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Key Words
   ancient buildings            famous museums
   a scientific expedition      cities around the world
   a polar region               a volcano
   a cruise                     sailing
   climbing                     skiing
   explore                      diving
   a rainforest                 canoeing
   a desert                     parachuting
   another planet               a trek
   a desert island              a round-the-world trip
    Key Words
   ancient buildings = drevne            a desert island = pusto
    gradjevine                             ostrvo
   a scientific expedition = naučna      famous museums = poznati
    ekspedicija                            muzeji
   a polar region = polarna              sailing = jedrenje
    oblast                                diving = ronjenje
   a cruise = krstarenje                 canoeing = vožnja kanuom
   climbing = penjanje,                  parachuting = padobranstvo
                                          a trek = pešačenje
   explore = istraživati
                                          a round-the-world trip = put
   a rainforest = tropska šuma            oko sveta
   a desert = pustinja
Add these words to the Key Words:
ancient buildings, a scientific expedition, a polar region,
a cruise, climbing

   Explore: a rainforest, a desert, another planet, a
    desert island
   Visit: famous museums, cities around the world, a
   Go: sailing, skiing, diving, canoeing, parachuting
   Go on: a safari, a trek, a round-the world trip

   Explore: a rainforest, a desert, another planet, a
    desert island, a polar region
   Visit: famous museums, cities around the world, a
    volcano, ancient buildings
   Go: sailing, skiing, diving, canoeing, parachuting,
   Go on: a safari, a trek, a round-the world trip,
    a scientific expedition, a cruise
Dealing with difficult words
 Read the sentence the word is in and decide what
  kind of word it is.
 Read the paragraph the word is in and try to work
  out the meaning from the context. Is the word similar
  to a Serbian word?
  e.g. volcano, expedition, rapid...
The Race to the Pole
1.    shocked and sad = devastated (adj.)
2.    angrily and unhappily = bitterly (adv.)
3.    a journey organised for a special purpose = expedition
4.    difficult and dangerous = desperate (adj.)
5.    a place where things are stored = depot (noun)
6.    in a good mood = cheerful (adj.)
7.    something you want to achieve = ambition (noun)
8.    courage and strength = spirit (noun)
9.    extraordinary = remarkable (adj.)
10.   frozen fingers and toes = frostbite (noun)
Read the sentences carefully and try to work out the
meanings of the words in bold.

1. The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen,
   which makes up about 3/4 of all matter.
2. The electrons that interact with each other are valence
   electrons, the ones in the outermost electron shell of an
3. Lithium, at the top of Group 1, has the highest melting point
   in the group. The melting points then decrease as you go
   down the group.
4. Mercury is the only metal which is liquid at room
5. A substance that loses electrons becomes positively charged.
6. In a chemical formula, the ratio of atoms in the compound is
   shown by numbers called subscripts.
7. Metallurgy is the science of extracting metals from their
8. A neutral atom becomes an ion either by losing an electron
   (cation) or by gaining an electron (anion).
9. Car exhaust gases are highly toxic because of their carbon
   monoxide content.
10. When plants produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis,
   oxygen is released as a by-product.
    Questionnaire - How Adventurous
    Are YOU?
1- What would be your ideal             2- What would you do if someone
   summer holiday?                         offered to take you bungee
a)   three weeks trekking through the      jumping off a very high bridge?
     Amazon looking for a lost tribe    a)   go along and watch the other
b)   going on an organised cruise            people
     around the Mediterranean with      b)   be the first to jump off the
     your mum                                bridge
c)   climbing the north face of         c)   watch the other people and then
     Everest on your own and with no         try to jump yourself
     oxygen                             d)   turn pale and say you suffer
d)   going camping on a Scottish             from vertigo
     island with a group of friends
3- Which of these hobbies   4- If you saw some tasty-looking red
   would you most like to      and white mushrooms in the
   take up?                    woods in the autumn, what would
a)   stamp collecting          you do?
b)   bull-fighting          a)    go home and make a big omelette
                                  for your family and yourself
c)   snowrafting
                            b)    take one of them to the science
d)   gardening                    teacher at school to find out what
                                  they are
                            c)    get a book out of the library and
                                  make sure they are safe to eat
                            d)    give one of the mushrooms to your
                                  dog to see if he/she eats it
5- If you had the opportunity to    6- What would you do if you
   travel around the States for        discovered a deep cave
   four weeks how would you            when out walking on your
   prefer to go?                       own?

a)   in a rented car with a group   a)   tell your friends about it
     of your friends                     when you got back home
b)   hitch-hiking and getting       b)   tell the local natural history
     buses on your own                   society about the cave
c)   travelling around by           c)   go into the cave as far as
     aeroplane with your family          possible even though you
d)   going on an organised               can’t see very well
     coach trip with your           d)   go back home and get a
     grandmother                         torch and rope to explore
                                         the cave properly
   1- a - 3 points b - 0 points c - 5 points d - 1 point
   2- a - 0 points b - 5 points c - 3 points d - 0 points
   3- a - 0 points b - 5 points c - 3 points d - 0 points
   4- a - 0 points b - 3 points c - 3 points d - 0 points
   5- a - 2 points b - 5 points c - 1 point d - 0 points
   6- a - 0 points b - 0 points c - 3points d - 5 points
   25-28 points – you are very adventurous, but a bit
   17-24 points – you are an adventurous person
   10 -16 points – you are not very adventurous
   under 9 points – you are not at all adventurous!

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