LOADING DOCK INFORMATION
The hours for receiving materials at the Amway Grand Plaza Loading Dock are Monday through Saturday,
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Items should be shipped/delivered to arrive at these times. Any other use of the loading
dock should be arranged through your Cater/Convention Service Manager.

The dock is located on the north side of the Hotel on Lyon Street. There is easy access from either US 131 or
the I-196 Expressway. An intercom with call button is located just outside the door for emergency or evening

The physical layout includes a 3-bay docking area that can accommodate all vehicle heights (including semi-
tractor trailers). There is a 5’ drop to the driveway. There is one stairwell with an inclined ramp. One bay is
equipped with an overhead lift (lift operator available at $50.00 per hour).

Upon arriving at the Hotel, please contact the Bellstand supervisor on duty through the Hotel Operator, to
discuss proper handling of exhibit material. The Hotel provides staff for directions and reasonable assistance but
staff and equipment for loading, unloading, set-up, tear down, crating, and so on must be contracted ahead of
time. A predetermined fee will be charged for this labor.

Items that need to be delivered from the Loading Dock to a conference room within the hotel will be charged
$5.00 per box for delivery. Storage fee for any boxes weighing more than 10 pounds will have a one-time
charge of $10.00. Skids will be charged $25.00 one time charge. Items that need to be taken to the Grand Center
from the Hotel will be charged $25.00. If items exceed one cart, each additional cart will be charged $25.00

The Hotel cannot accept responsibility for items left on the Loading Dock overnight. Delivery vehicles must be
removed immediately after delivery and cannot remain parked overnight. Unattended vehicles in the Loading
Dock must have the keys left in the ignition.

Entertainment groups: Because of the unique nature and requirements, all bands and entertainment groups must
be coordinated through a Catering or Convention Service Manager. In particular, it should be noted that service
elevators are not available for use during banquet service.

Before leaving the Hotel, make sure proper instructions have been given to our Catering/Convention Service
Department regarding items to be shipped out. All items will be sent C.O.D. unless prior arrangements have
been made. Boxes are to be prepared for shipping with labels made out (two for each package) and left with the
Hotel Concierge or Catering/Convention Service Manager. It is your responsibility to have labels typed so that
there is no confusion about what address the package is to be sent. If shipping labels are needed, please contact
your Catering/Convention Service Manager.

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