Project Design and Implementation for UG by Y88rwls


									Project Design and Implementation
              for UG
           Prof S R Dhore
Architecting a dog house

                Can be built by one person
                   Minimal modeling
                   Simple process
                   Simple tools
             Architecting a house

Built most efficiently and timely by a team
     Well-defined process
     Power tools
Architecting a high rise
Early architecture
                 - Limited knowledge of theory
Modern architecture
                - Advances in materials
                - Advances in analysis

Modeling a house
• The basic goal of this project is for class
  members to design, construct and evaluate an
  interesting software system. The system
  should explore issues, solve problems or
  exploit techniques from classroom discussions
  or papers
              Project Cycle
    1. Preparatory phase
    2. Project design              Project
    3. Preparation of the document development
    4. Internal approval
    5. Fund raising
    6. External approval
    7. Implementation             Project
    8. Evaluation                 implementation
•   Proposal
•   Literature Survey
•   Design Document
•   Presentation & Status Report
•   Final Report
• Your Area of interest
  – Job
  – Subject from syllabus
  – Current trends
  – Previous years reports
• Abstract:
  – Of complete one page giving the details of the
• Project Plan
 Project Identification

     Project                   Environmental
     Identification            Assessment
     based on identified       (technical, social,
     activities, goals and     economic)
     time frames

                 Project Development

            Project Ideas
• Embbeded web server for remote access

   – The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment's
     from the remote place through a web-page. Here all the devices
     which are to be controlled are connected to the relays(acts as
     switches)on the webserver circuit board. The web-server circuit
     is connected to LAN or internet. The client or a person on the PC
     is also connected to same LAN or internet. By typing the IP-
     address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web-page
     on screen, this page contains all the information about the
     status of the devices( whether they are ON or OFF). On this
     page the user is provided with checkboxes to check or uncheck
     the boxes in order switch OFF or switch ON the devices
           Project Ideas
• System and web projects
  – structure approach toward the system designing(data
    base project) front-end: VB back-end: relational data
    base(access, oracle, sql) example: payroll system,
    Inventory System, Lib system. etc
  – object oriented approach towards system
    designing(data base project) front-end:, JAVA
    back-end: object-relational databases (access, oracle,
    sql) example: payroll system, Inventory System, Lib
    system. etc
  – Web-site Project designing in asp,,JAVA(JSP)
    will be preferred
               Project Idea
• Audio Manager
    – The basic idea of this project is to create a software which
      can store the contents of our Mp3 CD's in a catalog based
      form so that if we have 'n' number of CD's it will be easy
      for us to manage the CD's. This helps us to create a catalog
      of our disk collection. By using such catalog, we can easily
      find all necessary files and folders without the need to
      insert disks into the drive. We can also Sort files, folders,
      disks and categories by attributes, names, locations,
      creation date, artist, album etc. The duplicate files will be
      notified by the software. We can update file, folder, and
      disk information at any time.
            Project Idea
• Mobile SIP Communicator
   – Broadband and advancements in voice technologies are changing the
     way we used to communicate. Long distance telephone calls are made
     cheaper by services like skype and Jaxter. The same technology is
     affecting mobile services also. Most new phones have lots of memory
     and processing power. And with the data services on mobiles
     improving, its possible to place internet phone calls via mobiles. J2ME
     provides a SIP API specifically for this purpose. Using this API an
     application can be developed that can communicate with any SIP
     service and that includes most of the web telephony people. The costs
     will come down for long distance calls. The service can use the wifi
     facility available on most new generation handsets. Local wifi service
     can use the internet and also provide a means to make phone calls.
             Project Idea
•Location based advertising74 Comments »
   – Where can we make use of location based advertising ? Definitely it
     has to be on something that moves. Mobile, yes, but not this time.
     This about buses. All these buses travel many places, and most of the
     new ones have got electronic billboards. Why not run location based
     advertisements on them. The idea is to create a directory of locations
     (latitude and longitude) and advertisements. An algorithm needs to be
     developed to find proximity to a location and change the
     advertisement based on that. Due to the complexity of the project, its
     better implemented on an embedded linux box. Coupled with GPRS,
     the advertisements can be updated on the fly, with out even having to
     stop the vehicle. The different modules of the project include an LED
     display controller, a GPS module and GPRS handler.

• Some topics
             Literature Survey

• This includes the material search for Area of
  working and technologies used for
• Sources
  – Different books
  – Research papers and magazines
  – Web search
• Define the scope of the project
 Project design
     1. What do you want to achieve with your project
        (goals, outcomes)?
     2. What kind of background information is
        needed/available to quantify the need (data)?
     3. How much time is available and needed to
        achieve these goals (time frame, project
        implementation phase)?
     4. What activities have to be undertaken to achieve
        the goals?
     5. Which partners/stakeholders are needed or need
        to be involved?
     6. What financial resources are necessary?
 Project design

      Project Planning Flow

     Objectives   Results     Outputs   Activities

                  Implementation Flow

                  Design Document

• Software development activities
   – Planning (schedule of project)
   – implementation, testing and documenting
   – Deployment and maintenance
• Software Development Models
   –   Waterfall Model
   –   Spiral Model
   –   Iterative and Incremental Development
   –   Agile Development

• Process Improvement Models
• Formal methods (UML, DFD)
     Presentation & Status Report

• Prepare the note book for project status.

• Prepare the document and show it to the
  guide time to time.

• Check the percentage of work finish and left.
                   Final Report

• Semester – I
  – Assignments for
     • Algorithmic feasibility by NP hard
     • Different analysis
     • Design using UML diagram
• Semester -II

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