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					Hotel Manager

        D’Elia Claudia
      Job Description
A hotel manager, or hotelier, is a
 person who holds a management
   occupation within a Hotel,
 Motel, or Resort establishment.
A hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-
 day management of a hotel and its staff and
  for commercial accountability as well as for
  planning, organising and directing all hotel
     services, including front office activities
  (reception, concierge, reservations), food and
     beverage operations and housekeeping.
                                  Job Description
The manager must pay attention to
 details, setting the example for his
    staff in order to offer a high
 standard of service and presentation
     that meets guests’ needs and
                          Job Description
          Typical work activities
Typical work activities vary depending on the size and type of hotel but they
  may generally include:
•   planning and organising accommodation, catering and other hotel services;
•   keeping statistical and financial records;
•   meeting and greeting customers;
•   dealing with customer complaints and comments;
•   dealing with contractors and suppliers;
•   regulations.
•   ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety rules
• excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially when
  dealing with speakers of other languages;
• a friendly personality and genuine desire to help and please others;
• the ability to think clearly and make quick decisions;
• numeracy and logistical planning skills;
• a professional manner and calm, rational approach in hectic
• the ability to balance customer and business priorities;
• flexibility and a 'can do' mentality;
• energy and patience.
       Working Conditions
Hotel managers are generally exposed to long
 shifts, which include unsocial hours, week-
   ends, and holidays, due to the 24-hour
     operation of the hotel. The common
 workplace in hotels is an easy-reach office,
 with high levels of interaction with guests,
       employees, and other managers.
      Career Development
  The hotel business is a growing industry. Speed of
promotion to hotel manager mainly depends on the size of
 the hotel and the skills of the trainee in a management
 role. Promotion is usually rapid for capable and mobile
 entrants. For example, time spent as an assistant front-
  office manager or assistant food and beverage manager
 might lead to a deputy manager role. It may then take
some time to reach the post of general manager, perhaps
                     five to six years.
Salaries vary depending on levels of competition, as well as
  location and size of the hotel.
• Typical starting salaries for a management trainee can
  range from 12,000£ to 19,000£; while salaries for
  entrants with experience may start at around 16,000£ to
• Typical salaries at senior manager level can range from
  25,000£ to 100,000£ for general managers of large,
  international hotels.
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                       Hotel Manager

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