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                 Mansa Musa and the Kingdom of Mali
Goals and Objectives

Goals -
1. Students will understand how the continent of Africa is shaped by its history.
2. Students will understand how the actions of Mansa Musa impacted the course of African

Objectives -
1. Students will be able to identify Mansa Musa.
2. Students will be able to describe the pilgrimage of Mansa Musa to Mecca.
3. Students will be able to explain the cause and effect of Mansa Musa's actions.


Using the various websites that follow, answer the questions below. Your answers Do NOT need
to be in complete sentences. Call me over to check your work before submitting it to me.


Read the Mansa Musa Biography and answer questions below.

       1. What does the term Mansa mean?

       2. What areas of West Africa were under Mansa Musa's control? (What present-day

       3. How did the empire of Mali become wealthy?

       4. What important journey did Mansa Musa make?
       5. Describe Mansa Musa's caravan on his journey?

Read about Timbuktu and answer the questions below. Read only paragraphs 3 and 4.

       6. Why would Mansa Musa be interested in expanding his borders and acquiring the city
       of Timbuktu?

View the route of Mansa Musa's Pilgrimage and answer the questions below.

       6. Describe the geographic location of the gold mines on the map.

       8. Describe the geographic location of the salt mines on the map.

       9. Why do you think Mansa Musa took a slightly more southern route on his pilgrimage
       to Mecca?

View the Catalan Map and the Catalan Map Close Up, Answer the questions below.

       10. What areas of the world are shown on this map?
       11. Who do you think the people on the bottom of the map represent?

       12. In what ways is this picture a "European" image of Mansa Musa? What details of the
       image lead you to this conclusion?

Read about Mansa Musa's Mission after his pilgrimage to Mecca and answer the questions

       13. What was Mansa Musa's mission after he returned from his Hajj?

Read about the Mosque at Djenne and Answer the questions below.

       14. How thick are the walls of the Mosque at Djenne?

       15. What are the two functions of the thick walls of the mosque?
       16. Notice the "horns" on the building. What are the two functions of them?

       17. Why did the walls have to be re-plastered annually?

Food For Thought

Besides chronological order, why would I have you investigate Mansa Musa before looking at
the European exploration of Africa? Why is it important to look at Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to
the Holy City of Mecca?

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