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                         Searching WSU WorldCat
What is WSU WorldCat and How is it Different from Griffin?
WSU WorldCat allow you to get books from the WSU Libraries, and also discover and order books located at other
Washington and Oregon academic libraries (Summit) and elsewhere (WorldCat). In addition to books, WSU
WorldCat also includes articles from some of the databases available from the WSU Libraries. Use Griffin to limit
your search to resources located at particular WSU Libraries locations, or to search for items on reserve.

Searching in WSU WorldCat
To start your search, type keywords into WSU WorldCat’s search box located on the Libraries homepage (www. Keywords can include author names, book titles, or topics of interest. Use an asterisk as a
wildcard to get plurals and variants:
          Death penalt*
          Vera Brittain
          Testament of Youth

WSU WorldCat will treat each of these searches as if the words were connected with AND, i.e. capital AND
punishment. To search for a specific phrase or compound term, enclose it in quotation marks: “capital punishment”
this will make the search look for the word capital followed by the word punishment.

To narrow your search to include results that incorporate multiple concepts, just type in the terms, or connect them
with a plus sign: capital punishment* + statute* ; Capital punishment statute*
   Hint: use quotation marks to get more specific results: “capital punishment*” + statute*

You can also narrow, or refine, your search by selecting one of the facets (or limits) listed on the left-hand margin.
Facets can include Author, Format, Year published, Content types, Audience, Language, and Topic (broad subject
categories). Each facet option will list the number of items that it includes.

To expand your search by including similar search terms (i.e. synonyms) use OR (capital letters required) or the pipe
symbol: Capital punishment OR death penalty ; Capital punishment | death penalty

WSU WorldCat does not allow parentheses to be used to group concepts for complex searching. Use Advanced
Search instead, and/or do multiple searches.

                                                                 Advanced Search provides three search boxes with
                                                                 drop-down options that allow you to search by a
                                                                 number of different categories, including author,
                                                                 ISBN or ISSN number, keyword, Library of
                                                                 Congress Subject Heading terms, or, for journals, the
                                                                 name of the journal an article was published in. It
                                                                 also incorporates all of the refining facets (or limits)
                                                                 except for topic: format, year published, type of
                                                                 content, audience, and language.

                                                                Note: If you are searching for a particular title, it is
                                                                best to enclose it in quotation marks, and not include
                                                                leading terms such as The. WSU WorldCat treats
                                                                every search as if it were a keyword search, even if it
                                                                is searching a specific field such as title or author.
                                                                Thus, a search for the book Testament of Youth will
                                                                also return the dissertation Vera Brittain's Testament
                                                                of youth: integrated selves. If possible use other
search fields such as author and/or publication year to narrow your search (either in advanced search or by using the
facets on the results page).
Getting Books from WSU WorldCat
Your results may include books and journal articles. You can narrow to one of those options by clicking on the
appropriate format facet in the left-hand menu.

The default order for your results is
    1. books owned by the WSU Libraries first, with the ones considered most “relevant” listed first (this
        generally means there are multiple instances of your search term(s) in the record). To get the book, find its
        library location and call number under the Get this Item section. If the book is located at a different WSU
        campus library, use the Request button to have it sent to your library (4-8 working days);

    2.   books that are not at the WSU Libraries but can be ordered through Summit (5-10 working days). Click on
         the crimson Request Summit Item button located under the Get this Item section and follow the directions;

    3.   books not available through WSU or Summit but available from another WorldCat library and that can be
         ordered through Interlibrary Loan (7 -12 days). Click on the crimson Request Item Through Interlibrary
         Loan button under the Get this Item section, and follow the instructions. You will need an ILLiad account;
         you can get more information on this at .

You can change the order of books to relevance only, or have them arranged by oldest or newest publication date or
alphabetical order.

Getting Articles from WSU WorldCat
WSU WorldCat includes the content of several databases subscribed to by the WSU Libraries. You can limit to just
articles by selecting that option under the Format facet. To get a copy of an article, click on the crimson Find it
@WSU button located under the Get this Item section. If an electronic or print copy is not available, use the
ArticleReach option to get a copy sent to you electronically at no charge to you (if it is not available through
ArticleReach, the Libraries will order a copy through Interlibrary loan automatically. Please only request articles
you truly need as article requests are very expensive for the Libraries.)

Checking Your Record
To see what books you have checked out from the WSU Libraries, select My Account on the WSU Libraries
                                                homepage, or My Record at the top of the WSU WorldCat
                                                screen. This includes books that you have requested from
                                                Summit and picked up. My Account offers other options,
                                                including book renewal.

                                                   Use the My Request button at the top of the WorldCat screen to
check on the status of books you have ordered through Summit that have not yet arrived at the WSU Libraries.

Log in to ILLiad to check on the status of books or articles you have ordered through Interlibrary loan. If you would
like to request an extension of your book loan period, there is an option for that under Review Requests.

Social Tools in WSU WorldCat
You can choose to create a separate WorldCat account that will enable you to create a public or private profile with
sharable book lists and saved searches, and add descriptive tags or reviews to books. Even without a WorldCat
account a Bookmark & Share button allows you to email titles or post them to social media sites such as Facebook,
Twitter, or Delicious.

                                                                Available in alternative format upon request 9/09 loe

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