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									September 19, 2007

Dear Cathedral Parents,

This week so far, much of our time has been spent testing freshman, sophomore, and some
upperclassmen in the ISTEP test. Non-testing Juniors and Seniors were asked to take a college
day on Tuesday, September 18th. As we continue testing, for all testing students, school on
Thursday will begin at the regular time. For all non-testing Junior and Seniors, the school day
will begin at 10:00 a.m.

I have also tried to organize this a bit differently to aid you in finding information. The segments
             Dates to Remember
             Mass Information
             General announcements
             Clubs
             Service
             College/Vocational Information
             Athletics
             Prayer List.
I hope this arrangement will allow you to find what you need most readily.

Dates to Remember:
Thurs, Sept 20 ISTEP testing continues; Non-testing students report to school at 10:00 a.m.
                 Parents check ParentConnect
Sat, Sept 20 Lions Breathing Fire Catholic Men's Conference in Indianapolis
Tues, Sept 25 Professional Learning Communities – 7:15 a.m. – school begins at 8:06 a.m.
Sun, Sept 30 One-Acts Festival at 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. at the O’Malia Performing
                    Arts Center on Cathedral’s campus
Mon, 10-1 to Fri, 10-5 Homecoming Week
Tues, Oct 2      Professional Learning Communities – 7:15 a.m. – school begins at 8:06 a.m.
Thurs, Oct 4 Parents check ParentConnect
Fri, Oct 5       Homecoming Football Game vs. Gary Wallace
                 Amy's Day in Cafeteria at 6:00 a.m.
Sat, Oct 6       ISSMA Festival contest for Band at Franklin Community HS
Mon, Oct 8       No School - Celebration earned by 2007 Baseball and Men's Volleyball Teams
Tues, Oct 9      Caritas groups – Mass Schedule – Rosary Program with Fr. Larry Richards
                     (Mass Schedule at 9:30 a.m.) – school begins at regular time
                 Picture Retakes
Wed, Oct 10 Mothers’ Club Exec. Board Meeting – Baker Board Room at 9:00 a.m.
                 Mothers’ Club at Sahm’s Restaurant (116th & Allisonville) at 7:30 p.m.
Thurs, Oct 11 Theatre Dedication at 6:00 p.m.
                 Mothers’ Club Bus Trip to Chicago
Fri, Oct 12      End of 1st Quarter
Sun, Oct 14      Choir Fall Show at 3:00 p.m.
Tues, Oct 16    Professional Learning Communities – 7:15 a.m. – school begins at 8:06 a.m.
Wed, Oct 17     PSAT testing of all sophomores and juniors; senior college day
                Freshman Day of Recollection
Thurs, Oct 18 Senior Class to Indiana Repertory Theatre – dismissed when they return to school
Thurs, 10/18 – Fri, 10/19 Junior Women’s Overnight Retreat
Fri, Oct 19     Grades picked up from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., then mailed
Sat, Oct 20     Three Dog Night Concert from 6:00 – 11:00 PM at Murat Theater


Mass Information:

From the Desk of the Chaplain ~ Daily Mass is offered in the Chapel at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Fr. Munshower encourages members of the Cathedral
Family to contact him to have a mass said in memory of a loved one. The $10 mass stipend
would go to a fund to help financially marginalized students here at Cathedral High School –
helping those within our midst who need our help! If you are not able to pay the $10, you may
still submit an intention for our daily Mass. Please contact Fr. Munshower at 968-7362 for
details and arrangements.

Mass Intentions for the week of September 13th – September 21st:
Thurs, 9/20  Korean Martyrs             2nd Death Anniversary of Jeramy Schmitt, RIP
Fri, 9/21    St. Matthew                RIP Daniel O'Leary, grandfather of Clara
Mon, 9/24    Communion Service          private intentions
Tues, 9/25   Prof. Learning Comm.       private intentions (Comm. Serv)
Wed, 9/26    Sts. Cosmas and Damian     For health concerns for Marcia Turner, Bet Leemhuis’s
Thurs, 9/27  St. Vincent de Paul        RIP Catherine Grande Young
Fri, 9/28    St. Wenceslaus             RIP Rita Kesterson

The Schmitt family wants to invite any of you to come and help them celebrate their son
Jeramy’s life on Thursday, September 20th, the 2nd anniversary of his death.. Morning Mass at
7:00 a.m. is offered for Jeramy. In addition, at 5:00 p.m. the family will have a prayer service at
the “rock” on the football field (near the tennis courts) in memory of Jeramy. All are invited to
help remember this fine young man on this day.

General Announcements:

The Cathedral Mothers’ Club is sponsoring an opportunity for you to purchase a
brick which will be placed in the brick courtyard outside of the Student Life Center in the
Spring of ‘08. Bricks can be imprinted to honor a loved one, celebrate a graduation,
or to commemorate your Cathedral student. Proceeds will be used to support the Mother’s Club
Grant Program and gifts to Cathedral at year’s end. Bricks will be engraved for $50 for the first
line, $25 for additional lines up to three lines. There is a maximum of 17 characters per line. A
shamrock can be added to one of the three lines for an additional $10 taking the printing down to
13 characters on that line.

       Make Check payable to Cathedral Mothers’ Club. Orders are due by January 30th
Questions? Call Erin Baker @ 251-3515 or Cheryl McMains @ 826-3977

We have heard that the students at Cristo Rey High School need business-casual clothing
for their one-day of work each week. These students go to school for four days per week, but
are assigned to an entry-level employment situation for the fifth weekday. Their salary goes to
help defray their school tuition. I would like to support these students and their families as they
try to give their children “wings” which will allow them to have a college-prep education. If you
have a business or business casual items in your closets that are not being worn anymore and are
in good condition, might you be willing to donate them to these students. If so, please bring
them into the front office of Cathedral. We will see that they are transported to Cristo Rey High

Below you will find the schedule for all students during Thursday’s ISTEP+ testing.
Thursday, September 20, 2007
        Testing runs from 7:34 a.m. – 9:55 a.m. Extended time students will run longer and
        those students will report to Period 5 class with a pass when they finish testing.
        Guidance Counselors will communicate with Retest Students on an individual basis as to
        their testing time(s) on Wednesday and Thursday.
     All Students follow the class schedule below
        10:00—11:00              Period 5
        11:05—12:05              Period 6
        12:05—12:45              Lunch (Bring a sack lunch or purchase one for $3.00 in the
        12:50—1:00               Period 7 Prayer
        1:00—2:00                Period 7
        2:05—3:05                Period 8
The price for the sack lunch during ISTEP will be $3.00, but it will not include lemonade as
in the past. The cause for this is the price increase. Students may purchase drinks from the
machines to accompany their lunch.

From the Office of Mr. Tom Greer, Vice Principal for Student Affairs:
Cookouts: After many of the football games a cookout is held for the entire Cathedral family
who return to school to welcome the team and to enjoy free hotdogs, drinks and refreshments.
The Commons is open to watch TV or play games. Many students and parents attend this fun
event. It is free and open to all. The schedule for the cookouts is September 21st, 28th and
October 12. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend and meet new families. This
event ends at 11:00 PM. Why not come and celebrate with others in a safe, fun, free

Enclosed is a portion of the letter which we received from Coach John Kesterson, father of
Coach Jean Kesterson, this week.

Dear Family and Friends,

        On behalf of my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the entire Kesterson
Family, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your love, help, and support of my
bride, Rita Kesterson, during her life, health issues, and recent passing.
        …For all of you who sent cards, flowers, donations, and Mass Intentions, your
thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. The cards provided comfort through our troubles, the
flowers showed the beauty of my lovely wife, and the donations and intentions will help us
carry on her loving memory. And thank you to family and friends who traveled to help us
celebrate Rita’s life. Your journey is a wonderful testament to the reach of Rita’s life. She
touched us all in a special way, no matter the boundaries.
        I wish to give a special thank you to the Cathedral High School family, especially the
Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball Teams. Thank you for the “limousines” and the bag-piper at the
funeral; you gave Rita a uniquely Irish send off. And thank you for adopting my southside
Irish wife into your northside Irish family. The friendships Rita developed with students,
staff, and parents over my years of coaching were always special to her.
        Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, especially those I failed to mention
here. I pray my wife is in heaven with God now. I thank God every day that I was blessed to
spend my life with Rita. She blessed me with a love I can never repay and a family who
continues to bless my days. Thank you for celebrating a life well lived. She never met a
stranger, loved life, and touched us all with her miraculous capacity for love. God bless you
and yours!

       John K. Kesterson

Magazine Sale is in full swing. Each year our families spend thousands of dollars to purchase
and renew subscriptions through direct mail; all of this money permanently leaves our
community. With your help we can retain a share of these funds to support Cathedral. 52% of
every subscription sold goes to Cathedral to support our tuition assistance fund.
     Go to
     Register :    Use Cathedral School Code: 425004249, your student's name, and 1st period
     Shop online using a major credit card
     Send emails to family & friends - their purchases are credited to your Cathedral student!
 Each student must turn in 10 magazine orders (families - 14 orders) by Monday, Oct. 1 to
get the Magazine Free Day on Friday, Oct. 26! Questions or comments can be directed to
Magazine Chairs: Sarah Sheldon 582-1406, Nikki O'Brien 571-1212, or Karen Probst 257-4677.

Word from Ken McClara, the Magazine Man: The total so far is over $93,000 toward the
goal of $250,000. The sale ends on Monday, October 1st.

      Over $25,000 in orders have come from using
      This method EARNS the school considerably MORE PROFIT and parents and students
       have told us it is much easier than the traditional way.

Magazine Sale Standing as of Monday, September 17th
     Student Totals                    First Period Ave.             Amt. Sold
     J.STERRETT            $612        BEHRINGER                     $155.80
     C.COLQUITT            608         SCHROEDER                     151.57
     E.SHELDON             596         WHITTEMORE                    150.74
     N.BATES               544         HAINES                        142.93
     C.KAHN                532         BUNDY                         123.95
     B.RIESMEYER           532         FREIJE                        110.00
     M.FRY                 506         HICKS                         105.67
     T.PULLIAM             486         BAND-FR.                      104.47
     C.STEVENS             463         FREIBURGER                    104.27
     M.SOLADINE            433         KEYES                         101.44

Leading Classes for Spirit Points
      1. Juniors- 74.81
      2. Freshmen- 72.63
      3. Sophomores- 64.44
      4. Seniors- 53.76
Next Turn in Date: Monday, September 24
Last Day to Count for Prizes and Spirit Points - October 1st by 9:00AM

School Security: I understand that Glen Beck recently had a program about school security and
advised parents to contact your child’s school to check on the security program there. Tom
Greer is our coordinator for security, and I would like to save him some phone calls by
explaining our program here.
         As our coordinator for security, Mr. Greer regularly attends meeting with personnel of all
schools and local emergency personnel.
         We also have had an emergency preparedness team. There are faculty members located
in strategic places around the building so that there would be a trained person there – wherever
the need might be. We do have a code known to all of the faculty in case something suddenly
should occur and we need everyone to report and position themselves in a safe place. This has
been in place since 1991. We are continuing to be as careful and protective of your child as
possible. This fall, we will still be refining certain parts of our plan. We cannot share all of the
intricate details since security demands that these not be in public knowledge but if you have
some specific questions please contact Mr. Greer.

Kelsey Fink (10) and Patrick Laskoski (10) are the winners of 2 Colts tickets for any game
of their choice. Congratulations!

Senior Parents: Thursday, October 18th is the day that Seniors will be attending the
Indiana Repertory Theatre in two different groups. This is one of their first Senior Class
activities. We ask students to carpool, meet at the Theatre, attend the performance, after which

they are dismissed for the day. You will be receiving a letter from Mrs. Kathy Keyes, Senior
Class Moderator, asking that you assist your senior in selecting appropriate dress for the play.
Because the students represent Cathedral High School, we require them to be on their best
behavior. We ask young men to wear shirts and ties and dress pants. Young ladies may wear
appropriate length dresses or skirts or dress pants. No students should wear jeans. We
appreciate your support in this area.

Freshman Class Elections: All freshman interested in running for Class Officer need to fill out
an application by Friday, September 21st and hand it in to Mrs. Bamrick in the Athletic Office or
Mr. Allen in room 2302. Class elections will be held on Tuesday, September 25th during 1st
period. Each candidate must have an approved one minute speech along with the completed
 These are the instructions sent to all Freshmen about requirements for being a Class Officer.
                                    Freshman Class Elections
                           Tuesday, September 25th during 1st period
                                          Auxiliary Gym
All students interested in running for class officer need to:
    1. Print off the application, complete the application, and turn it into Mrs. Bamrick in the
       athletic office or Mr. Allen in room 2302 by Friday, September, 21st.
    2. Prepare a one minute speech that must be approved by Mrs. Bamrick or Mr. Allen.
    3. Have all campaign materials (posters) approved by Mrs. Bamrick or Mr. Allen.
In order to run for class officer or fulfill the duties if elected, the student must:
    1. Maintain a C average in academics
    2. Cannot be suspended from school
    3. Cannot have over 5 detentions
    4. Cannot be on Social or Disciplinary Probation
       If you have questions, please see Mr. Allen in room 2302.

Campus Outfitters Uniform Pant sale: Campus Outfitters will be having a 20% discount on
Cathedral logo girls and boys pants. The sale starts Monday, September 24th and concludes on
Saturday, September 29th. This sale is for in-stock pants only and excludes prior purchases.
There are no refunds and no returns on sales merchandise. If you have any questions, please call
Campus Outfitters at 317-570-0898.

Parent Connect Update: A problem was recently discovered with Parent Connect that prevents
parents from emailing teachers directly within the application. We are working on this problem
and hope to fix it as soon as possible. In the mean time, parents can email teachers directly from
our Faculty Staff directory page located here

Congratulations to the “Pride of the Irish” Marching Band for their third place finish in
Class B at the Lawrence Central Marching Band Contest on Saturday evening. Special thanks to
our wonderful soloists, our seniors for their leadership, our parents for their hard work, and the
crowds that cheered us on at the contest. Our next marching contest is September 29 at North
Judson High School.

Students: Want to earn a $100? Design/draw the winning entry for this year’s official
Cathedral Christmas card and the $100 is yours. Entries are due to Lisa Renze-Rhodes (in the
advancement office) by Oct. 12. Questions? See Lisa or e-mail her at

Indiana Catholic Men’s Conference – “Lions Breathing Fire,” Living the Catholic Faith
will be offered on this Saturday, September 22nd at the Indiana Convention Center.
 Four nationally known speakers will be presenters: Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.
    Cap., Darrell Miller, Jesse Romero, and Father Larry Richards. Archbishop Daniel M.
    Buechlein, OSB, will open the day as well as celebrate Mass.
 For more information about the day, speaker biographies, registration information, or to
    register on line, go to or call 317/924-3982. You will also be
    able to watch the 2007 promotional video at this site.

One of our parent’s volunteers for an organization called Birthline, which is part of the Office
of Pro-Life with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. This is a service that provides a pregnancy
counseling hotline, but also provides material assistance (such as diapers, clothing, bedding, etc.)
to mothers and their children in need. This has been operating now for over 20 years, and is in
danger of closing due to lack of funding. The Birthline Guild is having a luncheon this Saturday
at the Northside Knights of Columbus and they need help filling seats. If you have any
questions, are interested in helping, or can come to the luncheon, please contact Annie Darragh
at 577-2422.

Congratulations to our World Language Department whose proposal to present at the annual
Indiana Foreign Language Teachers’ Association State Conference has been approved. It is
great when teachers mentor teachers with methods that have met with success. This is helping
the best become better!

Theatre Wing Dedication Ceremony: Thursday, October 11th, 2007. The Reception will
begin at 6:00 p.m., followed by the Ceremony at 7:00 p.m. in the O’Malia Performing Arts

The National Honor Society offers tutoring every morning in the Media Center before school
from 7:00 am to 7:25 am. NHS members are there to provide general help in all subjects with
homework, vocabulary drilling, proof reading, math skills etc. All Cathedral students are
welcome to take advantage of this opportunity for help.
        In addition, National Honor Society tutors are available on a one on one basis. These
tutors are to provide the same kind of tutoring as is offered in the Media Center in the mornings
but on a more personal level. These tutors should be requested initially through the Guidance
Center. A contract between the student requesting help and the NHS tutor is required.

New York Times Bestselling Author and World Renowned Catholic Speaker, Matthew Kelly,
will be visiting St. Simon the Apostle Church on December 4th, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.!
        In 1993, at the age of 20, Australian born Matthew Kelly began his Catholic ministry and
over the past decade has spoken to over 3 million people in more than 50 countries. Kelly is the
author of twelve books including the New York Times bestseller, The Rhythm of Life;
Rediscovering Catholicism; and his latest work, The Dream Manager.

       With a fresh perspective and youthful approach, Matthew Kelly brings us an energizing
message that springs forth from his passion for life and Catholicism. Matthew Kelly awakens our
hearts and minds with a vision that sets us free to celebrate ourselves as unique individuals:
      “God’s dream for us is that we become the best-version-of-ourselves. It is in pursuing this
dream that we find lasting happiness in a changing world.”
Note from Mr. Worland – We have had Matthew Kelly speak twice to our students. He has an
awesome presence with our teens and holds their attention well!


Costume Crew for Our Town: If you missed the opportunity to sign up for the Costume Crew
for OUR TOWN, please send a note to Mrs. Watson at and she
will send you the form and the contract. This must be done this week. Everyone is invited to be
on the crew. No experience is necessary. If you are looking for a fun activity to do after school.
This may be just the thing for you. We work 3 nights a week for 2 hours. You’ll get to meet
new people AND learn to make and fix costumes. We have a great theater program and this is
the perfect way to get involved in the behind the scenes part of the program.

Math League sign-ups begin on Friday, September 21st in your child’s math class. The fee for
signing up is $3.00. The last day to sign up will be Friday, September 28th.

Latin Club: Latin Students: Last chance to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for Latin Day
on November 9. All forms and money must be in by this Friday, 09/21.
        Latin Club: $4 dues must be turned in by Wednesday, 09/19 to be a member in good
standing.           Election of Officers is this Wednesday, room 2205, after school. You must
attend if you want to run or vote.

Psychology Club: Thank you for the great turn-out Monday night. 96 Cathedral students
attended the first movie night. Please mark your calendars to join us on October 1st for our 2nd
edition. We will be scouting campus for a larger venue so watch for the change in location for
next time!

Books and Bagels: Book Club will be reading Uglies by Scott Westerfield for the October 10th
meeting. The book, a New York Times Bestseller, is the first in a trilogy which explores
futuristic society. In a world of extreme personal beauty, anyone normal is considered to be
ugly. Join us in reading and discussing this compelling novel.


For you, the students of Cathedral High School, we have endless and wonderful service
opportunities identified below. You can also consult the list of service agencies available by
clicking here. If I can assist you in your service objectives, please do not hesitate to call or email
Mrs. Halstead at
1. To recycle computers for needy families (work 4 times; earn a refurbished computer for an
    appreciative family), Click here(1).

2. To help Fr. Glenn, a graduate of St. Matthews, to host a dinner on Sep 20, 5:30 – PM at St.
    Joseph’s Catholic Church on the west side for women recovering from alcohol and drug
    addiction. If you are a racing fan, Lyn St. James will be there as a speaker. Click here (2.)
3. To help pack nutritious food packets for impoverished third world areas on Saturday,
    September 22, 1-3 PM, Click here(3).
4. To help assist young people and their creative fun at the Carmel International Arts Festival
    on Sep 22 and /or Sep 23, click here (4)
5. To participate in the Cathedral Habitat for Humanity Shack City on Saturday, September 29,
    in support of low-cost housing from 7 PM to 8:30AM on the Cathedral practice field, Click
    here (5)
6. 6. To help walk for liver wellness, an important medical concern, on Saturday, September
    29, Click here (6)
7. To walk with the Burgess Team on Sep 29, celebrating the recovery of Mrs. Burgess and
    committing to help fund research for ovarian cancer cures, Click here (7),
8. To help with the creative art of story telling, on Friday, October 12 and Saturday, October
    13th, click here (8).
9. To support the raising of funds for women's breast cancer, volunteer to walk or to work
    assisting walkers on Saturday, October 20th, in the 10th Annual Making Strides Against
    Breast Cancer, click here (9).
10. To aid Habitat for Humanity in lots of different ways and days , Click here (10)
11. To help out at St. Vincent De Paul food pantries close by at 30th and Keystone, or the
    warehouse downtown on Saturdays, Click here(St. Vincent De Paul). To accompany Mrs.
    Farrell on Sep 22, click here.
12. To assist a Cathedral family with some patterning and young child projects after school, click
    here 12.
13. To help at football concession stands, click here 13.
For your convenience, this is also posted to the web under Campus Ministry/Service Enrichment/
as Current Service Opportunities.

Good luck on getting your service hours completed in a fun and engaging way. Seniors, be
mindful of how important committed service is for college applications and scholarships.

What is it like to sleep in a box? Habitat for Humanity is having a fundraiser to raise
understanding for the need of low-cost housing. Shack City, as it is called, is going to be an
overnight on the football practice field in which students sleep in boxes. It will include a soup
line, live music by Cathedral students, and games. We are planning to have it on September 29.
We wanted to ask you if you could include something about it in your next parent e-mail so that
we can generate awareness for it. It would need the following information:
     Shack City
     September 29, 2007
     Sleepover on the football field
     Raising awareness for the homeless
     Forms available from Mrs. Halstead or religion teachers
     $15 dollar donation
     7:30 PM until 8 AM the next morning, when we will celebrate Mass on the field.
         Families are welcome for the Mass, also.

Interested? Please contact Cheri Halstead at 968-7317 or at

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS): A BIG THANKS to the Cathedral community for the
welcome and support given to the visiting Littles from our community and IPS #106 BBBS
programs. The Littles left Cathedral beaming from ear to ear and we overheard one sixth grader
saying, “I could go to school here!” (It was the ultimate compliment!) Thanks also to the
Varsity Football team for their letters to the Littles and for all of the interested Cathedral students
who shadowed the BIGS and LITTLES during the game. Any students interested in becoming
BIGS should contact Mrs. Halstead immediately please because we are having interviews
conducted by BBBS of Central Indiana on Monday, Sep 24 and Wednesday, Sep 26 during
resource period. Paperwork must be completed before the interviews can be scheduled. There
are opportunities to be BIGS in the school program starting at Craig Middle School (our second
school of engagement) or in the BBBS community program. There is a tremendous need for
male mentors in both programs.

Habitat for Humanity Build-An Invitation to Parents and Last Opportunity to Order T-
Shirts: On Sep. 27, Sep. 28, Oct. 4 and Oct. 11, the senior students will complete the build of
the home to be occupied by “Miss Kris” and three children family on October 20. Should any
parents of seniors desire to join a senior class on the build site, either in the 7:30 AM – 12PM
shift or in the 11:10 AM to 3:00 PM shift, please email your interest to Mrs. Halstead
( Our homeowner is a very special lady who is inspiring us all
with her excitement and her work ethic. This is another senior tradition to cherish. Last call on
T-Shirt orders for Habitat for Humanity. All of the funds from Habitat T-Shirt sales support the
Cathedral Indianapolis home build, which are raised by the Cathedral Habitat for Humanity
chapter. Please email your T-Shirt order and size and send the money separately to C. Halstead.
Cost is $12.00.

Service Opportunities: If you are looking for a way to make a difference (or a way to earn your
spirit hours), please check the Cathedral Website at

College Information:

Wells Scholars are chosen by Indiana University according to the following criteria:
outstanding performance in high school as evidenced by class rank and GPA; SAT and/or ACT
scores; range and depth of academic courses; special academic honors and awards; unusual
personal qualities as indicated by extracurricular activities, community service, or independent
initiatives in any area; and unusual talent in a specific area. In past years, Wells Scholars had an
average high school GPA of over 3.9 on a 4.0 scale and an average combined SAT score of
1430; most were in the top 5% of their graduating class. All were active in extracurricular
         Applications are now available and must be submitted to your counselor by September
21st! Please do not apply if you are not considering IU as a college option. You must not be
applying under a binding early decision program to another college or university.

Colleges Visiting Cathedral Sept. 17-21 – for Juniors and Seniors, only
       Sept. 20      Davidson 1:26-2:14 7th period

       Sept. 21       Loyola University Chicago 9:24-10:12 3rd period
                      Rhodes College 10:17-11:05 4th period
                      University of Evansville 11:10-11:58 5th period
                      Dartmouth College 11:10-11:58 5th period
                      University of Southern California 1:26-2:14 7th period

Colleges Visiting Cathedral Sept. 24-28 – for Juniors and Seniors, only
       Sept. 24      St. Joseph’s College (IN) 10”17-11:05 4th period
       Sept. 25      Wittenberg Univ. 8:10-8:56 1st period
                     Transylvania Univ. (KY) 9:01-9:47 2ND period
                     Samford Univ. 10:43-11:29 4th period
       Sept. 26      United States Air Force Academy 10:17-11:05 4th period
       Sept. 27      Ivy Tech State College 8:31-9:19 2nd period
                     Hillsdale College 9:24-10:12 3rd period
                     Ohio Northern Univ. 10:17-11:05 4th period
       Sept. 28      Wesleyan University 10:17-11:05 4th period
                     Butler University 11:10-11:58 5th period

Women in Engineering Discovery Day: This event is held by the Women in Engineering
Program and offers seniors and their parents an opportunity to spend the day on campus. Senior
students will meet professors, engineering students and practicing women alumnae engineers.
They will also have the opportunity to apply and receive a free admission decision. On line
registration is required at:
Event date: Monday, October 1, 2007 Deadline to Register: September 24, 2007

College Fair: Broad Ripple High School is hosting a College Fair sanctioned by the Indiana
Association for College Admissions Counselors. The fair will take place on October 16, 2007
from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Location: Broad Ripple High School, 1115 Broad Ripple Ave.

Yale Information Session: Nicholas Strohl, Assistant Director of Admissions, will discuss
academic programs, campus life, admissions, and financial aid. The session will take place
Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Brebeuf Preparatory School. Registration is
optional but encouraged. Registration and directions, please visit

Nursing 2000: Nursing 2000 is pleased to sponsor, A Day in the Life of a Nurse shadow
program. The one-day career exploration experience introduces qualified juniors and seniors to
the discipline of registered nursing. There are two shadow dates: Wed. November 7 and Thurs.
February 28. If you are interested in this program, see Mrs. Kelly for an application.
Applications are due in the Nursing 2000 office by Fri. Sept. 21st.

Exploring College Options: Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, and Stanford will be in
Indianapolis to help you with exploring your college options. The student/parent information
session will be on Sunday, September 23, 7:30 at the Hilton Indianapolis North, 8181 North
Shadeland Ave. (317)849-6668

Washington University in St. Louis: Washington University will be hosting a bus tour for high
school seniors from the Indianapolis area on: Sunday, November 4, and Monday, November 5,
2007. Interested high school seniors can stay overnight in the residence halls with a current
student, attend classes, hear an admissions presentation, take a campus tour, and have an on-
campus interview. Students who plan to attend the bus tour must return the reservation form,
signed permission form, and $25.00 non-refundable registration fee no later than Friday, Oct. 12.
Seating is limited. See Mrs. Kelly in the Guidance Office for reservation and permission forms.


Girls’ Golf Sectional Results: On Saturday the Girls Golf Team won their Sectional for the 3rd
year in a row. The team shot a team score of 303 to bring their season record to 105 wins and
only 7 loses. Clare Cornelius was the meet medalist with a 2 under par 68. The team will next
play at the Lafayette Municipal Golf Course on Saturday.

The Lady Irish Cross-Country Team finished second out of 14 teams in the Green division of
the Flashrock Invitational this weekend. Top Varsity finishers were: Katy Achtien, 4th; Paige
Mason, 7th; Kelly Shew, 13th; Elizabeth Flood, 16th; and Molly Lawless, 32nd. The JV Team
placed 6th out 15 teams and were led by: Ali Tigges, 24th; Erin Ratterman, 25th; Sarah
Grothouse, 31st; Caroline Graham, 32nd; and Kara Voigt, 37th.
        The Lady Irish return to action on Wednesday, at the Lawrence Central Invitational.

Softball open field begins today and will go from 3:30-4:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays will be
for everyone. Wednesday will be just pitchers and catchers.
Softball conditioning is cancelled for Tuesday September 18th due to early dismissal

The Cathedral-Chatard Hockey Club will be conducting a car wash on Saturday, September
29th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the corner of 116th and Rangeline Road in Carmel. Proceeds
will go to support the Cathedral-Chatard Hockey Program.

Baseball: Baseball open field workouts will begin today after school from 3:30-5:30. Open
field will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30.

Basketball: Starting next week work outs for any Freshman Boys wanting to play Basketball
will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.

The Lady Irish Soccer Team is selling t-shirts to raise money for breast cancer research! The
shirts are dedicated to Stefanie Cooler's mom! Please buy one to support this great cause!
        The shirts are a charcoal gray and say "cathedral irish soccer" on the front in pink and
have a ribbon and a quote about hope from Grey's Anatomy on the back. The writing is all
pink! Don't worry, they are really cute and cost $15.00
Money and the following order form will be due Monday, September 24!
Please turn everything into Mr. Kubacki (room 4105).

     Soccer Breast Cancer T-Shirt Order Form
                                         Size (circle one)
                         S              M               L          XL
                      5 period teacher and room number _____________
                                            Price : $15
                      Checks should be payable to Cathedral High School!
             Please turn in this form and your money to Mr. Kubacki (room 4105)!
                                    Due Friday, September 21

Intramurals are back! 1st Fall Season - Dodge ball & Kickball
Come defend your title or become the new champs! Sundays September 30th - October 21st.
Registration forms can be picked up and turned in to Ms. T.J. Lambert in the front office.
**Registration must be turned in by Wednesday, September 26th . Fee: $10.00 (includes T-

Football News:
1. Attention football fans & families: The JV football game with Cincinnati Moeller
   scheduled for September 22, 2007 at home has been changed to an AWAY game on
   Moeller’s campus in Cincinnati. The game will be played @ Maderia High School:
   7645 Loannes Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45243. We apologize for any inconvenience this
   causes our families and fans. The Varsity game with Cincinnati Moeller will still be a home
   game on Friday Oct. 12th at 7:00pm @ Arlington H.S.
2. Pre-sale tickets for this Friday’s game with Roncalli @ Roncalli will go on sale in the
   Athletic Office at noon on Wednesday. The ticket price is $5.00. We will sell until 3pm on
   Friday or until all pre-sale-tickets are sold. The game time is 7:00pm. Let’s show the
   Roncalli Rebels our Irish spirit!
3. Also, you may still purchase a booster pass in the Athletic Office for $135.00, which is
   good for all other 07-08 home athletic events.

Rugby Fall Ball - Oct. 6th and October 13th - players from around central Indiana will combine
to play each other for 2 or 3 halves. Just show up and play, refs will be provided. Cost not yet
determined. Contact Jim at for more information. If anyone is
interested or needs more information, please contact:


Upcoming Advancement Event for Cathedral High School: (all proceeds benefit tuition assistance
at Cathedral High School)
       Three Dog Night Concert
           o Date: October 20, 2007
           o Time: 6-11 p.m.
           o Location: The Murat Centre – Egyptian Room
           o Cost: $125/person; $250/couple (tables of 10)
           o Includes: cocktails ∙ dinner ∙ live auction ∙ 90-minute concert
           o          (must be 21 or older to attend)

             o Contact: Nicole Beasley 317/968-7311

Alumni News:

The Alumni Association will be sponsoring the “Sweethearts Ball” as a pre-homecoming
celebration. The event will be held in the “Old Cathedral Gym” located at 1400 N. Meridian on
Thursday, October 4, 2007 from 6-9pm. All CHS and Academy alumni are welcome. However,
we will be acknowledging those alumni from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Come and enjoy all
the festivities and the great sounds of POWERHOUSE GROOVE featuring THE FABULOUS
POWERHOUSE HORNS. Admission is FREE! Please RSVP with Kenbarlow@Cathedral- or call him at (317)968-7367.

Smart Quote: The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.
                   -James Madison

Prayers are requested:

   For Ben Hizer (10th), recovering from surgery; (9/18)
   For Jonathan Redmon (10th), recovering from surgery; (9/18)
   For Brad Lennon, Athletic Director at Park Tudor, who suffered a heart attack; (9/14)
   For Heather Kent, cousin of Demetria Bayt (12), recovering from surgery; (9/11)
   For Andrew Goedde (12 years old), son of swimming and diving coach Paula Meyer, who was injured
    in a CYO football game at St. Simon’s and is recovering; (9/10)
   For the repose of the soul of Vera Leslie, grandmother of Vice President Duane Emery, who passed
    recently; (9/10)
   For Pam Feeney, recovering from a heart attack. She is the 26-year old sister-in-law of teacher
    Anthony Ernst; (8/7)
   For the repose of the soul of Mrs. Rita Kesterson, mother of teacher/coach Jean Kesterson and wife
    of “Mr. K,” freshman volleyball coach – may she rest in peace; (8/30)
   For the repose of the soul of Donna McEwen, grandmother of Kristina Bridges (10th); (8/30)
   For the repose of the soul of Daniel O’Leary, grandfather of Clara (10th); (8/28)
   For Melissa Peck, step-mother of Errick Peck’s (11th), for healing; (8/28)
   For James Ison, father of staff member Larry Ison, who is fighting cancer; (8/24)
   For the repose of the soul of Kierra Cox (incoming freshman at LN and friend of Breanna Ashburn
    (9th), who passed away in her sleep unexpectedly – may she rest in peace: (8/24)
   For 10-year-old Joseph Mulholland (St. Susanna Parish) who is battling brain cancer and whose
    condition continues to slowly worsen. Currently he is in Chicago for his experimental treatments, but
    he was able to attend school recently at St. Susanna's. (8/23)
 For healing for Frank Moosbrugger (’88), recovering from burns; (8/20)
 Pray for healing for Mrs. Ella Suggs, mother of Randall Suggs (12th) as she continues her fight against cancer;
 For members of our Cathedral family serving in the military:
     For Doug Ausenbaugh ’07, who has completed his basic training and can now focus on school at
      the US Military Academy at West Point;
     For Curtis Worthy (’97), shipping out to Iraq;

      Fred Evans (’61) asks for prayers for his nephew, Christopher Fullen, who is now serving in
       Balad, north of Baghdad;
      For Dan Hess ’07, who has graduated from basic training and is beginning his classroom
       education at the US Air Force Academy;
      for USAF’s Staff Sgt. Michael Grable, who has returned from Iraq and is the nephew of Sister
       Mary Ann Stewart – he continues to serve in Colorado;
      Scott Thompson, brother of teacher Brad, who is currently serving at the Army’s Fort Bliss in El
       Paso, TX.;
      For Lt. Ron Kubacki, US Army, recently stationed in Iraq, who is a cousin of teacher Kevin
      For Alek Cholewa ' 03, with the Marines in Iraq;
      for Ens. Jamie Lupo, ’02, who is deployed on the USS Roosevelts DDG 80 in Europe;
      for the US Army’s Michael O'Connor ('01) deployed to Iraq;
      for Jennifer Guimont, sister to Michael Guimont (’06), USAF serving in Japan;
      For Mike Baker (’00), Private First Class, United States Army Reserves, still serving within the
      For Justin Mason (’05) is a student at the Air Force Academy (Class of ’09) and is doing well;
      and for all who protect us – soldiers, sailors, firefighters, police forces, and parents.

On Friday, we finished our first Senior Awakening Retreat with a new flair for the retreat
closing. Instead of transporting the students and their gear to Cathedral, where they met their
families, the families travelled to St. Bernadette’s on the southeast side of Indianapolis, where
the retreat closing was held. This proved to be a great change for the retreat because the students
were still in their retreat space, they had not lost enthusiasm through the time of loading and
unloading school transport vehicles, and their families could experience the “special space” they
had enjoyed for three days and nights.
        Senior retreat is a very special time for CHS seniors – often one of the two or three most
special experiences they cite as they look back at high school. For many of our students, this is
when they first begin to experience “the Cathedral family.” If you have a senior, you may want
to encourage them to take a retreat early in their senior year so that the connections made there
with their God and with other classmates can be present for the remainder of their last year at

David L. Worland
Cathedral High School


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