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									                                 Graduate Division Alumni Association
                                 University of California, San Francisco

                               Minutes for meeting on March 7, 2007
Attendance: Pat Calcarco (Graduate Division Interim Dean), Art Strosberg (President) , Julie Gaulden (GSA
rep.), Dan Keller (Secretary), Nancy Newman, David Madson (Director of Development), Gail Schachter
Call to Order (Art)
 Art called the meeting to order at 6:20 pm.

Review of Minutes from December 13 Meeting
 The minutes from the last meeting were approved, contingent upon correction of attribution of funding to It’s really from UCOP Alumni Services.

President’s Report (Art)
 Thanks to Nancy, David M., Julie and Dan, we are nearly ready for our April 20th event at Genentech Hall.
   o Thanks also to Albert Howell and Keith for printing and mailing.
   o There will be tours, food, etc.
   o Nancy will receive RSVPs by email.
   o We’ll have a table with newsletters, sign-in sheet, promo literature, new banner, etc.
   o We do not know how many will show up, but expect plenty of students for the free food.
   o Nancy: Let’s ask David Shewmake for architect Diefenbach’s vitae or relevant info. [Sec’y’s note:
       whose action item is this?]
   o Let’s ask for email addresses on the signup sheet at the event. [Dan’s action item: prepare signup
   o Let’s have a raffle to collect business cards. [Action items: Nancy will supply the bowl. David will
       get 5 raffle prize UCSF T-shirts from the bookstore.]
   o Let’s have name tags. [Action item: Nancy will bring “Hello my name is…” tags and Sharpies.]
   o Moffitt will do the catering. We’ve ordered for 50 people, including 16 bottles of wine, etc. It works
       out to $51/person including food, tables, linens, server, setup, and breakdown.
   o Our event ends at 8:30 pm.
   o So far, our total budget is $3900 including postage.
   o So far, Nancy has received 5 RSVPs to our mailing that went out 3-5 days ago. This is actually rather
 How are we doing on the assembly of our email address list?
   o We have only a small fraction of our grads’ email addresses.
   o Julie: departments know their own grads’ addresses but are protective of that info.
   o David M.: graduate schools collect this info more haphazardly than undergraduate schools. But we
       are now being more methodical about capturing it when people graduate.
   o Gail: let’s run a story inviting alumni to invite their lab-mates, friends, and fellow alumni? We could
       submit this as an article for UCSF Today. Their staff actually writes the article; we just tell them what
       to say. [Dan and Nancy’s action item.]
 Do we have a process in place to stay in touch with grads?
   o Nancy is assembling a “grad pack” to be given to them a month before commencement.
   o Dan: a stay-in-touch flyer featuring our web site URL could be attached to the pins we hand to grads
       at commencement.
   o David M. will do a targeted mailing.

GDAA                                                     1                                         June 7, 2006
Finance/Membership Report (Nancy)
 We have $35,500 total.
 We now have 40 lifetime members. 31 of them signed up in 2006, 9 in 2007.
 Actual membership is dwindling though financially we’re ok.
 We have two more mailings planned for 2007. These may help our numbers.
 We’re shrinking when we should be growing. How to reverse this trend?
   o Pat: Let’s identify some prominent UCSF GD alums. Victoria Hale got the MacArthur award. Boyer
       was a founder of Genentech. Bill Rutter was faculty here. Fred Cohen was faculty, founded
       companies. Don Simborg (faculty) helped invent HL7 and started companies. Rusty Williams. 70
       biotech companies have been founded by UCSF faculty.
   o David M.: are other alumni associations shrinking, too?

Graduate Dean’s Report (Pat)
 Got the newsletter out. The next one will be in the Fall.
 Strategic planning is being done.
 The search for the new Dean continues.
 There are 18 graduate programs with 1425 graduate students.
 Half of the money that supports them comes from NIH training and research grants (“R01”). The rest is
   from elsewhere – Genentech, Amgen, etc. Only 15% is from the GD. Budgets are shrinking so the
   student population will shrink.
 The total budget is $26-28M.
GSA Report (Julie)
 Career and Research Days were a big success. There were more than 100 people, our biggest ever. All
  events were full.
 The Career Center is doing great stuff now: workshops on resume writing, how to interview, where to
  look, how to write, and more. Now that they’re covering these topics, we’ll be able to do less of them at
  Career and Research Days, and will be able to focus more on other things.
 We hope to make the alumni dinner an annual event.
 We’re proceeding with the Faculty Mentorship Award.
  o Nominations are due on March 30th. The committee will read letters and rank them. The recipient
      will be chosen in mid-April.
  o GDAA has supported this Award in the past – it gave the plaque and flowers at Commencement on
      May 18th. Will we do it again? It was so moved, seconded and all ayes.
  o Gail: Julie did a great job.
 Commencement planning:
  o Art will be on hand to hand out things.
  o Will we again sponsor hoods ($107/hood for each of 4 people) for graduating GSA Board members?
      It was so moved, seconded and all ayes.
 A safety and security survey was done at both campuses. We learned that at Parnassus campus, the
  biggest problem is theft. At Mission Bay campus, the biggest concern is the safety of the surrounding
  area. The task force identified problems and solutions: guards, keeping doors secure, escort services. The
  survey yielded good information, and the task force acted upon it. The committee will meet with the
  Chancellor. It will also discuss student mental health.
 The GSA has been attending meetings in other Schools and participating in their events.
 The GSA is doing outreach to high schools and hopes to inspire.

Alumni Services
 UC Day will be March 26 and 27. The Graduate Division will be represented by David Shewmake and
 Purchase lapel pins? It was so moved, seconded and all ayes.

GDAA                                                   2                                        June 7, 2006
Center for Bioentrepreneurship (Gail)
 Bioentrepreneurship Day will be April 20th. It will be at Bakar, Mezzanine Level, Robertson Room.
   There will be booths, pitches from VCs, and more. We are urged to attend this prior to our GDAA event
   that same day.

New Business (Pat)
 At last, we have a listserv for the graduate students! We’re using it sparingly. John Johnson is the

 We adjourned at 8:20.
                                                                                  Submitted by Dan Keller

GDAA                                                    3                                           June 7, 2006

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