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									                                          School Name
                                         School Address
Dear Students and Parents,

School Name will be conducting its annual Science Fair on Date. Any information on whether
or not it is part of the student’s grade. The 8-10 top scoring students or teams of students are
then invited to enter their project in the Salt Lake City School District Science Fair held on March
3, 2006. The top projects in every category (approximately 40 projects) from the SLCSD Science
Fair will then be eligible to be entered in the Salt Lake Valley Regional Science and Engineering
Fair (SLVSEF) held at the University of Utah on Date.. For more information on the regional
fair, go to www.utahsciencecenter.org/sciencefair.

More information on science fair can be found on the Salt Lake City School District science page.

General information:
1. Is it required or optional/extra credit.
2. All projects must be accompanied by a project board and project journal. (A guide is available
on the Salt Lake City School District science page.)
3. The project must involve actual experimentation. It should not be simply a report, a
description, a model or system (even an advanced one) from someone else's plans.
4. Provide a timeline for the project.
5. Official Entry Forms must be completed before any experimentation begins. This is to
ensure that any student moving on to the district and regional fair will be in compliance with the
rules. The Entry Forms must be received by a School Name science teacher no later than
6. The top scoring students and their projects from School Name fair will be invited to enter the
Salt Lake City School District Science Fair held on March 3. The top projects from that fair will
be eligible for the SLVSEF at the University of Utah, held on March 30 – 31.
7. Parents are allowed to assist with ideas and offer advice. The work must, however, be done by
the student.

Please review this packet, then sign and return the portion below by Date. Retain the top of
this letter for your own information.

My student, ______________________________, and I understand that the completed science
                         (print student's name)
project is due Date, and that a timeline for completion of steps will be initialed by the
parent/guardian and teacher.

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       (parent signature)                         (student signature)                    (phone)

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