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									ICPC Meeting
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Northeast Cooperative Preschool

Members Present: John Barna, Melissa Woods, Christie Smith, Mia Kary, Mandy Douglas, Kim
Smith, Madeline Duncan, Molly Amico, Jean Miller, Sandi Miller, Stephani Bercu, Jamie Neal

Meeting called to order at 12:07 by President Jean Miller


*Minutes from May meeting will be approved next month

Housekeeping issues
      *3 schools do not yet have a delegate for ICPC. Geist Orchard will most likely send a delegate,
Willowcreek and Butler may not as they are currently in “survival mode”

       *If you do not currently have a job binder, you will get one. Each job will have a binder by the
       end of the school year. Some binder information may be stored online to help prevent lost
       materials ( or googledocs)

       *We will continue the listservs this year. Current listservs are,,,,,
       Additional listservs can be added as we see the need

       *Meetings will be 2nd Thursday of the month from 12:30-2pm and will be hosted by various
       schools. Will have 2 to 3 evening meetings, also on Thursday, from 7-8:30pm. Evening
       meetings will be hosted by Meridian Hills.

       *Secretary will send out many meeting reminders ahead of time to avoid confusion

       *Jean will coordinate with Mandy to decide schedule and will send those out soon

Vision for the year
       *This will be a rebuilding year
               *To meet our responsibilities to the schools (and do it well).
               *To clarify our organizational structure (adjust organizational tree and revise bylaws)
               *To ensure the continuity of ICPC (encouraging returning members, using annual
               reports, update/create binders for all jobs, identify delegates for next year by May in
               order to help with transitions and training)

Treasurer's Report
       *June financials approved unanimously
       *John B. Snyder Trust was created to aid schools with financial need. There are no known
       guidelines for this fund, but these should be created this year. Last year, funds were mistakenly
       transferred from this trust into our checking account. Molly will transfer $402.50 back into the
       trust—approved unanimously
       *Budget—approved (with stipulation about NTW)
             *transferring savings to ING account was approved unanimously
             *Butler and Willowcreek still owe from last year (will suggest Snyder Trust)
             *Domain will be $10 more for listservs (we own as well-this year was free
             due to coupon)
               *New Teacher Workshop will be approved before any money will be spent

       *Will review July and August financials at next meeting

       *Variance #1 Parkview
              *Child turns 2 on September 5
              *Child will repeat class next year
              *School will follow 1:3 ratio (18-24mo)
              *will cap enrollment at 9
              APPROVED with repeat and ratio

       *Variance #2 Meridian Hills
              *Kindergarten teacher would like to lead Kind CPT
              *School feels CPT is redundant to current Parent Ed.
              *ongoing variance
              APPROVED with stipulations that next year they will be immediately out of compliance
              if they do not bring in the outside CPT instructor. The board feels that having an outside
              CPT instructor is important for the parents (just another way of looking at things,
              another set of eyes seeing what happens, etc) as well as for the teachers. Allowing this
              variance each year may also set a precedent that we do not want to set. The board will
              work with Meridian Hills to make this work for all involved. No variance will be
              granted next year.

       *Goal is to have this finished by September meeting
       *Will check into making it more of booklet
       *Add schools to ICPC Board List
       *Do we need addresses for everyone? Consensus is yes.
       *Will be given to presidents, copresidents, schools, ICPC board. Available as PDF for
       *Jamie will send Steph a digital copy of the cover

       *ICPC ad will run in Indy's Child Back to School issue
       *We were off of due to not paying bill but will get back on
       *Molly will work with Yellowpages since she has been doing so this summer to get everything
       back in order.
       *YP notifications currently go to publicity person, bills to PO box. Will see if notifications can
       be emailed, send all mail to PO box
       *John is updating the website and is working toward a redesign
School Support
       *need September and October board meeting dates for all schools, will sign up for board visit
       dates in September
       *will have school support training session before visits

School Reports
       *If any school has anything report, email to Jean and she will put it on the agenda
       *Geist Orchard will need a new location next year. If anyone has experience with this or any
       ideas, they would appreciate the help
       *Butler is still an unknown. Jean and Madeline will both try to contact them this month.
       *Willowcreek is only able to offer one class this year (a combined 3s and 4s class). Were
       searching for a teacher, but it appears they have hired one very recently.

Old Business
      *Executive Training went well. June was well received. Possibly do 7-9pm next year because
      it was difficult for some people to be there earlier. 7-9 would also allow desserts instead of
      catering a dinner

New Business
     *Teacher Support
             *should we revamp Peer Evaluation process? Current process was started because
     NAEYC accreditation required a big plan for observation, etc. ICPC helped pair teachers in
     order to help meet that requirement. Low compliance and no NAEYC accreditation means that
     we should take a look at our current procedures and see how to best help teachers/schools.

       *New Teacher Workshop discussion tabled until next meeting

       *Delegates need to let teachers know that they should find their schools “Foundations” book to
       bring to Teacher Study Group because it will be used as the textbook for TSG. It will also be
       used for New Teacher Workshop. It is available online and Teresa will email presidents with the
       link for this.

*Meeting was adjourned at 1:52pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jamie Neal, ICPC Secretary

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