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									                                                   Food 21

5 Promotion of Interaction between Producers and
Consumers and Revitalization of Environmental Harmony
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Industry
(1) Promotion of Interactions between Urban Residents and People
Working in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries through Co-existence and
Convection of Urban and Rural Areas
-  To promote interactions between urban residents
   and people in rural areas through Green Tourism
   and so on, activities such as awards for best
   practice as well as improvement of facilities for the
   interactions were carried out.
- Since fiscal 2008, ‘Kodomo-Nosangyoson-Koryu-
   Project’ (Children’s Rural Area Exchange Project)
   has been implemented, which elementary school
   students stay in rural areas for about a week and
   enjoy hands-on activities. Educational activities
   such as Shokuiku (Food Education) were carried
   out through various items of this project such as
                                                         Stay-type allotment garden (Myoko-city, Niigata prefecture)
   agriculture, forestry and fishery experiences as
   well as cooking.
 - Since fiscal 2008 attempts have been made to promote the development of stay-type allotment
   gardens by creating management models for them with “Grants for Co-existence and Interaction
   through Cooperation in Wide Area.”

(2) Promotion of Hands-on Experience by People Working in agricultural,
forestry and fisheries
-   The expansion of regional efforts, continuous
    implementation, and improvement of efforts in
    studying crops etc can be expected through the
    cooperation of related persons from various fields on
    the entire regional, and hence the making of
    “Educational Farm promotion plans” by local
    government is being promoted to clarify an important
    point for cooperation of people related in region.

                                                                             Elementary school children planting
                                                                          arrowheads with in the eagar expression
                                                                           (Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima prefecture)
 (3) Promotion of Local Consumption of
Local Produce
-   It was encouraged to draw up practical plans of local consumption of local produce (Promotion
    Plan for Local Consumption of Local Produce) (the number of cities, towns, villages and farmer
    organizations that have formulated the plans was 916 as of September 2008)
-   The National Promotion Council of Local Consumption of Local Produce organized “National
    Promotion Forum for Local Consumption of Local Produce 2009” in March 2009, where keynote
    speeches were given and the best practices were awarded.

                                                   Food 21
                                             Food 22

(4) Promoting the Usage of Biomass and Recycling of Food
-   The goal of about 300 regions in Japan formulating a Biomass Town Initiative was set for 2010,
    based on which 197 municipalities had published the Initiative as of March 2009.
-   In October 2008 the “Act on Promotion of Utilization of Organic Resources Originating from
    Agriculture, Forestry or Fisheries as Materials for Biofuel” was newly enforced with the aim of
    expanding the production of biofuels utilizing biomass originating from agricultural and forestry
    industries and fisheries while taking into consideration the security of a stable supply of food
    and livestock feed.

6 Promotion of Providing Information Regarding Food
(1) Improving Risk Communication
-   As one of the important activities of Risk Communication,opinion exchange meetings organized
    by the Food Safety Commission and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the
    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries were held 11 times in various regions of the
    country in fiscal year 2008.
-   From fiscal year 2008 on human resource training sessions for acquiring the ability to
    understandably explain information related to scientific findings were started. Moreover, the
    “Junior Food Safety Commission” was held mainly for elementary school upper graders.
-   In fiscal year 2008, efforts have been made in steadily promoting and newly developing risk
    communication, such as the formulation of the “Guidelines on Implementation and Evaluation
    of Opinion Exchange Meetings” and the “Direction of Immediate Efforts in ‘Cooperation with
    Local Governments’”.

(2) Providing Information Regarding Food Safety
-   Through the homepage, pamphlets, quarterlies, DVDs and so forth, the food safety information
    is explained in an easy to understand manner. In addition, the “Comprehensive Information
    System for Food Safety” has been built and cumulative and analytical domestic and
    international information is released on the homepage with the aim of sharing information.

                                             Food 22

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