STUDENT EXCHANGES

YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE)

The YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE) is a six-week summer program for 16- and 17-year-
old youth. In Ontario, each English-speaking participant is matched with a French-speaking participant
from Québec, and the two youth are hosted in each other’s homes to deepen their cultural experience (in
situations where a participant’s family is unable to host, the YMCA seeks alternate hosts). Youth are also
provided with a full-time summer job in the non-profit or public sector of the local community in which they
are being hosted, and are paid the provincial minimum wage (subsidized by the YMCA). This aspect of the
program gives participants invaluable work experience in day camps, child care centres, museums,
libraries, offices, and other settings, as well as a chance to use their second official language in practical
situations on a daily basis. All participants, families, and employers will receive support from a YMCA Local
Coordinator. During weekends and some evenings, the youth will join their Local Coordinator on group
activities to explore their new community and form lasting friendships.

SWSE is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, and is offered at minimal cost ($50) to
participants. There are 238 spaces available throughout Southern Ontario (up to Sudbury).

Brittany Beedham
YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange
Local Co-ordinator


Canada World Youth is a national, non-governmental organization that helps young people develop
important job and life skills while living and working in communities in Canada and around the world.
Students must be 17 – 24 to apply.

By bringing together youth from all over Canada with young people from Asia, Africa, Latin America or
Central and Eastern Europe, this program provides participants with an opportunity to learn about their own
country and other cultures, gain practical work experience, and deepen their understanding of community
and global development issues.

Programs Offered:
   -      The CORE Program is 6 months in length – half happens in Canada and other half overseas.
          You are matched with a young person from your exchange country. Students can opt to stay in
          a private home or with a host family.

Application Process:
   1. Download an application from website. Applications are accepted throughout the year. However,
        candidates who apply before January 15 will have priority for programs beginning this
        coming summer.

Fee for 2009-2010:
- a $250 participation fee
- pre-program expenses: medical exam, passport, vaccines
- a minimum of $2100 in fundraising - don't worry: we will give you advice on how to fundraise effectively!
- your own spending money
Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-866-7VOYAGE

CEEF – Canadian Education Exchange Foundation

CEEF is a non-for-profit organization that offers reciprocal exchanges to France, Luxembourg, Belgium,
Spain, Italy, Germany, and The Netherlands. Students must be full-time and between the ages of 14 and

Programs Offered:
   -      Summer Cultural Exchanges to France and Switzerland - 1 month abroad, 1 month hosting
   -      Reciprocal Exchanges during school year – 3 months abroad, 3 months hosting.
   -      Two-month program for Belgium

Application Process:
   1.       Pick up preliminary application in Guidance. Principal’s approval must be granted. Mail
            preliminary application to CEEF with $200.00 deposit cheque. Organization will contact you.
   2.       Download 10-page full application from website and submit.
   3.       In early spring, there is a family interview to assist in matching suitable candidates.
   4.       Matching happens in April and May, followed by confirmed placements in late-May or June.

Fee for 2009-2010:       $2295.00.
(Fee includes return travel and travel insurance.)

Contact Information:
Telephone:      (705) 739-7596


The Canadian Government funds a variety of non-profit organizations who offer exchanges. Programs
offered under Exchanges Canada are as follows:

    -       Youth Exchanges Canada
    -       4-H Youth Exchanges Canada
    -       Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Programs
    -       SEVEC Youth Exchanges Canada
    -       Summer Work Student Exchange
    -       YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada
    -       Youth Forums Canada
    -       Action Canada
    -       Activate! Conference - Esteem Team
    -       Canadian International Model United Nations (CANIMUN) Conference
    -       Encounters with Canada
    -       Forum for Young Canadians
    -       Global Vision - Junior Team Canada
    -       Historical Foundation of Canada-The National Heritage Fairs
    -        Interchange on Canadian Studies
    -        National 4-H Citizenship Seminar
    -        National Seminar - Canadian Student Debating Federation
    -        National Student Commonwealth Forum
    -        YOUCAN - The "Resolve IT" International youth symposium

More details about each of the above exchange can be researched by visiting the website:

ISE -   International Student Exchange – Ontario (branch)

ISE is a registered non-for-profit corporation which offers a variety of education programs in Europe,
Quebec and Costa Rica. Students must be no more than 17 years old during the school year of the
exchange. Students must have above-average academic standing and be active and outgoing.

Programs Offered:
   -      Two-month Summer Exchange Programs – France, Spain and Quebec
   -      Two and Three month Exchange Programs – France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain,
   -      Adventure and Study Programs in Costa Rica and France – 2 weeks in Costa Rica or July on
          the French Riviera

Application Process:
   1.       Download the Recommendation Form from the website and obtain necessary signatures.
   2.       Complete full application (December through March) and submit to Miss Aitken in Guidance
            with a $250.00 non-refundable cheque.
   3.       Successful applicants are matched with a student of similar age and interests in April and May.
   4.       Students receive information about a proposed partner and upon acceptance begin

Fee:             $2,300.00 – includes international travel costs, travel insurance and emergency medical

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-877-854-8555


Katimavik offers youth between the ages of 17 and 21 an exciting nine-month journey of self discovery in
three Canadian communities. Participants benefit from a learning program that focuses on leadership
skills, official languages proficiency, protecting the environment, cultural diversity and a healthy lifestyle.
These youth live in groups of eleven and volunteer 35 hours a week in non-profit organizations based in the
host communities.

Application Process:
   1.       Fill out the online registration form.
    2.      Print the Candidate’s File, which includes a medical form to be completed with your family
            doctor. Other components include a Criminal Record check, a questionnaire, copies of your
            birth certificate, passport and proof of age.
    3.      A representative from Katimavik will call you and begin process of placement.

Fee: Katimavik will cover the cost of transportation, food, lodging and program-related activities during
the program.

Payment:       You will receive a daily allowance of $3.00 and a $1,000.00 once you have completed the
nine-month experience.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-888-525-1503


This non-profit organization offers volunteering experiences throughout the developing world. In addition
to building work experience, you make a difference wherever you go and whichever community you join.
Whether you teach in a Mexican school or work on a veterinary placement in India, you will gain an
understanding of the developing world that cannot be acquired in the classroom or library.
Students stay with host families and live in the community. All means and accommodation are provided.

They also offer two-week summer and winter courses in particular skill areas, i.e. photography in Romania,
Medicine in Mongolia, Conservation in Peru, Sports in Ghana, etc.

Fees vary depending on the destination. Medicine in Nepal, for example, is $2,195.00. (Flights are NOT
included in the price.)

Application Process:
   1.           Complete the application on line.
   2.           Enclose a deposit of $295.00.
   3.           Receive a phone call within ten working days to confirm acceptance of application and
   4.           Receive general information about your destination, along with information about Projects.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-877-921-9666


Rotary Youth Exchange programs are open to qualified students ages 15-19. To qualify, applicants should
be above-average students who demonstrate leadership in their community.

Programs Offered:
   -      Year-long exchanges occur wherever Rotary Clubs exist.

Application Process:
    1.       Attend information session at high school to obtain all information or contact a local Rotarian
    2.       Complete a written application which must include a reference letter from the Principal.
    3.       Successfully complete an oral interview.
    4.       When accepted, students must attend a briefing program to discuss all phases of the program
             and to aid in planning.

Deadline is usually the end of October.

Fee for 2009-2010:       Typically, the student and his/her parent are responsible for round-trip airfare to
the host country as well as health and accident insurance. They must also have $500.00 to be used for
clothing, travel and spending money.

Contact Information:


Teen Missions in an inter-denominational organization that sends teens to various countries throughout the
world. Youth participate in 8 week work terms that leave at the end of June.

Registration Process:
   1.        Go online and examine the various projects scheduled for 2009. Register online. At this time,
             students must send in a $35.00 fee and a photo.
   2.        Within 3 weeks, students will receive a 25-page, general information package about the
             organizations, expectations (e.g. dress code, behaviour).
   3.        Students must begin the process of fundraising to cover the costs of their trip. Expenses
             depend on the destination; for example, a plane ticket to Zambia would cost more than to
             Ecuador. Program costs range from $3000.00 to $5000.00.

Fee:     Depends on the destination that the student chooses. Initial application fee costs $30.00 U.S.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      (519) 966-7108

YOUR WORLD TO DISCOVER – International Volunteer Programs

YR Learning Connections is a division of the York Region District School Board. It offers programs to
students who are considering volunteering abroad during the March Break, the summer vacation or prior to
attending college or university.

The program offers a selection of placements and countries in which students 16 and over, including
graduates, can make significant contributions to their own lives and to the countries in which they serve.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-866-306-9752, ext. 355

YFU is a non-profit educational organization which offers opportunities for young people around the world
to spend a summer, semester or year with a host family in another culture. Students must be between the
ages of 15 and 19 to participate.

Programs Offered:
-       There are 55 YFU countries worldwide, each one with a wide range of programs and several
departure dates, so the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to go to for a summer program in
Japan, a safari in Australia, or a year in Sweden, this is the place to be.

Application Process:
   1. Contact organization directly and they will send you application and further information.

YFU Canada is a non-profit organization. Some of your tuition fee goes to cover the airfare, the 24-hour
support provided by YFU volunteers and staff, orientations, volunteer training, and all the administrative
costs that range from student interviews to international communications. The rest of the fee goes to your
host country to cover for all their processes

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-800-TEENAGE

                                 TRAVEL/ LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES


This company offer Ontario Ministry of Education approved credits in various locations throughout the
world. Students can work toward grade 11 (3U) or grade 12 (4U) credits. Programs are open to any
secondary school student aged 15 to 19. The schedule allows students a substantial amount of time for
study, regular course work, reading, field trips and excursions, and fun.

Programs Offered:
   -      Celtic Learning Summer Credit Courses in Ireland – 1 month
   -      1-month Secondary School Credit Courses offered in the summer in Italy, France, England,
          Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Costa Rica and Galapagos. (Note: The Costa Rica and Ecuador &
          Galapagos Islands programs give students the opportunity to accumulate community service

Fee for 2009-2010:      Fees vary depending on destination. Italy, for example, costs $5,995.00; Costa
Rica costs $4,295.00. (Fees include accommodations, airfare, some meals. Check website for more
specific information.)

Application Process:
   1.       Download and print the application form.
   2.       Enclose a deposit of $1,000.00 and mail. Include an official transcript from your school.
   3.       Pending approval, orientation sessions occur in May. At this time, you will meet your teacher
            and classmates.
Deadline is usually the end of April.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-800-813-4509


Programs offered through Global Journeys provided students with a reliable and dependable way to earn a
secondary school credit in an enhanced learning environment. You can earn a ministry approved Ontario
Secondary School Grade 10, 11, or 12 credit during the summer. They also offer March Break programs to
various destinations. Prices include round trip airfare, accommodation, and breakfasts and dinners.

Fees vary depending on the destination. Please check website for further details.

Application Process:
   1.           Complete the application on line and attach an application fee of $95.00 A deposit of
                $1200.00 must also be enclosed before the application is process and a space is reserved.
   2.           Mail the application and a transcript from your high school.
   3.           All other details like flight information, itinerary, packing lists, etc. will follow.

Contact Information:
Telephone:      1-800-798-2881

ONTARIO SCHOOL COUNSELLORS’ ASSOCIATION operates a website which lists a variety of
enrichment opportunities including studying and working abroad, exchanges, summer credit programs, etc.
Please visit and follow the links through the student menu under Enrichment and Summer

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