student’
of the experiment, but Vivi found that
other group was about to begin their                  Vivi also provided a video clip showing
experiment       under        low     level      of   several rabbits from other class after
anaesthesia before the teacher stopped                experiment. The          tracheas of     those
them.                                                 rabbits were cut off and maybe their
                                                      bladders too. However, the effective
During the rest of the experiment, Vivi
                                                      acting time of anaesthetic has already
helped other groups to kill their rabbits in
                                                      passed    and     they    could   feel   pain.
order to prevent the animals to wake up
                                                      Nevertheless, they weren’t killed but still
during the experiment. Nonetheless she
                                                      left in the cage with pain. The students
can’t avoid their pain after all, and she
                                                      are supposed to kill the lab animals right
saw     the    other   three    rabbits       were
                                                      after the experiment, but some of her
suffering     great    pain    just   as      other
                                                      classmates were ‘too lazy to do so’.
students said before the experiment.

Vivi worried that this kinds of terrible
                                                      Distribution of WLAD poster
things won’t stop. She believes human                 in 2009 and 2010
has     the   loving   heart at       the     very
                                                      In 2009 WLAD, ARC provided and sent
beginning, but most people don’t have
                                                      The World Lab Animal Day posters to
their own principles and thoughts, and
                                                      three    groups    and     organizations     in
they just follow other people. If others
                                                      different areas of China. They are:
tell them it’s normal and it doesn’t matter,
                                                      South-China       Primate       Research     &
they will believe that and stop thinking
                                                      Development       Center    of    Guangdong
and feeling.
                                                      Entomological Institute, Guang Dong;
Vivi also mentioned that she once                     Green Wild Animal and Plant Lovers
learned that the chloralose is commonly               Group of Xiamen University, Fu Jian;
used in experiments on nervous system                 and The Sunshine Yong Volunteers
reaction. Under this anaesthetic, the lab

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         Chinese Animal Protection Network                      http://www.CAPN.ngo.cn

League of Jilin University, Ji Lin. All            Below are students from Sun Yat-Sen
planned to hold event for 2009 WLAD.               University posting   our posters      and
                                                   promoting 2010 WLAD.
Before WLAD 2010, ARC sent posters
to six university groups and individuals
in different areas in China. One of the
volunteers    specially     requested        for
posters this year because s/he was
touched by posters displayed on he/her
campus in the previous year. These
groups and individuals are from: Central
South University Changsha, Hunan;
Guangzhou Medical College, Guang
Dong;     Jinan    University,        Zhu   Hai;
Shenzhen     University;    Sun        Yat-Sen
University, Zhu Hai; and China West
Normal    University,     Nan     Chong,      Si

It is also worth mentioning that ARC Lab
Animal Rights Group member Vivi not
only     founded    the     Small       Animal
Protection    Association        of    in   her
university about one week before WLAD
2010. The organization is working on
promoting the protection of lab animals.
She not only organized the WLAD event
                                                   Actions of Animal
on campus, but also contacted and                  Protection Community
encouraged students in Jinan University,
Shenzhen University and Sun Yat-Sen                   Haerbin Small Animal Protection
University to participate in this event.               Association changed their
                                                       homepage into the theme of WLAD.
To read more about Vivi’s Small Animal
                                                       The home page presented 2010
Protection Association of in her college
                                                       WLAD campaign material of ARC
and look at their photos of WLAD
                                                      The manage group member of
campaign, please visit their website at:
                                                       Beijing rescue website Rainbow
                                                       Bridge China 蓝色的熊猫 (Blue

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        Chinese Animal Protection Network                   http://www.CAPN.ngo.cn

    Panda) quoted the 2010 WLAD                         Original report:
    materials from ARC on their forum:                   http://news.ifeng.com/world/2
                                             o   Peking University Health Science
   The administrator xiaoxin6202 of             Center was accused of using stray
    China Pet (one of the largest pet            cats for testing.
    lover online community in China)                    Original report:
    posted an article which call                         http://society.people.com.cn/
    members to commemorate WLAD,                         GB/1062/11554584.html
    they redistributed our poster online                Related discussion on
    and the post and triggered nine-                     Tianya forum:
    page’s discussion and response                       http://www.tianya.cn/publicfo
    from its users.                                      rum/content/free/1/1885398.
                                                        This event was quoted by
                                                         over 80,000 websites
                                                         according to Google search.
   The administrator 毛毛 (Mao Mao) of
                                             o   Baidu Baike (Chinese Wikipedia)
    Guang Zhou animal protection
                                                 published a new article of WLAD, it
    website Family of the Pet forum
                                                 cited the material from ARC website:
    quoted the 2010 WLAD materials
    from ARC:                                    http://baike.baidu.com/view/3533125
    1827.aspx                                    We thank Compassion for Animals
                                                 Foundation for the funding of printing
Links: Media Coverage                            of posters; we thank everyone who

during          the     month           of       has helped us to spread the
                                                 message of WLAD in China.
WLAD 2010 and Animal
Experimentation                         in

o   [Teletext Report] WLAD: Thousand
    People’s March in London was
    quoted by over 8,000 websites
    according to Google search.

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