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									DECaF Resume CD
        Interested in an Internship or Job?
        Want more exposure to companies?
       Get your resume on the Jacobs School
                 Resume Database!

                       Go to:
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   DECaF Committee
Purpose: Present yourself in a strong and
  concise manner TO GET THAT JOB
      ~ 2 min

What: Who you are and what you do/have done
      Actions
      1.   Smile
      2.   Eye contact
      3.   Firm handshake
      4.   ENTHUSIASM! – Give impression that
           you want to work for them!
        Name & Major
        Be specific about what position you want
          i.e. summer internship, specific focus
        Relevant course work and skills
          Can give some concrete example
        Be Confident and Respectful
        Make yourself interesting
        Be prepared to answer questions about your
Thursday, February 19, 2009
4:00 PM      Set-up Ballrooms and Tables and
                    Recruiter Information

Friday, February 20, 2009
 7:00 AM    Parking Lot Opens, Volunteers Check-In
 8:00 AM    Recruiters park, check in, and
                     set up display materials.
 9:30 AM    Career Fair begins!!!!!!
 11:00 AM   Lunch delivered
 2:00 PM    Career Fair ends
 2:30 PM    Post-DECaF Recruiter/Volunteer
   Volunteer Room (7 am throughout the day)
       Make sure that non-volunteers are not taking food.
       Watch over volunteer equipment.
       Facilitate food
   Company Escorts (7:30 am – 9:30 am)
       Ride in shuttles with recruiters – socialize with recruiters
       Make sure drivers know where they’re going (refer to campus
       Escort recruiters from registration to their tables
       Help recruiters set up their tables
   Green Room (7 am through the day)
       Make sure that neither the volunteers nor non-volunteers are
        taking the food. (food is for recruiters only)
       Assist with volunteer sign-in (after 10:30 am)
   Volunteer Sign-in (7 am through the day)
       Assist volunteer check-in and direct to their positions
       Hand out volunteers shirts to volunteers only
   Prep Room (7 am through the day)
       Assist with printer and laptop setup
       Assist Career Peer Advisors
       Make sure supplies are stocked throughout the day
   Student Registration (9 am – 2 pm)
       Make sure students fill out online registration form on laptops
       Make sure students get a name tag with appropriate colored
        stickers for their majors
       Remind students waiting in line to have their UCSD student
        ID cards ready
       Do not let any non-UCSD student or non-student in.
   Throughout DECaF in ballroom (9:30 am – 2 pm)
       Socialize with recruiters who haven’t been talking with
        students in a while
       Assist recruiters and students
   Lunch Distribution – food (10:30 am – 1pm)
       Use the Ballroom layout provided (with the company list) to
        pass out lunches
       Keep meat and vegetarian lunches stocked on the cart
       Refer to the company lunch list (which will be given to you on
        the day) to pass out lunches
       Make sure catering picks up carts at 1pm
   Lunch Distribution – Drinks (10:30 am – 1pm)
       Follow the lunch carts and ask company recruiters what they
        would like to drink with their lunch
       Make sure the tubs are stocked with ice and drinks
   Advertising – Library Walk (7 am – 1pm)
       Library Walk and In-Class Announcement ALL DAY
   Surveyors (1 pm – 2pm)
       Pick up the surveys from the volunteer room
       Describe what the survey is and its purpose to recruiters
       Check up on companies as you hand out surveys and see if
        they need anything
       Have companies leave surveys at their table.
       Will help to improve our school curriculum for ABET
   Clean up (2-2:30 pm and 3:30 pm afterwards)
       Delegate volunteers to help companies pack up their
        materials, then break down their booths
       Work with Kat, Eunice, and Emily to pack everything up as
        quickly as possible

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