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									                             Eventer Trial
What is an Eventer Trial ?
                                                                      LULWORTH EQUESTRIAN
When you compete in an Eventer Trial, you will be asking your
horse or pony to jump a round of jumps which consist of about 6              CENTRE
show jump fences followed by about 12 cross country fences and                  KENNEL FARM
then straight onto a further 6 show jumps, only the final 6 show
jumps are timed so for the rest of the course you can go as fast or           COOMBE KEYNES
as slow as you choose.!                                                          WAREHAM
The Classes range from small to big with one class being a pair’s
class, which means 2 horses jump around the course together                       BH20 5QR
trying to stay as close as possible. Always fun to watch and a                   01929 400396
great chance for you to take that young horse or inexperienced
person around to gain confidence.

So if you want to have a go, would like to come and watch or even
lend a hand to help, please call on 01929 400396 or complete the
entry schedule.
                                                                      EVENTER TRIAL
End of Season show                 d
                                7th Oct.
                                                                       SUNDAY 9th September
Course - open for walking from 2pm to 7 pm the day
prior to the event.

In the event of adverse weather please tel. for
                                                                       Pre Show Day Entries Close
confirmation of event...07545956279                                     Thursday Prior To Show
                                                                       Catering, Photographer &
                                                                       Medical Cover in Attendance
   COMMENCING 10.00 PROMPT                                                                     RULES
                                                                   1. The Organiser and Landowner cannot accept any liability for
                                                                       damage, accident, injury or loss to horses, riders, spectators or
 This is a fun competition where the competitors jump a round of
                                                                       personal property.
 show jumps and then continue onto the cross country course        2. Hard Hats to PAS015 standard must be worn at all times when
 followed by a 2nd course of show jumps(this round is timed)           mounted. BACK PROTECTORS ARE COMPULSARY WHEN
 Approx. 24 jumps in all.                                              USING OUR CROSS COUNTRY JUMPS.
                                                                   3. The Judge’s decision is final.
 CLASS 1VERY NOVICE Jumps Max 2’ (can be led)                      4. No horse/pony under 4 years may enter any ridden class.
 CLASS 2 NOVICE Jumps Max 2’3’’                                    5. No illegal assistance by spectators.
                                                                   6. No horse/pony to be ridden by more than one rider in any class
 Combination of Horse & Rider not to have been placed 1st or 2nd       except in clear-round jumping.
 in any cross country jumping competition.                         7. Objections must be made within 15 minutes of the alleged
  CLASS 3          PAIRS       Jumps Max. 2’3/2’6                      offence and must be accompanied by a fee of £10 which will be
  CLASS 4          OPEN        Jumps Max. 2’6”                         refunded if the objection is upheld.
  CLASS 5          OPEN        Jumps Max. 3’0”                     8. Entry fees are not refundable or transferable under any
                th                                                     circumstances.
   Rosettes to 8 place in all classes.                             9. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry.
   Prize Money                                                     10. Anyone abusing or galloping their horse/pony will be asked to
   Class 1              1st-£12, 2nd £8 3rd £5                         leave.
                                                                   11. Competitors who disobey any judge or officials decision could
   Classes 2,4 & 5      1st -£20, 2nd £15, 3rd £10                     be refused entry to any or all future events.
   Class 3              1st - £20                                  12. Lulworth Equestrian Centre reserves the right to cancel any class
                                                                       if there are insufficient entries.
ENTRY FEES                Class 1             £12.00               13. In the event of adverse weather conditions it is the competitors
                                                                       responsibility to telephone as to the cancellation of any
                          Classes 2,4 &5      £18.00                   event.TEL.07545956279
                          Class 3       £20 per pair.              14. Age(where applicable) will be taken on the day of the show.
Late Entries £20.00 per class2,3,4,5. Class 1 £14.00               15. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
Medical Cover £4.00 per competitor                                 16. Prize Money may be with held if there are insufficient entries in
                                                                       a class.
Deposit of £5.00 required for Numbers (Returnable)                 17. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and/or ask any
Competitors who have already entered prior to show date                persons to vacate the premises of Lulworth Equestrian Centre for
and wish to enter further classes on the day will only                 what ever reason deemed necessary.
need to pay normal entry fees.

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