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					   Private Peaceful

Monday, 19 November 2007
             Unit Outcomes
1.   Persuasive writing piece
2.   Solo talk
3.   Critical essay
4.   Creative writing piece
      Critical Essay Choices
1. How does Michael Morpurgo effectively
    describe the horrors of war?
2. “Home’s home. Here’s here.” (p165)
    Show how Michael Morpurgo contrasts
    the ideas of “peace” and “war”
3.“…even my courage to be a
  coward had evaporated.”
  (p161) Do we admire Tommo
  Peaceful, or pity him?
       Today’s Lesson Aims
1. Begin to look at how MM shows the
   sudden changes in Tommo’s life
2. To begin taking written notes on the text,
   in preparation for critical essay writing.
          Today’s “End of Chapter” Questions
1.  What two kinds of animal does Horrible Hanley call Tommo at
        the start of p106
2. Why does Charlie worry that his “voice will betray me”? (p106)
3. Tommo feels they are “make believe” soldiers. What two phrases on
    p107-8 suggest that they are still having fun and haven’t realised the
    severity of what is coming.
4. What insight do we get on p109 to Tommo’s naivety, compared to the
5. When do they first realise that things are more serious than pretending
    to be soldiers?
6. On p111, Tommo has an imaginary conversation with a bee. What
    impression does this give you about him?
7. When do things finally stop being a game for Tommo and Charlie?
    Quote a phrase which illustrates this point.
8. What three things does Tommo get teased for by the other soldiers?
9. Throughout the novel, MM places animals into key scenes to create
    different emotional tones. Once the Peacefuls arrive in France, what
    animals are included, and what impression does it create? Remember
    to use evidence form the text.
10. What TWO biblical characters is Charlie compared to during this
Extension/homework Task
1. Tommo and Charlie write letters
   home to Molly, mother and Big
•Write a letter home (no more than two pages) as either
Tommo or Charlie. Try to explain more about why you joined
the army, what life is like, what you miss about home etc

•Remember that your letters would be read, and CENSORED,
so you may need to explain how you feel in a way which
would not get you into trouble.

•You may choose to write home a letter from early training at

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