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									                WRISTBAND MEAL CHOICE

                “GIVING PUPILS THE CHOICE”

7 August 2012
                   Back ground
 First Introduced by Southampton
 Letter sent to all schools as part of a major marketing
 Schools were asked to return their standards fund
  element to be reinvested in a Marketing Programme to
  increase meal uptake.
 50 -60% of schools returned their standards fund to the

7 August 2012
                Development within Solihull.

 Letter to all schools 2007.

 Visit to interested schools.

 16% uptake of system.

 Ongoing discussions – “slow but sure”

7 August 2012
School Food Trust.
Eat Better Do Better

                Methods of operation in Southampton.
 Photographed all main meals.
 Recorded in a data base.
 Touch screen in each classroom.
 Menus are displayed in the classroom.
 Daily meals are selected in picture form on the touch screen.
 Each pupil touches their selected meal & receives a wrist band in
  the relevant colour.
 The touch screen records & sends the numbers to the main office,
  these are then relayed to the kitchen.

7 August 2012
            Methods of operation in Solihull.
Various methods:
 Teacher:
  At registration the teacher will read out the daily choices of menu
  with the corresponding colour of wrist band for each meal. The
  pupil takes the wrist band of their meal choice and the teacher will
  then record the number of each choice returning information to the
  main office with the daily register.
 Pupil Monitors:
  At the beginning of the school day Monitors will hand out coloured
  wristbands to their class group corresponding with the daily menu.
  The numbers are recorded & sent back to the main office, and then
  to the Catering Manager.

7 August 2012
        Lunch time methods of operation in Solihull.

 Pupils take off their wristband at the service hatch in payment for their
 meal choice.

  After lunch the Bands are collected by class monitors, returned to
 their classroom in preparation for the next day.

  11 schools now participating - 16%

  Average increase in each school is 20%.

 Equality and Diversity – meets the measurement against choice for all

7 August 2012
                  For information
 A school with a role of 375 purchasing 500 of 3 colours at
                        29p cost £435.00.
        Price does reduce according to number of bands

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                    01675 465566
7 August 2012

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