Eberspaecher Fact Sheet by HiX002dX


WORLD            Eberspacherstrasse 24
HEADQUARTERS:    D-73730 Esslingen, Germany
                 Telephone: +49.711.939.0250
                 Fax: +49.711.939.0642                                       Public Relations
                 29101 Haggerty                                              29101 Haggerty
NORTH AMERICAN                                                               Novi, MI 48377
HEADQUARTERS:    Novi, MI 48377
                 Telephone: +1.248.994.7010                                  Telephone: 248-240-8908
                                                                             Fax: 248-489-1930
                 Fax: +1.248.489.1930                                        www.eberspaecher.com

PRODUCT RANGE:   Exhaust systems for passenger cars and
                 commercial vehicles including engine
                 manifolds, catalytic converters, particulate
                 filters and silencers. Pre-heaters and auxiliary
                 heaters to warm up passenger compartments
                 independently of the engine.
WORLDWIDE        Founded in 1895, Eberspaecher is one of the top
DEVELOPMENT :    four largest exhaust systems suppliers in the world.
                 It is a leader in the vehicle heater sector. In 2008,
                 the company acquired Catem, the world leader for
                 electric heaters for diesel engines and in June
                 founded a new vehicle electronics subsidiary (J.
                 Eberspaecher GmbH & CO. KG) as part of its
                 takeover of the FlexRay/Automobile Bus Systems
                 division from Transferzentrum Mikroelektronik
                 (TZM) of Germany.
OPERATIONS:      More than 5,500 employees working in 19 countries.
CUSTOMERS:       Most major original equipment manufacturers
MANUFACTURING    Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic,
LOCATIONS:       Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India,
                 Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden
                 and United States.
NORTH AMERICAN   Novi, Mich., with 95 employees, Eberspaecher’s
FACILITIES:      North American corporate headquarters, prototype
                 and test lab facility; Brighton, Mich., with 118
                 employees, produces converters and complete
                 exhaust systems; Brampton, Ontario, Canada, with
                 81 employees, produces/assembles exhaust
                 systems; Tuscaloosa, Ala., with 100 employees,
                 produces/assembles exhaust systems;
                 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with 11 employees,
                 makes applications on pre-heaters and add heaters.


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