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									Karting, A Female Sport Too!

When one talks about Go kart racing, the general notion is that it is a
male sport. However, for many women today, Go karting is no different
from other kinds of sports. A number of inspiring women at present such
as Danica Patrick who is an Indy Car racer, are into Go karting as a
serious career and indeed they become successful in it.

For female karters, there   are a lot of options in the field of motor
sports if one is eager to   get into it. When one gets to learn the basics
of the sport which is not   as difficult, it only takes a good deal of
practice to really master   the sport itself.

Once a person reaches the age of 8, he or she can already engage into the
sport. Normally, the differences between the two sexual categories arise
when female karters get so much involved with the sport and decide to
pursue advancing to higher levels such as auto racing.

Go Karting For Women

In United Kingdom, an organization has been set up in order to encourage
and inspire women Go karters in the sport they chose to pursue. By this
year, the organizers hope to establish a race for aspiring racers where
there will be six rounds in each race and they will hold these races in
the different tracks across Southern UK.

The organization has come up with two categories. These are the Beginners
and the Intermediate classes. For those women who are still new to the
whole thing of Go karting, the Beginners category will best suit their
driving skills. Go karts will be provided in the circuits so there will
be no problem for those who don’t have their own Go karts yet.

The Intermediate category on the other hand, is for women who already
have an experience in Go karting, particularly those who have their own
Go karts. With the driving skills they already posses and the great deal
of experience they have, they will surely be having a blast in this

As regards the mechanics of the race, the first class shall use four-
stroke Go karts while the latter can use either of these two engines for
their Go karts: two-stroke Rotax Max or the four-stroke Clubman. However,
the series still depends on how many will sign up in the race.

The British Women Racing Driver’s Club (BWRDC)

Karting clubs are intended to back up karters especially in the racing
aspect. For women karters, the BWRDC has been established to back women
up in any form of racing sport from Go karting to Formula 1. Anyone may
join the club with the requirement that she has a license from the Motor
Sports Association.

For Women To Gain Sponsorship
Gaining sponsorship should be one of the major considerations when one
aspires to become a racer and compete. Due to the financial demands of
the sport, it would be impossible for the racer to easily afford the
necessary equipment for the sport thus making it hard for him or her to
compete at higher levels or motor sport.

The tuition fees as well as the costs of the track sessions already
require quite a significant amount and for someone who is not financially
equipped, the best choice would be to obtain financial support.

For many male karters, it is not a difficult task to gain sponsorships
since many prospective sponsors have greater confidence in men than with
women karters. In order for female karters to get sponsorships, they are
required to do a lot of promotions to get one and the more achievements,
the more chances there will be to attract potential sponsors.

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