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Progress Report for Sri Lanka HIC by HiX002dX


									                                                  Progress Report for Sri Lanka HIC

                  Start Date plus 7 days           30 Days                     60 Days                    90 Days             Current (# Months)

Location/s        Colombo                   Ampara mission             Established remote HIC     Regular missions           Established district
                                                                       services in Ampara,        (week+) to provide HIC     offices in Ampara, Galle
                                                                       Jaffna, Galle, Matara,     services (collect &        co-located with OCHA
                                                                       Batticaloa; Provided IM    distribute information)    district offices. Planned
                                                                       Best Practices sessions.   through OCHA field         deployment this month
                                                                                                  offices, Govt offices,     of two additional offices
                                                                                                  NGOs.                      in Batticaloa &
                                                                                                                             Trincomalee with
                                                                                                                             expanded presence in
                                                                                                                             the South
Staff: number &   2 Staff (OCHA Surge)      8 Staff (arrived           10 staff                   13 staff                   Total 29
positions                                   Manager, Data              plus one national          plus GIS officer and       # International 5
                                            Coordinator, 4 IM          officer, national data     national officer           # National -24
                                            Liaison Officers, ICT      entry staff (delays in     less 2 liaison officers    in Colombo?16
                                            officer, Clerical          getting GIS staff)                                    districts-13

Dissemination     Using Listserv with 500   Web Site online date: 15   Listserv; CD Roms;         In districts provide and   In District OCHA
Mechanisms        emails (originally        Feb                        website,                   load CD ROMs,              offices, GA offices,
                  developed by UNDP                                                               hardcopy binder sets for   CHA office, HIC DSU
                  later handed over to                                                            GA offices, NGOs &
                  HIC); Distributing                                                              OCHA district
                  hardcopies at meetings.
Maps              Hardcopy maps             Partner Maps collected     Online Map Centre          Better more                300 maps produced by
                  provided (source);        & online; produced         restructured with          comprehensive W3           HIC to date
                  Developing P-Codes        some thematic maps on      metadata and map           maps; Flash Appeal
                  based on govt survey      request. Distributed P-    thumbnails. First W3       maps; mapping services
                  dept.                     code atlas, in hardcopy    maps produced.             well established for
                                            & online; did trainings    Producing more maps        partners.
                                            on use                     for partners on request.
Contact Lists     Lists assembled           Database created and       Fully searchable contact   Continues to grow;         Product is maintained
                                            hardcopies provided in     directory for Colombo      using database & get
                                            HIC, at meetings;          & all districts            partners to take on in
Meeting Schedules         Scheduled assembled   Online meeting             Online meeting              Continues; using            Product is maintained
                          and disseminated on   schedules for Colombo      schedules for districts;    meeting calendar
                          listserv & hardcopy                              posting meeting minutes     database & get partners
                                                                                                       to take on in districts
W3 (database, maps,                             W3 form data collection    New W3 database             Comprehensive W3 for        Dynamic mapping for
reports)                                        in collaboration with      piloted, HIC trained and    all districts, gaps         3W data. Activity level
                                                NGO consortium             NGO consortium              addressed, maps &           reporting at district level
                                                                           trained; first W3 reports   reports representative &
                                                                           and maps.                   better analysis possible;
                                                                                                       some Flash Appeal
Assessment Collection     Collected some        Collected 60+ electronic   Fully searchable            Provided in binders and
                          hardcopies            copies & put in database   Assessment database         CD ROM to districts.
                                                with metadata; provide
                                                assessment teams with
                                                IM B Practice session
Other Web Site Features                         Repository of situation    Site usage stats            Site usage stats            Dynamic web catalog
                                                & sector reports; links                                                            system developed to
                                                to partners; Resources                                                             manage site uploads
                                                section (regulations,                                                              more efficiently.
                                                guidelines, manuals,                                                               Web Hosting services
                                                etc.) Public Information                                                           made available to
                                                function of homepage;                                                              NGO’s
Key Partnerships (UN,     UNCT & HC;            MOU with NGO               Plus, district partners                                 -MoU’s signed with
GIS, Government,          Government Ops        consortium. Proposal to    NGOs, govt. agents, UN                                  World Vision.
NGOs, Donors)             Centre; NGO           government to improve      focal points. Also, IM                                  -Partnership with
                          Consortium            info sharing. GIS team.    govt focal points in                                    TAFOR-Transitional
                                                UN focal points for data   Tafor & Tafren.                                         Accommodation Project
                                                collection. UNDP                                                                   -Board member of
                                                disaster management.                                                               National Information
                                                                                                                                   -National Disaster
                                                                                                                                   Management Centre
                                                                                                                                   project being formulated
                                                                                                                                   in partnership with
                                                                                                    -UN HIC is part of the
                                                                                                    UN RC office

Key Forums                Attend UNCT meetings,   Plus weekly NGO          Plus district meetings   -Attendance at most
(coordination meetings,   sector meetings         meeting, monthly donor   when on mission          sector meetings
sector meetings                                   group meeting                                     -Tsunami working
                                                                                                    -Data Management
                                                                                                    -National Information

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