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									                     Scoil Carmel Code                        A Guide to
    We all have the right to learn in school
               I will ask
               I will listen
               I will do
    It is my responsibility to work as well as I can and to
     make sure others can work well too. We all have the
     right to be safe and happy in school.
               I will be gentle
               I will be a friend
               I will tell the truth
    It is my responsibility to make sure others are safe
                                                              Scoil Carmel
    and happy too.
                                                              Firhouse Road,
    We have the right to keep our things safe and tidy.
               I will bring what I need
                                                                Dublin 24.
               I will ask before taking
               I will be careful
    It is my responsibility to make sure things belonging
                                                              Tel: 01 451 4151
    to myself, other children or to the school are safe       Fax: 01 462 2407
    and tidy too.

                                                              For Parents
                                                              & Guardians
Dear Parents / Guardians,

Your Childs’school days are an important part of their life
and yours.

We want to ensure their learning takes place in a
stimulating, supportive, secure and happy environment.

We hope you will find this Guide practical and

Thank you for entrusting your child to our school for their
primary education. We look forward to sharing this
challenging task and to meeting you and your child.

In this booklet you will find practical information about our
school, details about the various extracurricular activities
on offer, details on local crèches and after school facilities
and also a pull out application form. This form may be
filled out and returned to the school to enrol your child.
Our school may be contacted by telephone, fax or email.

Yours sincerely,

Ursula Martin

                                                                                      class. Parents are asked to send in a note if they wish to allow their child to leave
                                                                                      school early and should be picked up at the classroom.

                                                                                      Supervision of children outside these hours is a parental responsibility.

                                                                                      ENROLMENT POLICY

                                                                                      1.   Catholic children of the Parish
                                                                                      2.   Brothers and sisters of children in the school
                                                                                      3.   Children from the following categories

Scoil Carmel was founded in 1869 and initially served the substantially rural and
agricultural community of the parish of Bohernabreena. The school, situated at the
foothills of the Dublin mountains and backed by the green belt on the banks of the
Dodder river also served a large area from Rathfarnham, Templeogue Tallaght and
Glenasmol. Scoil Carmel has always been a mixed school. The school was
originally housed in the grounds of the Carmelite Convent. The contemplative
sisters continue to sustain a valuable and rewarding relationship with the school.

Scoil Carmel moved to its current grounds, neighbouring the convent in 1954.
This building was extended in 1975 and, in 1977, due to a large increase in young
families in the area, the school was divided and Scoil Carmel became a Junior
School serving children from Junior Infants to Second Class.
On completion of Second Class, the children transfer to Scoil Treasa, Firhouse’s
Senior Primary School. The two schools work together to ensure the happy,
smooth transition through primary school for all children through synchronisation
of holidays and school times and through teacher contact and collaboration.

Scoil Carmel is a Catholic Junior School. The children come from diverse cultural,
social and religious backgrounds. Children with special needs participate fully in
the life of the school. The school includes children sincerely and unconditionally.
Parental involvement is valued and encouraged and education at Scoil Carmel is
interpreted as a process in partnership between parents, children and teachers and
board of management.


Junior & Senior Infants: - 9.20 am to 2.00 pm

1st & 2nd Classes: -                9.20 am to 3.00 pm

A person known to the teacher must collect Junior & Senior Infants at the
classroom. No pupil is to leave the school unaccompanied before dismissal of

                                                                                       Class breaks are: 11.00 am to 11.15 am
                                                                                                         12.30 pm to 1.05 pm

                                                                                       Healthy eating practices are encouraged.
                                                                                       Lunch is eaten in the classroom during the time provided. No food or drinks are
                                                                                       permitted in the yard.
                                                                                       In the interest of safety and cleanliness the following should not be brought to school:
                                                                                       cans or glass bottles.

                                                                                       Chewing gum is forbidden in our school or on any school-related activity.

    (a) Children of teaching and ancillary staff
    (b) Children whose siblings are past pupils of the school
    (c) Children of past pupils
    (d) Children cared for in the area, e.g. foster children; children with child-
    minders; etc.
4. Pupils registered who move residence to outside the parish whose parents wish
them to continue in the school
5. Children from Ballycragh Halting site.
6. Following prior consultation with parents, outside agencies, children with
special needs may enrol where it is practicable.
7. Children will be considered from other parishes where places are available after
children from the above categories have been allocated places.

We do advise early application.

The school uniform consists of:
 Grey Jumper / Cardigan
 Grey Trousers / Skirt or Pinafore
 Sky Blue Shirt
 Navy Blue Tie
    Available in all Dept. Stores
 Tracksuits available from“Rita’s, Tel: 456 6188

All uniforms and sports gear items should be clearly marked with the owner’s

Yard and break
Children generally spend the two breaks in the yard. Lines divide the yard area.
Children should know the area they are to play in. All yard activities are
supervised by teaching staff. The rights of others to have fun and enjoy the yard is
also very important.

                                                                                         7) The Board of Management should seek an indemnity from the parent(s) in respect
                                                                                         of any liability that may arise regarding the administration of medication.

                                                                                         Where the above procedure is put in place the Board of Management should give
                                                                                         consideration to authorising another member of staff to administer the medication in
                                                                                         the event that the regular teacher is absent from school.
                                                                                         Arrangements should also be made by the Board of the safe storage of medication.
                                                                                         (I.N.T.O. Guidelines)

We encourage cleanliness and tidiness.
Please check your child’s hair regularly for head lice.
If lice are discovered in a class a message will be sent to all parents / guardians in
that class.
The Health Board carries out medical and dental screening. Consent forms are sent
home prior to the testing.

It is the school policy to contact parents/guardians in the event of an illness /
emergency. Where a serious injury occurs, an ambulance is called.
A Pupil Information Form is sent home each September. It is extremely
important that this form, containing contact numbers and other information be
completed and returned to the class teacher.

As a general rule, teachers should not be involved in the administration of
medicine to pupils. In exceptional circumstances where a teacher agrees to
become involved in the administration of medicine the INTO advises that:

1) The parents of the pupil concerned should write to the Board of Management
requesting the Board to authorise a teacher to administer the medication.
2) The request should also contain written instructions of the procedure to be
followed in administering the medicine.
3) The Board of Management, having considered the matter, may authorise a
teacher to administer medication to a pupil. If the teacher is so authorised the
Board of Management should properly instruct him.
4) A teacher should not administer medication without the specific authorisation
of the Board.
5) In administering medication to pupils, teachers should exercise the standard of
care of a reasonable and prudent parent.
6) The Board of Management should inform the school’s insurers accordingly.

                                                                                         Children make their First Communion is Second Class.

                                                                                         PARENTS ASSOCIATION:
                                                                                         Scoil Carmel has a very active Parents Association involved in fund raising, and
                                                                                         organising activities for the children etc.,
                                                                                         New members are always welcome.

                                                                                         The Parents Association organises a Brennan Insurance Scheme, whereby parents may
                                                                                         insure their child in school.
If your child is sick, please do not send him/her to school. A parent must inform
teacher by note if the child is to stay in at break time. Basic first aid
will be administered when required. If necessary parents will be informed either by
phone or by a note home. Please inform your child’s teacher of any health or
personal problem or family circumstance, which arises that, might affect school
performance or pupil’s well being.

Please notify the school in writing when your child is absent, stating reason for

A half-day is closure at 12 o’clock. Normally with Board of Management approval
half days are allowed for staff meetings and the last day of each term. Parents are
given advance notice of all closures. Advance notice of all closures will be sent by

Parents are asked to donate a fixed amount to the school for resources each year.

The school receives a grant from the Department of Education for needy pupils.
Please contact the Principal in confidence.

If you feel your child has a problem, arrange to see the teacher. It is impossible for
a teacher to give parents their full attention if they arrive unexpectedly at the
classroom door. Making an appointment will allow the teacher to make
arrangements for the supervision of the class.
                                                                                      In the event of a heating/electricity breaking down pupils may not be accepted into
                                                                                      school on that day. It is important that they know where to go if such a situation arose.
                                                                                      If they are in school they will be kept for the remainder of that day.

                                                                                      HOMEWORK – OBAIR BHAILE
                                                                                       The purpose of ‘obair bhaile’ is to reinforce work done in school
                                                                                       Pupils should be able to do it with the minimum of help.
                                                                                       While regular homework is not given as weekends, optional fun activities or
                                                                                          project work may be suggested.
                                                                                       Time guidelines:
                                                                                      Infants (when given)      5 - 10 mins
                                                                                          Rang 1 & 2            15 – 20 mins
                                                                                          These time guidelines may not cover projects or fun activities.
AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:                                                                  If your child has homework difficulties please contact the class teacher.
Hurling; Leprechaun Rugby; are taught voluntarily by members of the teaching
staff after school hours.

Short Tennis; Ballroom dancing; Speech & Drama; are privately organised, fee
paying classes after school hours.

A safety skill curriculum called the Stay Safe Programme is taught to the children.
The programme was developed in co-operation with the Departments of Education
and Science and Health. This is introduced at infant level.
The aim of the programme is to teach children personal safety skills so they can
look after themselves in situations that could be upsetting or dangerous. It deals
initially with common situations, which most children will experience at some
stage or other, e.g. getting lost or being bullied.
The programme also teaches the children safety skills necessary to protect
themselves from physical or sexual abuse. The Stay Safe rules are:

1.       Say NO
2.       Get Away
3.       Tell someone – a parent or other trusted adult.

Children will have worksheets as exercises from homework. These sheets contain
a space for the parent’s / guardian’s signature. In this way parents/guardians are
aware of what is being taught in this programme and are given the opportunity to
discuss and reinforce the safety skills being taught in school.
As with RSE parents/guardians have the right to withdraw their child from this
programme. This right will be implemented as discretely as possible.

Scoil Carmel is generally used as a polling booth during elections. You will be
informed as soon as possible if the school is to be closed for this purpose.

                                                                                   The school has access to an educational psychologist through the National Educational
                                                                                   Psychological Service. This service is free. Children when deemed necessary are
                                                                                   assessed by the psychologist in school only with the consent and co-operation of

                                                                                   Scoil Carmel has a Special Needs Teacher and also Special Needs Assistants who
                                                                                   work under the direction of the Principal and class teacher with an individual child.

                                                                                   SCHOOL FACILITIES
                                                                                   IT:     Each class has its own computer with appropriate software.
                                                                                   Library: Each class has its own library.
                                                                                   AudioVisual: The school has its own stock of materials to enhance learning.
                                                                                   General Purpose Hall: This hall is used for many activities including physical
                                                                                   education, concerts, plays and meetings.
Parent / Teacher Meeting
Formal Parent / Teacher meetings take place in February / March of each year.

 Children walk at all times in school.
 Children to be in on time each day
 Children to wear correct uniform and tracksuit on appropriate days.
 Children to eat their full lunch and dispose of wrappers.
 Children to complete homework and have it signed by parent.
 Aggressive play is not allowed. Parents are asked to co-operate with the
   school when behaviour is inappropriate.
 Children are asked to mind their own property and not interfere with others


Aims of RSE
Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) is an integral part of the S.P.H.E.
(Social Personal and Health Education) programmes for schools. The aims of the
R.S.E. programme is Scoil Carmel are:

   To enhance the personal development, self esteem and will being of the child

   To help the child to develop healthy friendships and relationships

   To foster and understanding of and a healthy attitude to human sexuality and
    relationships in a normal, spiritual and social framework


                                                                                      TOYS AND GAMES
                                                                                      Pupils are not allowed to bring into school Game boys or other hand held computer

Staff: The school has an administrative Principal. Class teachers from Junior
Infants to Second Class. In addition: Learning Support teacher, Special Needs
teacher, Resource teacher for travellers and Resource teachers for overseas pupils.
Also, where sanctioned Special Needs Assistants for individual pupils.

Anti-Bullying Charter
Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an
individual or group against others.
Each child has the right to be free from bullying during his/her time in Scoil
Our school will not tolerate:
 Any unkind action or remarks – even if these were not meant to hurt
 Any series of unkind actions or comments will be called bullying

Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological
Pupils: Remember your CODE :
 Be gentle
 Be a friend
 Tell about bullying

We are a ‘TELLING” school
Parents: Be alert to signs of bullying – of or by your child.
Look for support. Do not encourage your child to “give as good as you get” We,
the teachers, consider bullying to be a serious matter. WE are a ‘TELLING”

We recognise that victim and bully need help.

Parking in the School grounds is for STAFF Only.
The patron of the school is the Archbishop of Dublin. The Catholic Primary
Schools Managers Association manages Scoil Carmel. In future the B.O.M.’s
will sit for a four-year term. The Board consists of two parents, principal, teacher,
two patron’s nominees, one of whom is the chairperson and two further people
nominated by the initial people on the Board. The Board of Management meets
once a month during the school year.

This board has responsibility for encouraging and supporting regular school
attendance. Regular school attendance is the most vital part of a child’s’
education. Parents whose child misses twenty school days or over will be notified
and the N.E.W.B. also notified. The Board has responsibility for each child aged
six and upwards. Taking holidays during term time is now called voluntary
truancy and is discouraged.

Will be issued at the start of the school year in line with the senior school. Any
other closures or ½ days will be notified in writing during the year.


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