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                               LOTS & COLLECTIONS
                                   MARCH 2012
TERMS: STRICTLY UNSOLD FULL REFUND if not satisfied and items returned within 7 days.
REGULAR CLIENTS - Items sent on approval NEW CLIENTS - Cash with order please.
 A discount of at least 10% will be available for the purchase of two or more lots throughout this
                          list and payment may be spread over a period

A101     1841 2d Blue Plate 3 - Very nice partial reconstruction of 129 stamps little if any duplication
         which are mainly 3 to 4 margin & including 27 with Maltese Cross (strip of 3 and pair). Some
         really lovely shades (with many pale blue) as well as postmarks makes this an ideal basis for
         reconstruction with only a few needing improvement. Huge min cat £16,600! Amazing lot at          £1,100
A102     1841 2d Blue Plate 4 - Interesting partial reconstruction of 58 stamps with several 3/4
         margin. Incl nice strip of 3 & pair, lovely shades with possible Lavender Tinted paper. Some
         stamps need upgrading but useful basis for a reconstruction. Total cat £4,930 - bargain at just    £350
A103     2d Blue Plates 1 to 15 by H Osborne M.D. Published 1946 - still an amazing & much sought          SOLD
Book     after reference book. Considering its age in remarkable condition, only few slight marks on
A104     1841 2d Blue - 19 unplated copies of which 11 are reasonable including a nice pair, very
         mixed condition hence the price. Cat £1,700 min                                                     £75
A105     1841 2d Blues Plate 3 - Just 4 stamps EK, EL, NG and NH all with 1844 cancels. Some have          SOLD
         guide lines through value and same in letter squares, one is 4 margin, two are almost 4 margin
         and the fourth is 3 margin with parts adjoining stamp at left. Very nice quartet. Min Cat £360
A106     1841 2d Blue NUMBERS IN CROSS An almost complete set off the 12 numbers except
         Number 5. All selected for the quality of the cross. Some are Good 3 to 4 Margin. Becoming
         Very Difficult to accumulate. Cat £9,800. Bargain at under 10% Cat.                                £900
A107     1841 2d Blues Plates 3 and 4. Black Hagner with 14 singles & goodish strip of 4, which has        SOLD
         margins all round just some creasing on QJ and good 930 York numerals. 6 of the singles
         are 4 margin, one stamp shows parts (large) of 2 stamps and one shows 3. All are unplated.
         Minimum cat £1,620 ignores extra for strip. Nice lot
A111     8 copies - 6 appear in good condition & incl some unusual copies such as SG 35 Re-entry           SOLD
         on JH, showing in top margin of KH, short stamp from "A" row, SG 19 Plate 4 GB with
         corrosion marks in "B" sq & bluing in value & letter squares, also 59 in London Diamond. Nice
A200     Collection of Maltese Cross Plates 12 to 16 comprising 5 x Plate 12 (1 x 4 m), 36 x Plate 13
         (6 x 4 m), 8 x Plate 14 (4 x 4 m), 11 x Plate 15 (7 x 4 m) and 8 x Plate 16 (4 x 4 m). Although
         some quite mixed condition, the fact that it includes 4 margin copies as well as unchecked for
         Distinctive Maltese Crosses & Huge cat value (minimum £8,890) makes it a very attractive lot at   £1,000
A201     Plate 17 - 18 examples, many perfect 4 margin with varieties & possibly distinctive MX.
         Lettered DJ, FE, FK, HD, IK, JH, LE, LH, NG, I, NJ, OF, OJ, QA, QB, QC, I & OD. Cat £1,440+        £175
A202     Plate 18 - 9 stamps from this very difficult plate. All good looking and at least 5 are perfect
         4 margin. Letterings HB, JE, MG X 2, I, OD, OE, OJ and QE. Total catalogue £1,215+                 £200
A203     Plate 19 - 27 examples with many 4 margin, all, though, nice looking. Letterings BE, CE, I,
         EH, GD, HC, HK, IE, IH, JF, KD, KL, LC, LD, LH, LK, LL, I, OC, OD, OE, OJ, OK, I, TA and TE.
         Varieties and interesting Maltese Crosses. Catalogue in excess of £1,890+                          £150

1d RED IMPERFS - continued
A204     Plate 35 - partial reconstruction of 68 stamps, some slight duplication. Mainly plating copies,
         18 from Ken Statham's reconstructions, 15 ex Folkard and then 35 other cross checked to the
         photos of the Imprimatur sheets, the Brown Fisher and Ken Statham's Essential Guide. Some
         better copies but all platable & interest in the crosses. Min cat £4,400+ cheap at just under 5%        £195
A205     Difficult Plate 50 - lovely lot of 40 stamps. Virtually all are 4 margin with some 60% being
         fine used perfect. Any faults noticed were very minor and offset by stamps with varieties.
         Lovely lot to build on and from a source where plating is likely to be accurate. Cat £2,000+.           £330
A206     Plate 63 - a small selection of 11 stamps and one cover all different letterings and just over
         50% being perfect 4 margin with the other nearly all 4 margin with very slight faults.
         Nice lot to build on and from this source plating likely to be accurate. Total catalogue £330+.           £60
           A discount of at least 10% will be available for the purchase of two or more lots
                   throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period
A207       Fascinating part reconstruction of 98 1d Red Imperfs. All stamps have been plated (several by
           recognised platers such as Ken Statham & Bob Thompson, the latter assisting with the Brown
           Fisher Guides). Mostly 3 to 4 margin with some attractive 4 margin and including some useful
           Plates such as 50, 87, 147, 132, 89, 76, 60, 142, 90, 96, 56, 96, 128, 61, 55, 69. 105, 97 etc.
           This is obviously a very old time lot as it includes several Blue numeral cancels and stamp
           hinges impressed HARRY HICKLES & I LTD 64 CHEAPSIDE LONDON                                              £200
A208        Really lovely black Hagner page of 28 Plated 1d Red Imperfs of which 10 are Maltese Cross.
            All appear 4 margin with the majority in fine or better condition. Some exceptional plates
            noted such as 12, 40 (MX), 96 with Blue 448 Leek cancel cat £250+, scarce Plates 109 (cat
            £55), 114 (cat £50), 135 x 2, 142, 146, 154 and 157. A few have minor faults but offset by
            others with varieties. Superb lot especially as majority are different plates. Excellent value.        £200
A209        Black Hagner stockcard of 42 plated 1d Red Imperfs, 8 with Maltese Cross. All 3 margin
            seconds but incl varieties, nice postmarks & difficult Plates such as 14 & 172 + 11 different
            letterings from Plate 50 cat £50 each. Very useful cheap lot for plating/reconstruction at just         £60
A210       Stated to be Plate 53-108 stamps 3 with MX(?), one very worn plate, E Flaws, nice postmarks,
           varieties, possible part roulette & several 4 M. Cat as Pl 53's £3,200+ but priced as unplated.         £100
A213        Unplated part reconstruction of 228 1d Red Imperfs being mixed Alpha I & II incl MX. As
            usual condition ranges from poor (small number) to fine. Mostly 3 to 4 M with about 60 to 65
            perfect 4 margin. As well as postmarks we have noticed a nice Plate 11, 2 attractive Blue
            numerals, 68 & 706 plus a really good Ivory Head. Well worth improving on or plating.                  £375
The following 11 lots came from a very interesting stock book which we recently reviewed. Although the plated
items in some of the lots have not been checked, many have the appearance of being correctly plated. We have
split them so that they present reasonable lots, good value, & a good opportunity even if the plating is not wholly
accurate. If they are, then that only enhances the value and opportunity.
A219        Black Hagner sheet of 38 mostly unplated 1d Red Imperfs. Mixture of Maltese Cross (7) &
            1844 Alpha I and I (31). Some 4 margin but mainly good platable copies including a definite
            Black Plate (9?) with "O" flaw lettered BF almost 4 margin, 2 others marked as 9 or 10 which
            leads me to think this would be a very worthwhile stock sheet to plate.                                £100
A220        Plate 12 - 10 very good stamps of which 6 seem to be perfect 4 margin. Mostly on very blued
            paper. Min cat £900                                                                                    £100
A221        Plate 13 (7) and 14 (1) - includes three nice 4 margin 13's and one Plate 14. Small faults as
            usual though at least one appears to be perfect. Cat £1,300                                            £150
A222       Plate 15 - 15 stamps, several appear to be 4 margin. Most are 3 margin or better and very
           platable. Cat £1,200                                                                                     £75
A223       Plate 16 (8) and 17 (8) - several 3/4 M but mixed condition. Cat £1,280. Worth checking just             £75
A224       Plate 18 - 5 very nice looking copies mostly 3/4 margin copies and quite good quality for this
           difficult plate. Cat £675. Well worth checking at just                                                  £100
A225       Plates 20 to 23 - 27 stamps several 4 margin, some mixed condition & A few interesting
           crosses. Minimum cat £1,620+                                                                            £125
A226       Plates 24 to 29 - 36 Stamps some better copies, mixed condition, interesting crosses.
           Cat in excess of £2,200+. Excellent value at just                                                       £100
A227       Plates 30 to 34 - 23 stamps some good 4 margin copies including 4 very nice ones attributed
           to Plate 30. Well worth checking with some interesting crosses. Minimum cat £1,400+                     £125
A228       Plates 35 to 39 - 10 stamps, condition very mixed but includes 4 margin. Significant cat val.            £40
A229       Plates 40 to 45 - 19 stamps, 10 with Maltese Cross cancels. Plating possibly suspect but
           includes some nicer stamps as well as 1844 pair with 800 numeral for                                    £100
A234       Plate 35 - Very attractive selection of 47 plated copies, mainly different letterings (only 2
           duplicates noted) mostly 3 margin or better, several 4 margin with faults but selected for clear
           plating squares & some lovely Maltese Cross copies. Minimum cat without varieties £3,050+               £195
A235       Plate 40 - 13 mainly 3 M but some better, 9 having M X. Some faults but on the whole good
           for this difficult plate, plating likely to be accurate. Cat as basic stamps £1,540. Good Lot           £150
A236       Plate 41 - 47 Stamps probably all different, includes 18 with the more difficult Maltese Cross,
           some quite interesting. Mostly 3M but some are 4 M. They appear to be all good platers with
           very high Cat value £3,400+. From this source we expect the plating to be accurate.                     £450

1d RED IMPERFS - continued
The following 4 lots are partial reconstructions covering the popular "Archer" Plates 92 to 101. Set out on graph
paper and usually covering 2 or 3 plates in each lot and sometimes overlapping with the next. Collected to quite
good standard. As usual, we cannot guarantee the plating, but we have noticed copies plated by Ken Statham, as
well as postmarks and shades. A fortunate purchase so the average price per copy is very low.
A230       Plates 92 to 94. Approx 100 different letterings, all appear to be 3 to 4 margin with several       SOLD
           perfect 4 margin. Some shade & cancellation interest. Cat £4,000+
A231       Plates 94 to 96 - 94 stamps mainly 3/4 but many perfect 4 margin. Quite a lot appear to be          SOLD
           designated as 96. Useful for numeral cancels & shades, well worth checking. Cat £3,750+
A232       Plates 97 to 99 - about 90 stamps some slight duplication of lettering but probably different
           plates. Many attributed to Plate 99, which we find quite difficult. Mostly 3/4 margin with plenty
           perfect 4 margin, shades and postmarks as usual. Worthwhile lot. Cat £3,150+                          £140
A233       Plate 99 to 101 - 44 stamps but most appear good 3/4 margin with many perfect and
           several 4 margin. Not the easiest of plates, many postmarks and some shades. Cat £1,650+               £75
The following 10 lots came from an old time double reconstruction of 1d Red Imperfs with mainly 1844 cancels
completely unplated. Throughout many 3 to 4 margin. Set out on Black Hagners for display. Includes a few
Maltese Cross and one lot of multiples. Priced individually at £1,470. Can be purchased as one lot for £1,200.
A237       56 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from AA to EJ. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           around 50% perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                       £160
A238       56 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from EK to JG. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           around 50% perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                       £160
A239       56 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from JH to OE. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           around 50% perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                       £160
A240       56 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from OF to TL. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           around 50% perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                       £160
A241       56 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from AB to HG. Largely 3 to 4 margins with many
           perfect. One possible Lavender Tinted Paper Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating. .             £130
A242       56 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from HI to OG. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           many perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                             £130
A243       45 Unplated 1844 Imperfs - Different letterings from OH to TL. Largely 3 to 4 margins with
           many perfect. Mixture of Alphabets should reward plating.                                             £110
A244       58 1844 Imperfs all with identifiable mainly English Numerals .which appear largely different.
           Mainly 3 to 4 margin with many perfect. Great for the numerals will reward plating                    £250
A245       20 Unplated Maltese Cross - mainly 3 margin, some 4 margin and some have faults. All
           appear platable and cheap at just                                                                      £50
A246       81 unplated 1844 multiples with 37 pairs (2 vertical), one strip of 3 & one strip of 4. Some
           with margins & all appear platable. Some could be made into 4 M singles. Very cheap at just           £160
A247       From the Maltese Cross reconstruction of Plates 12 to 31 purchased many years ago & listed
           on our website as "letterings" . Complete set lettered GH. Perfect 4 margin copies incl 13 (!),
           15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 26 and 29. Cat a staggering £1,595 without allowance for any possible
           varieties. Bargain at its original price and would cost more to replace now                           £100
A248       Lovely page of 24 unplated stamps lettered JD Alpha 1,about 20 are 4 margin mostly perfect            £100
The following 7 lots came from a largely unplated reconstruction of 1d Red Imperf with Maltese Cross cancels.
Mixture of margins and condition but several 3 to 4 margin and perfect examples on each page. Well worth plating
with possible added interest in the crosses which have not been checked. Each page priced according to condition.
A249       AA-CL 36 stamps with at least 6 perfect 4 margin.                                                     £150
A250       DA-FL 35 stamp, at least 9 perfect 4 margin. Also 2 x 8 in Maltese X & some varieties.                £170
A251       GB-IL 34 stamps with at least 10 perfect 4 margin. Some lovely Ivory Heads and varieties.             £170
A252       JA-LL 35 stamps with at least 8 perfect 4 margin. Some varieties and Crosses including a
           Blue Maltese Cross (Cat £650) but just a representative copy.                                         £160
A253       MA-OL 35 stamps with at least 8 perfect 4 margin. Includes number 12 in Cross (4 Margin
           – Cat £350) and at least one Dublin Maltese Cross (Cat £150)                                          £195
A254       PB-RL 35 stamps with at least 5 perfect 4 margin. Some varieties and Ivory Heads.                     £140
A255       SA-TL 22 stamps with at least 7 perfect 4 margin. Also Blue Maltese Cross (Cat £650) on
           representative copy.                                                                                  £120
A268       Imperf Plate 51 – Partial reconstruction of 61 all different letter positions. The majority are
           perfect 4 margin, the rest being 3+ margin and any faults are only small. Obviously selected
           to a high standard and a good basis for a reconstruction of this Plate. As well as the condition, I
           noticed varieties and postmarks which should enhance the value. A lovely lot. Cat £1,830+             £300
A274       28 x unplated 4 Margin Maltese Cross mostly with letter squares clear and ideal for plating.
           Several interesting including Ivory Heads, possible Distinctive Crosses and varieties. Good lot       £225
A275       Stock card with 58 unplated Maltese Cross ranging from poor to 4 margin. Very mixed
           condition, useful for plating and possible Distinctive Crosses. Sensibly priced at just                £60
           A discount of at least 10% will be available for the purchase of two or more lots
                   throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period

1d RED IMPERFS - continued
The following 5 lots came from an album purchased many years ago with some unusual Line Engraved material.
Well worth considering and checking.
A256       Album page of 7 x Plate 14 lovely 3/4 margin copies, one attractive vertical pair and 2 with
           possible double letters. If plated correctly, the catalogue value would be £770+                       £45
A257       Album page of 13 1d Imperfs of which 11 have Maltese Cross cancels. 5 have been
           identified as 21 (including 3 double letters) one as 15. Largely 3/4 margin selected copies and
           one with very interesting possibly distinctive Maltese Cross.                                          £75
A258       Album page with 13 really nice Imperfs with Maltese Cross assigned to Plates 17 to 39. All
           appear to be different Plates and many superb 4 margin. Ideal for checking and expanding.              £90
A259       Album page of 16 1d Imperfs with heading CLEAR PROFILE of which 5 are Maltese Cross
           and 11 x 1844. Really nice looking mainly 4 margin copies. Some varieties noted and a few
           plated. One described as Lake Red but this ignored for valuation.                                      £75
A260       Lovely album page of 36 x 1d Imperfs with roughly an equal split between Maltese Cross and
           1844. All chosen and set out to illustrate the numerous apparent stages of the Ivory Head.
           All are mounted lightly on the front, several 4 margin copies noted and only one has been
           plated (36). One Lavender Tinted paper which is a beautiful 4 margin (Cat £275) one other
           possible. Also noticed number 6 in Cross (Cat £160)and another with excellent Dublin
           Maltese Cross(Cat £150). The Basic Ivory Head is Cat £30 so the page has a total catalogue
           value in excess of £1,400 with the addition plating interest. Fascinating study page for just         £225
The following 7 lots formerly consisted of partial reconstructions of Imperfs with Maltese Cross cancels. Bought as
one lot and subsequently plated by a quite an experienced plater but in such a way the stamps themselves do not
have the plate identified on them. This leaves the subsequent purchaser with a choice of either plating them from
scratch or double checking the plating on the accompanying notes. Largely 3 to 4 margin with some perforated
examples noted. Very reasonably priced on a per copy basis, so the possible enhancement particularly for scarcer
plates is an added attraction, as is the possibility of some distinctive crosses, varieties etc.
A261       40 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross EE to IL. Said to contain Plates 11, 13, 16, 17 (x4), 30
           and 39 and possibly 2 Plate 41 amongst the more difficult Plates.                                     £160
A262       37 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross PI to TK. Said to contain Plates 11, 15, 16 (x2), 17, 18
           (possibly 2), 30, 38 and 40 amongst the more difficult Plates.                                        £150
A263       38 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross FI to KI. Said to contain Plates 11, 17 (x 4?), 18 (x2),
           30, 40 and possibly 41 amongst the more difficult Plates.                                             £150
A264       39 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross AB to FH. Said to contain Plates 15, 16, 30, 39 and 40
           amongst the more difficult Plates.                                                                    £125
A265       38 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross NF to RI. Said to contain Plates 12 (x2), 16, 17 (x2?),
           30, and 41 amongst the more difficult Plates.                                                         £150
A266       13 x Plated/Unplated Maltese Cross RJ to TL. Said to contain Plates 16, 18, 39 and 40
           amongst the more difficult Plates.                                                                     £75
A267       43 x Plated/Unplated 4 Margin Maltese Cross – Good mixture of plates, includes 15, 17, 18,
           30, 38 and 39, amongst the more difficult Plates, majority have faults.                               £130
The following 5 lots came originally from a very large unplated stock of Alpha 2 Imperfs set out in letterings. Then
purchased by an experienced plater so those plated likely to be accurate but not guaranteed. Throughout we notice
many different plates. Condition mainly 3 to 4 M with many perfect 4 M. Very useful either individually or as a whole.
A269       21 Alpha 2 and Alpha 1 unplated/plated 1d Red Imperfs lettered SG - some 4 margin, a few
           are perfect. 16 different plates & one possible Lavender Tinted Paper (Cat £275).                     £125
A270       24 mainly Alpha 2 Imperf 1844 lettered SH- majority are 4 margin copies with about 70%
           being perfect or near perfect. About 19 are different plates including 155.                           £200
A271       32 Plated Imperfs lettered SI - majority are 4 margin with about 60% being perfect. Appears
           to be at least 20 different plates including better.                                                  £260
A272       42 Plated Imperfs lettered SJ- majority are 4 margin copies with about 40% being perfect.
           Appears to be at least 24 different plates                                                            £300
A273       29 Plated Imperfs lettered SK- majority are 4 margin with about 35% being perfect. Appears
           to be at least 25 different plates including difficult.                                               £200
           A discount of at least 10% will be available for the purchase of two or more lots
                   throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period
A276      50 x unplated 1844 (mainly) Alpha 1 Imperfs with numeral cancels. All very suitable for              SOLD
          plating and have been selected as largely perfect 4 margin copies.
A277      50 x unplated 1844 (mainly) Alpha 1 Imperfs with numeral cancels. All very suitable for              SOLD
          plating and have been selected as largely perfect 4 margin copies.
A278      23 x unplated 1844 (mainly) Alpha 1 Imperfs with numeral cancels. All very suitable for              SOLD
          plating and have been selected as largely perfect 4 margin copies.
A279      1d Red Imperfs NUMBERS IN MALTESE CROSS. Very Good set with strikes all Very Clear.
          Many nice looking 3 to 4 Margin copies. Selected for the quality of the Crosses,
          especially the 4. Cat £3,045. Bargain at under 10% of Cat.                                            £300

1d RED IMPERFS - continued
The following 10 lots came from an experienced plater & reconstructor who has cross-referenced the plating to the
photographs of the Imprimatur sheets, the Brown Fisher books and Ken Statham's Essential Guide. The condition
varies from poor (a few) to 3 margin to 4 margin. Plenty of shades, varieties and possible Distinctive Crosses. The
majority are different letterings with little duplication. They should represent a good basis for expansion: -
A280        Plate 16 - 80 stamps majority if not all seem to be different letterings. Mostly 3 margin or better
            with very few having obvious flaws. Unchecked for Distinctive Crosses and includes several
            stamps which have varieties such as Basal Shifts. Good lot. Minimum Cat £5,600+ at just             £500
A281        Plate 17 - 64 stamps all appear different letterings. Many 3 margins or better. Appears
            unchecked for Distinctive Crosses, incl varieties such as FA re-entry. Good lot. Cat £5,100+        £475
A282        Plate 18 - 36 stamp. Condition not quite so good as others but understandable as this is a very
            difficult plate. Some possible Distinctive Crosses and varieties. Minimum Cat £4,860+               £325
A283        Plate 19 - partial reconstruction of 121 stamps with majority appearing to be different letterings.
            Many are 3 margin or better and several have Distinctive Crosses and varieties.
            Huge Minimum Cat £8,470+. Great lot to establish a reconstruction                                   £480
A284        Plate 21 - 86 stamps which appear to be different letterings. Majority are 3 margin or better
            with many varieties and several appear to have Distinctive Crosses. Min Cat £5,160+                 £400
A285        Plate 22 - 99 stamps mostly different letterings. Some Distinctive Crosses and some varieties.
            For this plate the Imprimatur sheet does not exist but well plated. Minimum Cat £5,940+             £475
A286        Plate 23 - 116 stamps virtually all different letterings and including Distinctive Crosses and
            varieties. Minimum Cat £6,960+                                                                      £485
A287        Plate 25 - 126 stamps good part reconstruction with many 3 margin or better. Distinctive
            cancels noticed as well as possible varieties. Minimum Cat £7,560+                                  £495
A288        Plate 26 - 79 stamps mainly 3 margin or better. Unchecked for Distinctive Crosses as clear
            Norwich (AL) & good chance of varieties. Appears to be different letterings. Cat £4,700+            £300
A289        Plate 39 - 41 stamps, 24 Maltese Cross and 17 1844 cancels. Several nice looking copies and
            interesting crosses including Dublin. Minimum Cat £3,250+                                           £180
The following 6 lots come from an experienced plater, and from what we can see are mainly perfect 4 margin, Not
marked up for varieties, Unchecked for Distinctive cancels, Very reasonably priced and Exceptional value
A290        Plate 16, 17, 18 and 19 – 17 plated copies 16 (x4), 17 (x2) 18 (x4) and 19 (x7). All appear 4
            margin mostly good copies, although a couple of tiny faults noticed on the Plate 18's. All
            different & enormous Cat value at £1,470. EXCELLENT Lot at this price                               £250
A291        Plate 21 and 22 – 20 Plated copies, 21 (x12) and 22 (x8). All appear to be 4 margin, different
            letterings and includes varieties such as Double Letters. Cat £1,200+                               £125
A292        Plate 23 – 9 singles and a strip of 3 all plated and with margins all round. Strip of 3 very
            unusual colour, which makes this little lot extremely attractive. Different letterings. Cat £540+    £90
A293        Plate 24 – 19 x 4 Margin copies, although some a little close in places, appear to be different
            letterings and unchecked for Crosses. Cat £1,140+                                                   £125
A294        Plate 25 & 26 – 12 singles, 1 pair & 1 trio being 25(x13) and 26 (x3). Virtually all 4 margin,
            although trio touched at top and pair rated as a single. All different letterings. Cat £960+         £85
A295        Plate 76 Partial reconstruction of 227 stamps with 75 duplicates. Plating not checked but it is
            one of the easier plates to check as Statham lists 92 varieties including many re-entries.
            Mainly 3-4 margin & mixed condition, offset by the many varieties. A good basis for a
            reconstruction & includes nice Strip of 4 (TC-TG) and Many Postmarks Cat £6;,800+                   £275
The following 4 lots of Unplated 1d Red Imperfs with Maltese Cross come from some attempted reconstructions
we recently purchased. Majority are 3 to 4 margin with about 20% being perfect. Most of the others have slight
faults but still very presentable and platable.
A296        Plate 34 – 37 stamps AA-SI Cat £2,405                                                                £90
A297        Plate 36 – 47 stamps AE to TK. Total catalogue from £3,055+. Good value                             £135
A298        Plate 36 – 52 stamps AD-SF. Total min Cat £3,380. Good value, approximately 5% of Cat.              £130
A299        Plate 30 x 13 stamps – almost all 4 margin & Plate 31 (x 33) Cat £3,540+. Approx 5% of Cat          £175

A300      56 1d Red Imperf Stamps, all different letterings of which 43 appear to be good 4 margins, the
          others are 3 margin +. The stamps have been plated by a reconstructor. Only 12 plates
          missing between 132 and 173. Includes at least one 173. Plating not guaranteed                       £375
A301      26 1d Red Imps,said to be from Plate 21 appear to be different letterings. 10 are 4 margin or
          better. The others are 3 margin or better. Some interesting cancels enhance the value                £125
A302      100 1d Red Imperfs all of which appear to have different identifiable numeral cancels.
          Mainly good non-4 M copies, many of which are platable. Difficult to find in quantities.             £250
A303      This lot is mainly from the Folkard Reconstructions, which have been cross-referenced to the
          photographs of the Imprimaturs, the Brown Fisher Plating Guide and Ken Statham's Essential
          Guide. They are mainly 3/4 margin & would be very useful for reconstructions
          Plate 37 - 11 stamps all with Maltese Cross cancels. Difficult on this plate.
          Plate 38 - 25 stamps with 22 having Maltese Cross some with numbers in cross. Quite difficult
          on this plate. Two quite difficult plates. Total catalogue £3,560+. Very good value at               £200

1d RED IMPERFS - continued
The following 13 lots represent a fantastic opportunity to add Reds from the Black Plates (plus the scarce
Plate 18) to your collection. Several are from the Ken Statham Collection and these have been kept separate for
identification purposes. All of them have been crossed referenced to the Imprimatur photo, the Nissen Plating
Photographs (for all the Black Plates), the Brown Fisher measurement guide and Ken Statham's Essential Guide.
As a consequence, we think that the plating is likely to be near enough 100% accurate. In addition, the collector
has been very fair with his pricing, which has allowed us to show our valuation as well as the price for an individual
lot purchase,whilst still leaving us room for a discount if you wished to purchase more that one lot and allow a
spread of payment by credit card for larger purchases.Hopefully this will be an attractive opportunity to add
some of the more difficult early plates to your collection.
A304         Plate 2 – 21 stamps, mainly 3 M but 6 appear to be 4 M. Most have faults but the 4 margin are
             actually better copies. Others, good plating examples. Cat £6,825+ Valuation £1,200                   £975
A305         Plate 2 ex Ken Statham – 21 stamps, mainly good plating quality, some 3/ 4 margin. Includes
             some nice looking examples & interesting crosses. Cat £6,825+                 Valuation £600          £500
A306         Plate 5 ex Ken Statham – 32 stamps, 28 different letter positions, several 3/4margin with at
             least one perfect 4 M. Includes a couple of States (DA & DB). Cat £6,080+ Valuation £650              £550
A307         Plate 5 – 30 stamps from 20 letter positions, some 3 M or better, at least one State, mainly
             plating quality but several better copies. Cat £5,700+                Valuation £550                  £400
A308         Plate 8 ex Ken Statham – 44 stamps, about 40 letter positions, several 3/4 M. Appears to
             include very orange shade & several possible Distinctive X. Cat £8,360 Valuation £800                 £650
A309         Plate 8 – 70 stamps from about 50 different letter positions. Mainly quite good plating quality
             with many 3 to 4 margin examples. Usual faults, but several possible Distinctive cancels.
             Worth closer study. Cat £13,300+                                              Valuation £1,250        £975
A310         Plate 9 ex Ken Statham – 62 stamps, about 53 different letter positions. Several 3 to 4
             margin & quite a few possible Distinctive MX. Minimum Cat £11,780                     Valuation       £950
A311         Plate 9 – 86 stamps, approximately 63 different letter positions, mainly 3/4 margin with faults
             but good plating examples. It does not look as though checked for Distinctive Crosses. Some
             worn Plates etc. Cat £16,340+                                                 Valuation £1,500      £1,200
A312         Plate 10 ex Ken Statham – 21 copies from this rather difficult Plate. All good plating quality or
             better, faults as usual but some 3/4 M, unchecked for Distinctive Xs. Catalogued £150 each but
             actually more difficult than Plates 8 and 9. Cat £3,990                       Valuation £450          £400
A313         Plate 10 – 28 stamps, little if any duplication. Majority 3/4 M with faults but generally good
             plating quality from this difficult Plate, possible Distinctive Xs. Cat £5,320 Valuation £600         £450
A314         Plate XI – 85 stamps, slight duplication, mainly 3 M or better, with faults, appears unchecked
             for Distinctive MX/Shades etc. Nice basis for expansion. Cat £11,050+ Valuation £1,000                £800
A315         Plate XI – 137 stamps Majority are good to better plating copies with faults as usual but some
             4 M. Unchecked for Distinctive Xs, Varieties & Shades. Cat £17,810+            Valuation £1,700     £1,300
A316         Plate 18 – 80 stamps from this very difficult Plate. Mostly different letterings and majority
             appear to be 3 margin or better with many 4 margin noticed. Usual faults for this number but
             offset by Shades and possible Distinctive Xs. Hopefully includes Varieties and maybe States.
             Cat £10,800+. Good lot. Valuation £1,250                                                              £975
The following 6 lots came from an experienced plater & reconstructor who has cross-referenced the plating to the
photographs of the Imprimatur sheets, the Brown Fisher books and Ken Statham's Essential Guide. The condition
varies from poor (a few) to 3 margin to 4 margin. Plenty of shades, varieties and possible Distinctive Crosses. The
majority are different letterings with little duplication. They should represent a good basis for expansion: -
A317         Plate 12 – 65 stamps including a pair. Cat £5,850+. Good value at approximately 5% of
             catalogue and less than £5 per stamp.                                                                 £275
A318         Plate 14 - 33 stamps from this quite difficult plate. Cat £3,630. Good Value at less than 7%          £200
A319         Plate 15 - 51 stamps, Cat £4,080+. Good value at less than 5% & less than £4 per stamp.               £200
A320         Plate 38 - 31 stamps, difficult plate. 27 have MXs which are also difficult. Cat £2,900+              £225
A321         Plate 37 - 36 stamps, 34 with MX, quite difficult on this plate. Cat £3,840+ less than 6%at           £200
A322         Plate 38 - 42 stamps from this difficult plate, 35 with difficult MX Cat £3,850+. Good value at       £200
The following 7 lots are largely selected copies from the early Imperf 1d Red Plates which have been cross
referenced to Statham, The National Postal Museum Imprimatur Photographs and the Fisher Brown Guide. On the
whole they are very good copies, which include perfect 4 margin. Although plating is not guaranteed these come
from a very experienced source and are very reasonably priced
A323         1d Plate 12 - 10 stamps of which 5 appear perfect 4 margin copies CD, FJ, GK, IK and KG.
             The others LJ, IL, LE, RI and SG are 3 margin copies or better. Total minimum catalogue £900          £125
A324         1d Plate 13 - 5 stamps which are mainly 3 to 4 margin BK, GC (perfect 4 margin), QF, RI TE
             (almost 4 margin) Difficult Plate. Minimum catalogue £850                                             £100
A325         1d Plate 14 - 14 stamps from this difficult plate, mainly 3 to 4 margin with a couple of better
             copies. Minimum catalogue £1,540 bargain at                                                           £125
A326         1d Plate 15 - 20 stamps mostly 3 to 4 margin, but includes many really nice looking examples         SOLD
             which appear to be unchecked for distinctive cancels etc. No duplication. Cat £1,600+
A327         1d Plate 16 - 33 stamps mostly 3 to 4 margin or better, some very interesting looking copies,
             apparently unchecked for Distinctive Crosses and some perfect 4 margin copies. Cat £2,310+            £165

A328       1d Plate 17 - 132 stamps, although condition is a little bit mixed this is actually a large part
           reconstruction of this more difficult plate. Several very interesting Crosses and likely to include
           examples with varieties. Some duplication. Cat £10,560+. Good lot,less than 10% of Cat.               £750
A329       1d Plate 26, 27, 28 and 29 - 50 stamps mainly 3 to 4 margin, some interesting crosses, incl
           perfect 4 margin copies & varieties such as Plate 29 squat "S". Cat £3,100+                           £200
1d RED IMPERFS - continued
A330       Very interesting reconstruction of 228 unplated 1d Red Imperfs. Some MX but quite a lot of
           Alpha II's & overall between 40 to 50 4 margin, many of these being Alpha II. Hardly any
           obvious poor copies so worth careful inspection & plating,should reveal some better plates.           £575
A331       Lovely set of 1d Red Imperfs with the 12 Numbers in Maltese Cross. Nearly all 4 margin with
           mostly UPRIGHT Xs. Just a few tiny faults noticed but a worthwhile set. Cat £3,045 Super set          £850
From some display books made up sometime ago we can offer some very nice plated 1d Red Imperfs (by Ken
Statham) in groups at a discount to what would be their normal prices. The stamps are 4 Margin to much better with
several large margin examples noted throughout. They are set out on black display cards usually 4 to 5 stamps with
individual discounted prices for the card. We have now grouped these cards together in small lots and discounted
the price still further. In addition we set up this display before THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE GREAT
BRITAIN LINE ENGRAVED 1d AND 2d STARS 1840 –1864 was produced and so they may yield varieties as well.
A332       Plates 1B to 11 – Reds from Black Plates with Maltese Cross. The Crosses themselves are
           unchecked. Total Cat £1,565. Individually priced at £650. Our further discounted price                £500
A333       Plates 12 to 40 complete with Maltese Cross. Crosses unchecked Total Cat Value £2,360.
           Cards individually priced at £800. Our further discounted price                                       £650
A334       Plates 40 to 59 complete with 1844 Cancels. Cat £815 Cards individually priced at £380.
           Our further discounted price                                                                          £300
A335       Plates 60 to 79 complete. Cat £604 Individually priced at £300. Our further discounted price          £250
A336       Plates 80 to 99 complete. A lot of difficult plates in the 80s and 99 in particular.
           Cat £699 Cards individually priced at £350. Our further discounted price                              £290
A337       Plates 100 to 131 complete. Arguably the most difficult series to plate except for some
           Alphabet 2s. The High Catalogue for this set is warranted especially for Plate 107 (which in this
           set is a nice looking 4 Margin copy – not huge but adequate for such a scarce plate. Cat value
           as basic £1749 Cards individually priced at £1,000. Our further discounted price                      £900
A338       Plates 132 to 173 complete – 42 stamps 4 Margin or better, one of each from these Alphabet
           2 Plates, some of which are Difficult to Very Difficult (155, 170 and 173 in particular). Total
           Catalogue Value £2,005 but not cross referenced for varieties. Individually priced at £1,300.       £1,100
A339       Full set of Plates 1B to 173 A332 to A339, Cat £9,797 Individually priced at £4,780.
           Normal Price £3,990. Special Price                                                                  £3,700
           A discount of at least 10% will be available for the purchase of two or more lots
                   throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period
A350        Plate 55 Spec C10- Complete reconstruction of 240 stamps. Very nicely written up on neat
            album pages with varieties and re-entries. Appears 50% to 60% are perfect and many others
            only have minor faults. A very nice study of this heavily re-entered plate, which still leaves the
            purchaser with a fantastic basis to build on. Cat £4,320 without allowance for varieties                  £460
The following 7 lots came from a lovely perforated stars collection formed over 30 year ago by Lt Col Battiscombe
and purchased by us in 1980. References are made to Wiggins, correspondence exchanged with Robert Folkard
and some stamps plated by Ken Statham. With this pedigree we expect much of the plating between Spec C1 and
C13 to be accurate. The later lots (in albums) are a mixture of large Crown Perf 14 Blue and White Paper which
includes part of a major correspondence of envelopes addressed to Robert H Hurst Barrister at Law to several
different addresses. Individually, they present a fantastic opportunity for a collector of these interesting issues.
A351        Lovely collection of 106 x Spec C1 plated as 162 to R6. Majority are well centred good to fine           SOLD
            used copies with any faults noticed being relatively minor and most plates appear to be
            represented. Some have varieties noted but this by this was collected (by Lt Col Battiscombe)
            over 30 years ago so not cross-referenced to Ken Statham's publications. Plating not
            guaranteed but the quality of many of them would fetch £20+ in retail terms. Well worth
            checking, as quantities of this issue are not easy to find nowadays.
A352        Album page of Spec C3 (7) and C6 (9) on the whole well centred good to fine used copies.
            Includes a lovely C3 Plate 4 tied to dated piece by part of Birmingham Spoon. Several
            different plates noted but includes some duplication. Worthwhile lot, High Cat Value                      £110
A353        Spec C4 - Page of 18 largely well centred good to fine used plated examples. Some
            duplication, but we notice Plates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12 represented. Some varieties
            noted & only a few with faults which appear mainly slight. Should reward double checking and
            form the basis of a good set of this issue at the very least. Very high catalogue value. Good lot.        £160
A354        Black Straker Bedser Spring Back Binder containing 62 covers & 92 stamps from Plates
            27 to 60. All are in largely exceptional condition for this issue with many varieties and
            postmarks. A fantastic lot for the collector of this issue.                                               £500

A355        Lovely collection of 437 stamps and 5 covers Blue & White Paper perf stars from Plates 27 to
            R17 including R15, R16, 50 and 51 (Spec C10, C12 & C13) in Red Bramptons Binder. Many
            Re-entries & varieties identified to Wiggins and majority in good to fine well centred or better
            condition. Well worth using as a basis for a new collection or integrating into an existing one.       £475
A356        Small lot of Spec C12 Plates 50 (19) and 51 (18) mainly good to fine used and fault free. Ca         SOLD
            without varieties £1,570
A357        Small lot of Spec C13 Plates R15 (12) & R16 (23) mainly good to fine used & fault free.
            Minimum catalogue £1,225                                                                               £125
A358        30 very attractive 1d Stars,appear to be White Paper. Unplated picked copies, hardly any             SOLD
            faults& some nice pmks including 6 (Alfreton) and 948 (Bruton). An ideal plating opportunity.
A359        Spec C13 R15 Alpha 2. Album page with 13 handpicked copies incl nice strip of 3 lettered
            LJ-LL, pair TB-TC tied to piece by Scottish 111 for Dunbar all different letterings. Cat £455+          £45
A360        Spec C1 &C2 lettered CJ 22 well centred plateable copies, over 50% perfect and 2 lovely
            Perf 14 Die 1 stamps.                                                                                  £195
A361        Spec C1 Alpha 2 lettered LB - 22 very platable examples from this very difficult issue.
            17 appear to be perfect copies. The two Plate 14 stamps have been ignored.                             £140
A362        Spec C3 - 18 copies in quite good condition, a few slightly off centre but all appear platable.      SOLD
            Very difficult issue to find on unplated good used copies.
A363        Spec C1 - 46 largely unplated from an original find recently purchased by us.                        SOLD
            Approximately 33 are perfect well centred copies, little faults noticed on any
A364        Spec C1 Die 1 & C4 Die 2 Blue Paper- 21 stamps, majority fine to very fine, well centred and
            worthy of plating. One ex Wiggins. From an original "find" recently purchased by us.                   £165
A365        Spec C4 Die 2 Alpha 2 Blue Paper- 31 copies mostly good to very good and all platable. A             SOLD
            couple have plate 3 in pencil on back. Worth closer inspection. Min cat £1,860
A366        Spec C6 Die 2 Alpha 2 Blue Paper - 38 largely unplated, handpicked copies with majority well
            centred, hardly any faults. Interesting shades and should reward plating.                              £350
A367        Spec C8 Die 2 Alpha 3 Blue Paper - 56 largely unplated, handpicked copies. Hardly any
            faults & only 3 off centre but platable. Lots of shades and should reward plating. Difficult in
            quantities.                                                                                            £425
The following 2 lots come from part of the back up collection purchased by me and used for reference by Ken
Statham when producing volumes 15, 16 & 17 of his Essential Guide. Although appear to be largely C10 there is the
possibility of shades including those from the Transitional period, which would enhance the value. They seem
largely "hand picked" copies with few obvious defects, although I have not checked them all for pinholes. Each
stamp has been written up with its plate characteristics. As well as the very nice condition I noted some interesting
postmarks. They are really good reconstructions which should form the basis of a complete reconstruction in top
class condition quite quickly. The plating is not guaranteed, as it was not necessary for Ken Statham to check each
individual stamp. However, the noted plating characteristics should help in confirmation.
A368        Almost complete reconstruction of Plate 63 with 216 different letter positions. Included are         SOLD
            2 strips of 4 and 18 pairs. Total Cat value ignoring shades and varieties £10,800
A369        Almost complete reconstruction of Plate 66 with 217 different letter positions. Included are         SOLD
            2 strips of 3 and 20 pairs. Total Cat value ignoring shades and varieties £3,900
A370        Amazing Stock of Spec C8 perforated issues largely unplated (apart from Gothic K's)
            1618 handpicked stamps with an extra 146 with Gothic K's including the more difficult plates
            23(13), 24(4), 25(6) and 26(6). Set out in letterings in old style brown stockbook & must have
            been selected from thousands of stamps with probably at least 95% disguarded. All
            appear well centred with neat cancels & with letter squares apparently clear. Some letterings
            better represented than others (probably due to centering) Unchecked for varieties, shades,
            postmarks etc. & should reward careful inspection & plating. Minimum Cat plated £22 each
            but likely to be much higher average per stamp as range is up to £80 (Plate 47), £700 (Plate
            22) and £1,300 (Plate 48) and Gothic K's Cat from £35 each. Once in a lifetime
            opportunity to acquire a Magnificent Lot in Fabulous Condition, unlikely to come again.            £18,000
A371        Reconstruction of 1d White Paper Stars Spec C10 Plate 47 – 240 stamps Cat £4,320+                    SOLD
            Set out beautifully for display purposes on 8 yellow album pages. We have not looked at the
            stamps individually or checked the plating. The overall condition is excellent and some of the
            varieties are very clear and obvious. There are numerous interesting postmarks, so
            although some may need upgrading they will provide good value:-
A372        Spec C12 Plate 50. Lovely reconstruction of 228 stamps of which 200 appear to be good                SOLD
            copies, with the majority well centred & only to have about 14 letterings missing. Cat £9,120+
            of which nearly £6,000 relates to better copies. Ignores Constant Varieties of which the
            previous owner has identified as 18. Condition is very high & a superb basis especially as it
            appears unchecked for watermark types. Our current retail for individual copies is a minimum of
            £8 making our price for this lot very fair, especially bearing in mind the opportunities for the
            watermark types and Constant Varieties, which would command a much higher retail value.
A373        Black stockcard with 35 x Unplated 1d Red Stars, mainly White paper but some Blue.                   SOLD
            Mainly in very poor condition, but at least 5 are good examples well worth plating.

A374       Stockcard of Scottish Experimental cancels, largely but not entirely on White Paper Stars
           some of which have been plated. 9 items including one pair and also a lovely SG17 Spec C1
           lettered TD with LEITH 1856, two others with different Leith Experimental cancel. Nice Lot                £40
A375       Plates 22 to 68- 48 National Postal Museum reduced size (242x120m) photographs of                       SOLD
           Imprimatur part sheets, generally good condition. A valuable reference.
A376       Spec C10 Plate 37 - Partial reconstruction of 127 stamps, plating appears to be good, difficult
           plate. About 30% perfect, incl nice postmarks & Spoons. Cat £4,445+                                      £250
A377       Spec C10 Plate 38 - Partial reconstruction of 89 stamps of which just over 50% (47) appear to
           be perfect. Plating appears accurate, difficult plate. Few interesting postmarks. Cat £3,115+            £195
A378       Spec C8 LC P14 Die II Alpha III. 11 examples of the Gothic "K" Variety, mainly very good                SOLD
           examples, hardly any faults &includes Plate 25 MK (cat £70+), Plate 28 KI fresh re-entry, Plate
           29 with Madeline Smith cancel, one unplated with CDS. Nice lot. Minimum catalogue £400.
1d PLATES (Letters in All 4 Corners)
A400        Small selection of Mint/Unused copies from the more difficult plates above 200. 8 copies from
            Plates 200, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 208 and 214 all different. Cat £560                                 £75
A401        Small selection of Mint/Unused copies from the more difficult plates above 200. 7 copies from
            Plates 202, 203, 204, 214, 216, 217 and 218. Total cat £540                                              £75
A402        Plates 71 to 224 (ex Plate 77) and 2d Plates 7 to 15 set out on Windsor pages. Condition on
            the whole very good, but as usual, some could be improved. Total Cat £1,400+. Cheap at                  £285
From an old Scottish hoard. 340 to 350 copies all on piece with Scottish Duplex Cancellation. Lots of different
Plates (incl nice Plate 219 Cat £85), numerals &dates. All good clean condition. Split into 7 smaller lots as they come
A403        50 stamps                                                                                               £125
A404        43 stamps                                                                                               £110

A405       Plate 118 - Complete reconstruction of 240 stamps mostly fine to very fine used set out very
           nicely to display the whole rows. Cat £660                                                          £100
A406       Plate 191 Good partial reconstruction of 103 stamps from this Quite Difficult plate. Most
           appear Good/Fine Used & few seem to have faults. Many attractive postmarks. Cat £925+               £250
A407       Very Good Used set of 1d Red Plate Numbers 71 to 224 (except 77!). Very Neatly set out
           and displayed on 5 Davo album leaves. Most appear to be really good quality including the
           more difficult plates. Many nice postmarks as well.                                                 £350
The following 1d Red Plate lots came from a purchase of reconstructions. They are largely complete & the condition
on the cheaper plates is nearly all sound. Allowance has been made in the prices for condition but not postmarks
A408       Plate 81          236 stamps                                        Cat £ 708                      SOLD
A409       Plate 87          236 stamps                                        Cat £ 649                       £120
A410       Plate 96          235 stamps                                        Cat £ 649                      SOLD
A411       Plate 97          236 stamps (235 Different letterings)             Cat £1,062                      £220
A412       Plate 101         238 stamps                                        Cat £2,618                     SOLD
A413       Plate 115         234 stamps                                        Cat £ 702                       £120
A414       Plate 123         229 stamps (228 different letterings)             Cat £ 629                      SOLD
A415       Plate 124         218 stamps                                        Cat £ 600                       £120
A416       Plate 129         237 stamps                                        Cat £2,370                      £400
A417       Plate 171         220 stamps                                        Cat £ 605                      SOLD
The following lots are also 1d Red Plate Reconstructions: -
A418       Plate 146          - 208 many good copies, more difficult plate. Catalogue £1,456                   £275
A419       Plate 152          - 204 many good copie, more difficult plates. Catalogue £1,530                   £250
A420       Plate 190          - 171 Catalogue £1,197                                                           £225
A421       Plate 197          - 191 Catalogue £2,101                                                           £395
A422       Plate 194. Very good, large part reconstruction of this quite difficult plate, 203 apparently
           different letterings with nearly 75% being Good to Fine Used. Catalogue £2,030                      £500
                 A discount of at least 10% will be available
                      for the purchase of two or more lots
         throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period
A423      4 black Hagner sheets with over 200 1d Red Plate numbers in what appears to be fine to very
          fine sound condition. Some duplication but most of the plates from 71 to 217 seem to be
          represented. Some CDS postmarks noted. Nice lot.                                                        £350
A424      Interesting lot of approx 310 1d Red Plates set out on stockbook pages. They appear to have            SOLD
          been collected for the postmark interest with very few apparently checked for plates. There is
          a good spread of plates. Although the condition is mixed, well balanced against the possible
          better plates and postmarks, as well as some pairs. Much fun to be had with this one at
A425      A full set Plates 71 to 224 (ex 77) in fine to very fine used condition. All appear handpicked for
          clarity of numbers and some are so fine used they almost look mint/unused. An excellent lot.            £300
A426      Very good set of Plates 71 to 224 (ex Plate 77). Vast majority are fine to very fine used with
          some particularly very fine. Very few would need upgrading including the more difficult values          £350
1d PLATES (Letters in All 4 Corners)
A427       12 bundles of 100 each in box. Quality is likely to be largely defective, although a quick look at
           the top ones implies there might be better ones. Some, not all, appear to have been plated.
           From this source we suspect they were bought by a reconstructor, which he never sorted.                   £200
A428       A lovely lot of 1d Red Plates to 222. Set out on stock sheets with the majority of the 254
           stamps being fine to very fine used. Ggood basis to make up 2 complete sets as it contains 71
           stamps catalogued £8 or more. Of the better plates catalogued £10 or more, I note: -101 (2),
           110 (2), 113 (2), 114 (3), 116 (3), 121 (3), 131 (1), 135 (2), 136 (2), 139 (3), 141 (1), 143 (2),
           144 (1), 151 (2), 153 (1), 173 (3), 188 (2), 197 (2), 203 (1), 206 (1), 207 (1), 208 (1), 209 (2),
           210 (1), 211 (1), 214 (2), 215 (1), 216 (2), 221 (1), 222 (1) Really excellent quality lot of used
           plates ideal for either making the basis of an individual set or for reconstructing. Catalogue
           value of better plates in excess of £1,000.                                                               £375
2d PLATES (Letters in All 4 Corners)
A430       Plates 7 to 15 - 15 stamps being 7 (1), 8 (2), 9 (7), 12 (1), 13 (1), 14 (2), 15 (1). Mostly good
           copies including the Plate 8's and Plate 12. Cat in excess of £350                                         £60
A431       SG 45 to 47 - Hagner page with 29 stamps being Plate 7 (6), 8 (2), 9 (4), 12 (3), 13 (2), 14 (8)
           and 15 (4). Usual mixed condition although many sound. Enormous cat £1,182.                               £100
½d & 1½d PLATES
A451       1870 ½d SG48/49 Plates 1 to 20 ex Plate 9. Album page with good used set mostly in good
           condition and plate numbers clear. Just a couple seem to need improving but good Plates 1, 3
           and 8. Total catalogue £541. Bargain at less than 15% of catalogue.                                        £80
A452       Stock card with 1870 ½d & 1½d Plates being 46 x ½d and 5 x 1½d. ½d Plates 1 (1), 3 (3), 4
           (5), 5 (6), 6 (11), 8 (3), 10 (4), 11 (3), 12 (1), 13 (1), 19 (2), 20 (1) plus pair of 14 on piece. 1½d
           all Plate 3. Usual mixed condition but some good examples on the better plates.                          £150
A453       Good black Hagner stock card of 56 ½d Plates in sound condition with high catalogue value.
           Ideal for a variety of purposes: Plates 4 (1), 5 (1), 6 (4), 10 (5), 12 (15), 13 (4), 14 (16), 15 (7),
           19 (2), 20 (1) unplated (3). Several appear to have good pmks incl CDS's. Cat £1,240+                     £140
As well as reconstructing the 1d Imperfs and Stars, the Late Ken Statham also reconstructed the 1d, 2d, ½d and
1½d plates as well! In the mid 1990s he sold us some of his later reconstructions including the ½d Plates. I recently
came across some of these in the Bank Deposit so I thought it would be nice to include them on this list. Although
the condition is mixed, the reconstructions include many good copies with several CDS examples. Apart from Plates
4 & 15 which are a little more difficult, the average price per lot represents just £1 per stamp compared to
catalogue of £22 each i.e. less than 5%. They would benefit from being re-set out and in case anyone is
reconstructing all these plates I have given a price for all 8 lots.
A454       Plate 5             98 stamps                 Cat £2,156                                                  £100
A455       Plate 6            287 stamps                 Cat £6,314                                                  £280
A456       Plate 10           321 stamps                 Cat £7,062                                                  £320
A457       Plate 11           225 stamps                 Cat £4,950                                                  £225
A458       Plate 12           238 stamps                 Cat £5,236                                                  £235
A459       Plate 13           276 stamps                 Cat £6,072                                                  £275
A460       Plate 14           278 stamps                 Cat £6,116                                                  £275
A461       Plate 15            22 stamps                 Cat £ 880                                                    £30
           The Eight lots A454 to A461 contain 1745 stamps
           Catalogued £38,786 at less than £1 per stamp this is a Good Lot. Just over 4% of Catalogue              £1,600
A462       Very Good/Fine Used set of 1870 ½d SG48/49 & 1½d SG 51/52 Plates from the same                          SOLD
           collection neatly set out on a Davo Album page. Plate numbers very clear including the
           difficult Plate 9 with cancel neat and well to one side. ½d Plates 5,6,10,11,12,13,15,19 & 20
           and 1½d Plates 1 and 3 all with CDS. Total Cat £1,632 without allowance for extra 200% on
           ½d and 125% on 1½d. Super Value at
A463       Small stock card with 1870 1½d Plate 1 (3), Plate 3 (2) one of these on lovely piece. 1d Plate
           105 tied to piece by London 47 Oval numeral and 4 x 1881 SG 170/171 14 Dots. Mostly really
           nice used. Total catalogue £543. Bargain at                                                                £50
A464       1870 ½d SG 48/49 - A very nice stock card of 27 stamps including 4 on piece. All very good
           copies with several CDS postmarks. Good representation of plates including Plate 19 and Plate
           20 x 2 one on piece. Minimum catalogue £650+. Very good value at just                                      £95
A465       1870 1½d SG 51/52 Plate 3. Stock card with 10 used copies, 7 of which are space fillers but
           including nice CDS's. Two good used copies; the one other example has very good CS LCA
           Perfin and is otherwise fine. Total cat £700, so very fairly priced                                        £30
A471       Album page with 12 x 1d Plates with Underprints. One J C Boyd and Eleven Copestakes
           Moore mostly clipped perfs as usual but some better. Total catalogue £370+. Snip at                        £60
                 A discount of at least 10% will be available
                      for the purchase of two or more lots
         throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period

A500   London District Post. Attractive lot of 24 unplated 1d Red Imperfs with Chief Office Numbers
       in Ovals with clear numerals 52 to 79 (3) 21 different & several good 4 margin. Well worth
       plating. Also 6 different No in X (2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9). Quite poor but good cancels Cat £1,000+          £120
A502   Single album page with 31 stamps from 1d Stars to 1d Edward VII and all with clear numeral
       cancels, mainly Whitney type H. Includes C94, C97 (2), D75 (2) and E73 with some decent
       stamps. Current cat value of postmarks in excess of £70. Could do with resetting out.                   £15
A503   80 x unplated White Paper Stars all with identifiable English Numeral Postmarks & apparently          SOLD
       unplated. Very few if any imperfections noted. Nice lot for both plating and postmark interest.
A504   47 x unplated/plated White Paper Stars with Scottish numeral cancels largely in perfect               SOLD
       condition. Those plated, largely by Ken Statham. Useful for both plating and postmarks.
A505   52 x unplated/plated White Paper Stars all with London cancels which include Rideouts,                SOLD
       Pearson Hill and Rollers. A few are plated (largely by Ken Statham) and mostly perfect
       copies. Ideal for both postmarks and plating interest.
A506   24 x plated/unplated White Paper Stars with Irish numeral postmarks several of which are              SOLD
       different. Those that are plated are mainly by Ken Statham. Mostly perfect
A507   13 x unplated White Paper Stars (possibly including Transitionals) all with Sideways Duplex           SOLD
       cancels mostly different. All identifiable and useful for plating purposes.
POSTMARKS -GB Used in Ireland
A508   A very interesting selection of 15 stamps, 4 Line Engraved and 11 Surface Printed. All are
       different and are cancelled by Belfast 62 numeral or CDS. Several highly catalogued items
       include 1/- SG 73 cat £310, 1/- SG 90 Cat £250, 6d SG 125 cat £250 and 6d SG 109 Plate 9 a
       beautiful Wing Margin copy with superb Belfast B MY 1772 CDS cat £90+. Mostly fine to very
       fine copies with hardly any faults noticed. Total catalogue in excess of £1,400. Lovely lot            £195
A509   Very nice collection of QV Surface Printed (15 stamps), Jubilees & King Edward VII (13) stamps
       used in Ireland. Include some good values and some interesting postmarks as well. On surface
       printed stamps the numerals include 114 Castledawson, 157 Queenstown, 303 Limerick, 25
       Bagnalstown (scarce?), 105 Carrick-on-Suir, 112 Castlecomer, 178 Down, 304 Lisburn and 326
       Middleton. Of the 6 Belfast stamps, the better include 9d SG86 Cat £500 and 3d SG143 (14)
       Cat £50. Later Jubilees and Edward VII are also quite interesting. The collection obviously
       originates from overseas (styled IERLAND) and ideal for collectors of this area.                       £195
A510   3d QV Surface Printed SG 102/3. A nice set of all 7 Plate numbers 4 to 10 with most clear
       Irish Diamond postmarks. A couple of slight faults but on the whole a very presentable set
       which includes an excellent Plate 9 with 272 for Killarney, a good Plate 4 (difficult with Spray of
       Rose postmark and cat £300 on its own) and Plates 6 and 10 with cancels clear of Queens
       profile. Total catalogue £700+. Has to be good value at just                                            £95
POSTMARKS -GB Used in Scotland
A511   A lovely collection of 20 Line Engraved stamps and 24 Surface Printed stamps with a variety of
       Scottish cancels including CDS and Dotted Circle. Many highlights including 1841 1d Imperf (4
       m), 2d Imperf (almost 4 m), 6d SG122 with Edinburgh Roller Cancel, 3d SG 103 Plate 6 with
       Dundee Dotted Circle, 3d SG 144 Plate 16 Wing Margin copy with CDS and Edinburgh numeral,
       8d SG 156 superb Wing Margin copy (scarce on this issue) with neat 221 and part Leith CDS
       cancel (this stamp would retain at £175 alone), 6d SG 96 Deep Lilac Plate 5 Wing Margin copy.
       Many more interesting stamps and cancels, Glasgow double ring registered noted. Several 1d
       Stars and Plates of note as well! A lovely lot which we valued at £600+                                £495
POSTMARKS -GB Used in Wales
A512   A small lot of 10 stamps, including a pair. 9 stamps have the D57 numeral cancel for Cardiff
       Docks with 1/- SG211 having Cardiff Docks JY 20 88 CDS and slight loss of colour. Generally
       very good examples with particular reference to the important cancels. Total catalogue value
       (2009) £546 and worthy of expansion.                                                                   £100
A600   "Old Time" collection of 96 mainly different Surface Printed to 2/-. Many of the more difficult
       values noted. Incl SG64, 69,72,73, 76,90,101,119,125,152,156,178,179,180,189,192,194 &196.
       Generally Good/Fine Used & only a few with faults, mainly minor. Excellent lot, would fill many of
       the basic SG spaces in Windsor/similar album. Huge Cat Value at £9,400+ Very modest
       average price per stamp at just                                                                       £725
A601   Hagner page of 13 All Different mainly sound used Surfaced Printed issues from 1855-57
       to1867-83 5/-SG 127 Plate 2. Includes good 2/- SG 119, 6d SG 125 & 5/- SG 127 with CDS
       (just one corner perf missing). Good Used & Cat £2,735. Snip at                                       £225
A602   Mixed condition selection of Mint/Unused. Mainly QV Surface Printed issues. Most look quite
       fresh and comprise: -3d SG143 (14) slight perf fault, 3d on 3d SG159 slightly toned, 1880-81 Set
       with ½d SG164 & 165, 1d SG166, 1½d SG167, 2d SG168A, 5d SG169 as well as ½d Army
       Official 2 x ½d values overprinted 4. Total cat £2,000+. At our price just 6% of Cat                  £120
A603   Small stockcard of 6 good used Surface Printed stamps which are: - 6d SG109 Plate 8, 9d
       SG110 Plate 4, 3d SG158 Plate 21, 3d SG191 good colour but used as a receipt,
       5d SG193 lovely Charring Cross OC 27 85 CDS but a little faded and 1/- SG196 nice fine used
       but a little faded. Total catalogue £900 nice stockcard for just £60                                   £60

A604    Interesting lot of 37 stamps largely QV Surface Printed values to 5/- (SG 127 Plate 2). Incl
        6d Embossed, a little cut to shape though squarer than usual! (Cat £1,000). Many of the
        stamps do have faults. The 5/- is cut into at base and 6d Embossed is only a representative
        copy. However, many different values and Cat £4,550|+ and so still good value at 3% of Cat               £130
A605    Very old time Surface Printed collection, being attempted reconstruction of the 4d, 2½ and
        difficult 6d values as follows: -4d SG 93/94 Plate 12 (16), 2½d SG 141 Plate 9 (20), 11 (28), 13
        (13), 15 (16), 16 (10) and 6d SG 146/147 Plates 15 (9) and 16 (11). Total cat value £6,430,
        123 stamps, which for valuation purposes we have treated as sub-standard, although some are
        perfect. Variety of postmarks & needs setting out/modernising. At our price, less than £2 per
        stamp & 4% catalogue. Should be good value.                                                              £240
A606    Stock card of 24 QV Surface Printed Issues to 2/6d including some better catalogued values
        such as 5d, 6d, 9d, 1/ (SG193/194/195 and 196). Total for these £1,036). Total catalogue value
        likely to be in the region of £1,500. Although very mixed condition an absolute bargain at just           £95
A607    6 very nice QV Surface Printed values. 1/- SG 101 Plate 4, 3d SG 103 Plate 8 Wing Margin
        copy, 8d SG 156 Scarce Imperf Wing Margin copy lettered TG, 1/- SG 163 Plate 14
        Registered CDS, 2½d SG 190 lettered AF with a missing perf pin variety and 9d SG 209 CDS.
        Lovely little lot. Total catalogue £770 with stamps in mainly very fine condition. Great value at         £95
A610    Windsor Album Page Number 43 covering the GV Mackennals SG 338 to 1½d GV Cypher SG                       SOLD
        365. Several nice used shades which include 1d SG 341a no Cross on Crown Cat £55,
        SG 361 Cat £50 etc. 28 stamps in total. Several worth shade checking.
A611    3 Windsor Album Pages with 42 mint (some u/m) GV 1924 Block Wmk stamps to 1/- At least
        one set and includes high values 5d (4), 9d (3), 10d (1), 1/- (1). Very good mounted mint
        sideways watermark set ½d to 2d with good perfs. Lots of different shades                                £140
A612    GV Mackennals to 1924 Block Wmk used on 4 Windsor pages amongst which we note ½d SG
        335 Cat £40, 1d SG 336 Cat £30, Cypher Set to 1/- with both 9d Olive SG 393a and 393b Cat
        £30 and £40 and both 10d values SG394 and 394a Cat £20 and £30, additional shades and
        Block Wmk set to 1/- 122 stamps with some CDS - well worth just                                           £60
A613    GV used collection chiefly the 1912 Cypher issue to 1/- with lots of the shades but on very old
        Windsor album pages so SG numbers do not correlate, but includes 7d x 5, 8d x 4, 9d Agate x 7
        with one that could be very deep Agate (scarce shade), 9d Olive x 1, 10d x 2 and 1/- x 4. Some
        multiples and useful page of Inv Wmks including 2d value x 3. Some CDS – Good Value                       £50
A614    1902-10 10 Edward VII 4d SG235 to 238 Green and Chocolate Brown 50 copies on stock sheet,
        variety of shades and postmarks, unsorted for varieties and condition good. Catalogue £900+.              £60
A615    1902-10 Edward VII. Small selection of used values to 1/- includes 1½d (3), 2d (5), 2½d (5), 3d
        (6), 4d Orange (3), 4d Grey Brown (7), 5d (3), 6d (4), 7d (1), 9d (1), 10d (1), 1/- (2). Theoretically
        shaded, but not by someone who knew what they were doing! Few officials & some cut outs as
        well. Mixed condition but plenty of interest,modest price of                                              £30
A620    QEII 1963 Multiple Crown Wmk High Value SG59A to 598A, 4 sets cat £11 each 1967 -68 No                   SOLD
        Wmk High Values SG750 to 762, 2 sets cat £12 each plus extra values 2/6 x 4, 10/- x 7 and £1 x
        6 giving total Cat £140+.
A721    Two album pages with a nice Line Engraved collection of 37 stamps. Comprises 5 x 1d Imperf
        (including strip of 4), Nos in cross 5 & 8 on 1d Imperf, good strikes Cat £260, 1841 2d Blue
        Imperf with lovely Harwich cancel almost 4 margin (Cat £75), several 1d Red Stars P16 and P14
        and 4 x 2d Blue Perf 14 (Cat £180) and one SG 36A Cat £325 just clipped along half of bottom.
        1870 ½d x 9 different with Plate 10 Mint and Plate 19 used (Cat £55), with another10 x 1d Perfs
        including two very unusual shades. Cat value of 19 identified items £1,121. Excellent lot for just       £150
A722    QE II Stockbook with Commemoratives 1960 GLO to 1971 Xmas complete Unmounted Mint
        (earlys are ordinary). 62 sets in total. An ideal present.                                                £40
A724    Very Interesting used & mint collection in Windsor album, collected over a long period with
        some early stamps removed (not by us) so starts with QV to GV used with a really nice set of
        1858 1d Red Plates 71 to 224 (excl 77). 151 stamps Cat £668 & 2d Blue Plates 7 to 15, 7
        stamps Cat £299 with several really fine, one unused and hardly any that would need improving.
        Some nice 1870 ½d Plates incl one mint (Cat £150) and 1½d Plates 1 & 3 (Cat £140), 13
        Surface Printed better ones Cat £800+, 1887 Jubilee set to 1/- (both shades) Cat £185,
        Edward VII to 9d (3), 10d(2) & 1/-(2), GV to 1/-, 1924 Wembley U/M 1925 Wembley L/H, 1929
        PUC, 1935 Silver Jubilee,½d to 1½d Inv Wmk Used. GVI to £1 (Festival) used, QEII Defins &
        Commems Mint & Used, several U/M incl Coronation, Scout, Commonwealth Games. Multiple
        Crowns to 1/6, 1960-67 Phosphor Defins to 1/3d U/M. 1960 GLO to 1970 Xmas commems
        complete ordinary ex 1960 Europa U/m with a few phosphors as well. 1967-70 ½d to £1
        complete U/M & some booklet panes. All in all a very good lot to build and improve on at only            £450
A725    Album page of 18 stamps being 3 Imperfs, 11 Stars (Blue and White Paper), 3 x 1d Plates
        (including Plate 209) and 2d Blue Plate 15. Set out to display the watermark varieties and
        progression from Small Crown to Large Crown Type II. Includes a very nice Plate 14. With part
        of OS (POSTAGE) and the Guide Line. Stamps are unplated and largely in good condition.                    £45
A726          Black stock sheet of QV Jubilee Set SG197 to 211 used, the 5d and 6d with perfins. 2 x 1883-
              84 2/6d values, one with Ipswich cancel looks like it is blued paper (cat £1,200) but this could be
              because the colour has run. The other is lightly cancelled but somewhat faded. Also 1902-11
              Edward Set to 1/- ex 4d and 10d. Nice shade of 2/6d value, which has pen cancel and 2 x 5/-,
              one nice used, the other slightly heavier. Catalogue over £1,300 (not counting the blued paper)      £100
The following 5 lots are pages from a hingeless Davo Album. The paged are offered separately partly because of
their value but also so they can be priced according to condition,which in the main is good to fine/very fine used with
little if any faults noticed at all throughout.
A727          Page 3 - 1867-80 Spray of Roses page 7 values to 5/- SG126 Plate 1 in superb condition for
              this. Also includes a really nice d SG 103 Plate 4 (scarce), 6d SG 105 and 9d SG 110. Also SG
              117 Plate 4 and 2/- SG 118. Total catalogue value £1,530, a really good lot.                         £200
A728          Page 4 - 6 stamps 3d SG 103 Plate 6, 6d SG 147 Plate 15, 1/- SG 150 Plate 13, 1/- SG 151
              Plate 13 (very scarce, very difficult & good used cat £600), 2/- SG 139 Plate 1 and 2½d SG
              142 Plate 17. All very good used for these, no faults noted. Minimum catalogue £950                  £195
A729          Page 5 - 15 used stamps, 2 Mint/Unused from 1876-80, 1880-83 and 1883 issues. Two stamps
              are in the wrong places but include 4d SG 94 Plate 14 with CDS, 3d on 3d SG 159, 6d on 6d
              SG 162, 1/- SG 163 Squared Circle cancel, 2d SG 168A with Malta A25 cancel slightly defective,
              3d SG 158 Plate 20 Mint a little heavily mounted. Catalogue £2,200+. Superb page at                  £250
A730          Page 8 - Edward VII page with values to 2/6 and 5/-. 14 stamps in all, some are Mint (½d to
              3d) and some are used (4d to 2/6 + 5/-). Mainly nice examples, especially the 2/6d + 5/- which
              alone are catalogued £340. Lovely lot for                                                            £100
A731          Page 9 to 13 George V section on 5 pages starting with Mackennals to Edward VIII issue. Mixed
              Mint and Used amongst which we notice 1912-22 5d + 8d Good Mint, Bradbury Seahorses 2/6d,
              5/- x 2, 10/- Used, 1924 Block Watermark 5d x 3, 9d x 1 Mint 1924 Wembleys Used, 1925 Set
              Mixed Mint + Used, 1934 Photogravure 3d to 1/- Mint incl 2 x 9d and 2/6d, 5/- and 10/- Re-
              engraved Used. Some Mint Commemorative Sets                                                          £125
A732          Unusual mixed collection of Line Engraved through to KGVI. Quite strong in Line Engraved
              & Surface Printed. Many interesting stamps noted, including 3 x 1841 2d Blues (3 nice), 1d Red
              Imperf No 9 in Cross on good 3M Imperf cat £135, some nice Imperfs with Maltese Cross &
              numeral cancels, nice 2d Blue Plate 8 (cat £35) Perf 1d and 2d Stars, Surface Printed values
              incl 3d SG76, 6d SG70, 6d SG 147 Plate 16, 1½d SG 167, GV to 2/6d Seahorse. This lot needs
              very careful sorting, 70 notable stamps from the Line Engraved and Surface Printed periods for
              these alone, average just £2 each. Huge Catalogue Value & bargain                                    £140

A740   Jersey - Lovely lot starts with 1941-43 ½d & 1d, Newsprint, Thin & Thick Paper & 1d Chalky
       Paper. All very fine mint.1969-70 Pre Decimal Definitives incl Thin Paper up to 1/9 (2) U/M. Also
       one set CDS..Some colour shifts(3),missing colour(1) & several large multiples for cylinder to 8p.          £50
A741   Guernsey/Jersey - Very nice starter collection incl some of the better early issues and varieties.
       Guernsey - Pre-decimal Definitive Sets to £1 SG13 to 28 plus reprints on Thin Paper 2d to 2/6d.
       U/M & CDS and 10/- Perf 13 SG 27A CDS.1970 Agriculture/Horticulture & Christmas Set
       CDS.1969 1/- D7 Postage Due Mint & extra bits incl a PHQ card. Cat in excess of £100 bargain                £50
A750   Small selection of multiples (pairs) of imperfs on entire addressed to Carlisle. One has vertical
       pair of Plate 33 (lettered BI/CI) & is tied by Maltese Cross. Others are said to be Plate 19
       lettered SF/SG, Plate 22 lettered FK/FL and plate 150 lettered BE/BF (Alpha 2). Some nice
       presentable stamps, on one the Plate 150 is upside down. Multiples not all that common on
       covers nowadays. Plated not guaranteed but from an experienced 'source'. High Cat value.                    £50
A751   A small selection of 10 fronts of interest to Railway, Sideways Duplex, or Plating Collectors, or all
       three! Includes three nice looking 1d Stars probably from the C4 issue with Derby 1855
       sideways duplex cancels, 1d Star White Paper with ENR in small circle alongside and two other
       Sheffield sideways duplex cancels. Useful little lot.                                                       £30
A752   Very interesting batch of 42 x 1d Red Imperf entires, the majority from Robert Preston & Co
       Distillers, Importers of Wine & Foreign Sprits Liverpool and dated between 1845& 1852,
       addressed to Messrs W Thomas & Son Haworth. A few of the Imperfs have margins all round
       and an attempt has been made to plate them but overall the content is as interesting as the
       plating potential. Possibly carried on "Carvers Railway" (as this is how the goods were
       transported), one or two are from London &shows how the goods went by ship first & then train.
       Fascinating correspondence & very reasonably priced                                                       £170
A753   ISLE of MAN Small lot of 4 envelopes with King Edward VII ½d & 1d values from the same
       correspondence with a postcard from the GV period. Of particular interest as the envelopes are
       all from Port St Mary to Penistone near Sheffield and appear to be from the period 1908/1909.
       The two with pairs of ½d value both seem to have year slug missing and are dates Ju 28 and OC
       21 (possibly 08), the 2d and 1d values are Jy 25 09 and Dec 31 08. The postcard has a nice
       Douglas 1.O.M. machine cancel (double ring) for Aug 9 1928 tying a GV 1d value. Envelopes
       have been opened and some flaps are missing still a nice lot                                                £25

A754   1841 1d Red Entires/Covers with Maltese Cross Cancels. A small batch of 10 covers with
       mainly 3 to 4 margin 1d Reds with several of interest, especially as they are not from one source.
       They have been plated and consist of Plate 12 FF and NA both nice 3 margin, Plate 16 TG very
       nice 4 margin, Plate 17 EB and PL, EB is superb virtually 4 margin just touching NE corner but
       very large part of adjoining stamp at left including "A" letter square, PL nice 4 margin, Plate 19
       QC 3 margin but horizontal filing crease. Plate 20 AI 3 margin,Plate 22 NI 4 margin but vertical
       filing crease, Plate 28 CL worn Plate but vertical filing crease, possibly WATERFORD Maltese
       Cross, QI almost 4 margin touching towards NE corner. Destinations include BELFAST,
       HAWICK AND DUDLEY One or two would benefit from a clear up with the bread crumbs, and
       although plating not checked, Catalogued £1,230 and must be a snip at                                  £100
A755   Small lot of 1d Red Plates consisting of 28 covers and 3 fronts. The majority have been plated
       and a quick inspection reveals some of the higher numbers (217 & 218), and better ones 131,
       149, 152 and one Registered Post Office envelope with Plate 213 tied by 154 numeral and
       Bury C DE 31 79 Lancs alongside with full Blue Registered A 31 DE 79 BURY Lancs addressed
       to Dobcross Saddleworth and with superb Double Ring MANCHESTER REGISTERED cancel 42
       DE 31 70 on reverse with BURY DE 31 79 LANC and 154 numeral over the Blue Registered seal
       1.4.79. As far as I know this is quite an early usage of a Registered Post Office envelope and,
       together with the plate and other covers, makes this a very attractive lot, especially as it has a
       nice variety of postmarks, including Farnboro Station (stamp unfortunately defective) IRISH,
       SCOTTISH, ENGLISH, Rickmansworth, London, including Plate 131 with Forwarded by
       CRAWFORD COLVINS LONDON on front, and one stamp in bottom right hand corner. Little if
       any duplication of Plates, hardly any really defective apart from those mentioned. Because of the
       Registered cover in particular, this lot definitely has the right feel to it.                          £110
A756   A mixture of later postmarks (?), incl 7 postcards one with 1d Lilac added and addressed to
       Germany and headed Foreign. 6 x 1d Postage Prepaid envelopes incl nice Sideways Duplex for
       London 3 AU 20 59 W11. 2 x 1d Lilac covers, one marked important, nice numerals, but both
       stamps have defects. A good envelope with Lilac and 2½d SG190 tied to L I LUDGATE AU 19
       84 with L.C.1 numeral to Berlin and with "Keyers Royal Hotel Blackfriers London" emblem on
       reverse. 1d Red Star, slight defect on mourning envelope tied by Sideways Duplex for London
       FE 16 59 W12 and early cover where the Imperf has fallen off! 18 covers & cards                         £25
A757   5 x 1854 entires all with 1d Red Imperfs on Law Life Assurance Society entires and all
       addressed Messrs Wills and Buridge Shaftsbury. Of particular note because one is a
       4 margin stamp lettered MG from the Very Rare Plate 175 tied to entire (dated 14 Jan 1854).
       Cat £750 off cover. Although has been slightly affected by damp this would still make a good
       example on or off cover. Other plates incl 173, 162, and 127, the fifth item was not platable even
       by the late Ken Statham whose plating this is. A very interesting lot.                                 £250

A758    A range of 16 covers and cards with a variety of paquebot markings being 4 kings (3), QEII (10)
        including one of which has a Russian stamp, a couple of interesting foreign. Dealer priced very,
        very reasonably at £56. Would make a very nice display.                                                £30
A759    A lovely lot of 10 postcards, 3 letters and a Booksellers wrapper with ½d and 1d Edward VII
        values and a lovely variety of different perfins. Added to by some nice postcards, a machine
        cancel and an excellent S postmark. All in all a lovely lot for the specialist. Most of the perfins
        are very obvious. Nice lot of messages as well.                                                        £50

A760      8 Envelopes all addressed in the same hand from Howden to Mr Robert Wells, 37 George
          Street, Hull, possibly all from the same sheet. Letterings AB, AC, BB, BC, CB, QI, QJ and RI,
          used between 27 Ap to 10 Ju 1857, all tied by 382 Howden numeral.
          Catalogue £1,120                                                                                    £250
                 A discount of at least 10% will be available
                      for the purchase of two or more lots
         throughout this list and payment may be spread over a period


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