Oscar Romero 1917 1980 by eagyby


Friend of the powerful

       In Oscar Romero was
       Fr. 1977, he became
       shy, conservative, and
       Archbishop of San
       Salvador, powerful
       a friend ofthe capital.
       people in El Salvador.
       Some rich people
       were pleased - they
       thought he would
       help to control the
       poor people in the
       countryside, known
       as ‘campesinos’.
                    Friend of the powerful

Many wealthy people
did not want to share
their wealth, especially
their land, with the

The government and
army supported the
rich and powerful,
oppressing the
campesinos violently.
Friend of the poor
Less than a month later,
Romero’s friend, Fr. Rutilio
Grande, was shot dead after
criticising the government.

Romero was upset and angry.
He insisted that the murder
be investigated. This never

From that point, Romero
became a friend of the
campesinos, a voice for those
who had no power against
the violence they suffered.
                    Voice of the voiceless

 “Many would like the poor to keep on
saying it is God’s will for them to live
 that way. But it is not God’s will for
some to have everything and others to
have nothing. That cannot be of God.”
Voice of the voiceless
     In his radio broadcasts,
     especially his weekly
     Cathedral sermons,
     Romero spoke out against
     the violence being done to
     the campesinos.
     When he received death
     threats Romero said:
     “If they kill me, I will
     rise again in the
     Salvadoran people.”

On 24 March 1980, Romero was saying
Mass in this small chapel.
A car drew up and a shot was fired through
the open church door. Romero was killed.
                              Funeral violence

 As the thousands came
Tens of sermon began, to
say goodbye to their
 there was an explosion and
beloved Archbishop.
 shots rang out as gunmen
 fired into the crowds.
During the funeral 250,000
crowded the streets around
 More than 30 died and
the Cathedral. injured.
 over 200 were
  Romero’s tomb

During the chaos,
Romero’s body was laid to
rest in the crypt below the

It has become a place of
                            El Salvador today

In March 2009, Mauricio Funes was
elected president and El Salvador
After Romero’s death, pledged to
follow the civil war.
suffered a example of Archbishop
Many people, mostly campesinos,
There is now disappeared.
were killed orhope for a more just
and peaceful El Salvador.
SCIAF in El Salvador
  Thanks to the generosity of
  SCIAF’s supporters in
  Scotland, SCIAF has worked in
  El Salvador for over 20 years
  helping families like Sulma’s.
                          SCIAF in El Salvador

SCIAF works with local partners in El Salvador,
like Jesuit Development Services (JDS), who help
people to find ways to make a living and to
prepare for hazards like hurricanes, floods and
They care for people with HIV and AIDS, stand up
for human rights and work to resolve conflicts.
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