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					Catering Request Form
Requested By:                           Requested By:
Department:                             department
PTA:                                    PTA:
Today’s date:                           Today’s date:

Event date:                             Event date:
Name of the Event:                      Name of the Event:

Event Location:                         Event Location:

Guest count:                            Guest count:

Event Times:                            Event Times:
**this time designates when guests
are invited
Reservation Time:                       Reservation Time:
**this time designates the time when
our staff has access to set up the
# of Tables for Buffet:                 # of Tables for Buffet:
**Please arrange for one 8ft /fifty
guests for Food plus one 8ft/
fifty guests for beverage
# of Tables for Seating:                # of Tables for Seating:
**66” rounds, theater style or
classroom included in rooms set
Color for Linens/ Decor:                Color for Linens/ Decor:
**Catering will provide linens for
these tables at any color you
Function Type:                          Function Type:
**Breakfast, Break, Dinner,
Reception – Buffet or Served
Menu Selected:                          Menu Selected:
**Optional; we are happy to discuss
menu details at your convenience
or suggest a menu
Please Note
We request all orders to be placed with at minimum of 48hour notice
to ensure quality scheduling and ordering time. We cannot guarantee orders received within
48hours, although we will do our best to accommodate the request and we will let you know.

The Reservation Time noted above is inclusive of when we can deliver and clean up a catering
delivery. We cannot deliver before your reservation time and we cannot pick up and clean up after
the reservation time. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

      291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305 * 650-723-6883 *

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