Dog Disease Symptoms_Can It Be Lyme’s by yameaalem


									One of the most frustrating diseases that your dog is at risk for is lyme’s disease. It is caused
when your dog is bitten by a tick that is a carrier. Most often, it is in the spring, summer, and
early fall that you have to be aware of these nasty creatures. However, the most important
thing you can do is understand the lyme’s disease symptoms in dogs, so you can help your
dog as quickly as possible.

Generally, the main lyme’s disease symptoms in dogs are fever, loss of their appetite,
dehydration, fatigue, and, possibly, swollen lymph nodes. Should you see any of the signs in
your dog, you should immediately check their body for any ticks, as these symptoms can
start within forty-eight hours after being bitten by a tick. If one is discovered, you will need
to take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

Should your dog’s symptoms go ignored, your dog could become very ill. In many cases, left
untreated, it could lead to kidney failure and death. In other cases, a serious infection could
set in. The fact is that lyme’s disease is just as serious for a dog as it is for a human.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to try and prevent ticks from getting on your
dog. Keeping your grass cut short is good, but it will not stop your dog from wandering to
other areas. Therefore, they need to be on tick prevention medications.

Every pet owner should be aware of the lyme’s disease symptoms in dogs. Should you find a
tick on your dog, remove it and save it in a small container. If your dog starts to show signs
of the disease, you can then bring the tick to the vet, as well. They will be able to tell
whether it is a tick that could be a carrier or not and will be able to get your dog the
treatment it needs quickly.

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