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									                                            The Pipeline
  Volume 12 Issue 1                         Jennifer F. Mize, Co-Editor          September 2005
Local section website                                                             Local section mailing address                                       PO Box 3488 Kingsport, TN 37664-3488

                       September AIChE Meeting
                  Process Control in Chemical Industry
         Speaker:       Professor William Luyben, Lehigh University

         Topic:         Process Control in Chemical Industry
         Date:          September 29, 2005
                        5:45 pm – Social time
         Time:          6:30 pm – Dinner
                        7:15 pm – Presentation
         Where:         Amato's Restaurant, 121 Jack White Drive, Kingsport, Tennessee

         RSVP:          Contact Lee Partin ( or 423-229-5716

T   he September meeting for AIChE East Tennessee Local Section will be a presentation by Professor
    William Luyben on the impact of process control technologies in the chemical industry. Professor
Luyben is a highly respected teacher and researcher in the fields of process design
and control. He is a professor in the Chemical Engineering Department of Lehigh
University and he co-directs Lehigh's Chemical Process Modeling & Control
Research Center. He has received many awards during his distinguished career. In
2003, his lifetime achievements were recognized in the William L. Luyben
"Festschrift" edition of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research and by the
Computing Practice Award presented by AIChE Computing and Systems
Technology Division. The East Tennessee Section is honored to have Professor
Luyben as a guest speaker. Please promote this meeting with your associates so that
we will have a large gathering.

                         A certificate for 1 PDH credit will be provided to attendees.

                         Please contact Lee Partin (, 423-229-5716) to confirm
                         reservations for the dinner meeting.
2                                                                                    The Pipeline

            Distillation and Reactor Control Seminar

T    he East Tennessee Section of AIChE is honored to host a seminar on process control topics by
     Professor William Luyben. Professor Luyben is a recognized leader in the field of process modeling
and control. In 2003, he received the prestigious Computing Practice Award of the Computing and
Systems Technology Division of AIChE. He was also honored by the William L. Luyben "Festschrift"
edition of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (vol.42, no. 20, October 2003) acknowledging his
lifetime of achievements in the field.

        Presenter: Professor William Luyben, Lehigh University
        Date:         September 30, 2005

        Time:         8:00 am – 12:00 pm
                      Eastman Employee Center, Room 219
                      Kingsport, TN
        Cost:         $100 per person

Distillation and Reactor Control Seminar Outline
       Philosophy
       Testing and tuning
       Distillation control topics
             Effect of feed composition on control structure
             Columns with partial condensers
             Refrigerated purge columns
             Sidestream purge columns
             Petroleum pipestill
       Reactor control topics
             Jacket versus coil cooling in CSTRs
             Feed manipulation in CSTRs
             Fed-batch reactors
             Tubular reactor configurations
       Reactive Distillation
             Basics – limitations, variety
             TAME example

A certificate will be provided for 4 Professional Development Hours.

You may register for the seminar by contacting Lee Partin (423-229-5716, Eastman employees may register via TEDS as course EMN1008E06.
3                                                                                       The Pipeline

                             Message from the Chair
W      elcome to another exciting year of AIChE programs! Our program committee
       has been hard at work planning a selection of outstanding programs. In
September, Dr. Bill Luyben, a distinguished professor from Lehigh University, will
share his perspectives on control in the chemical industry. Professor Luyben has
also agreed to teach a 4-hour seminar on process control for distillation systems.
There are still spaces available for this seminar. Contact Lee Partin
( to sign up.

In October, we will enjoy a trip through the past aboard the Secret City Train and
visit the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge. We've invited
members from the Oak Ridge Section to join us on this trip. In the fall and spring, we will also share
practical applications for engineering technologies such as thermal imaging, radio-frequency
identification, and separations technologies (e.g. dialysis). I hope to see you at one or more of our
upcoming programs!

Officer elections will be held in November. The local section is looking for a few good members to
serve as officers. We are soliciting nominations for Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.
(Chair-elect Burts Compton will serve as Chair next year.) If you are interested in serving the local
section or would like to nominate another local section member, please contact me at

Please also keep in mind these upcoming national AIChE events. The 2006 Board of Directors election
is underway! All paper letter ballots and electronic proxies must be received by September 14, 2005. If
you haven't done so, please take the time to review the candidates. You might recognize one of the
candidates (hint: the 1998 local section chairperson).

The Campaign for Web Excellence needs your help by October 31st. The purpose of the campaign is to
build a new and improved webpage that incorporates the latest technological
improvements, including:
     Intuitive navigation features to speed your online experience and save time
     Updated, reorganized and expanded content to give you immediate access to technical
     A powerful internal search engine
     Enhanced features for community building and connecting with colleagues
     Clearly defined member experience to protect and provide better access to members-only
        products, services and resources
     Convenient, easy-to-use interactive features for ordering publications, conference registration
        and many other e-commerce functions
The East Tennessee Section gifted $1000 to this campaign. To date, the Campaign has raised $90,566, but is still a long way from its goal of $300,000. To donate, visit

Registration is underway for this year's Annual AIChE Meeting which will take place October 30-
November 4 at the Cincinnati Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH. The conference will include 16
topical conferences and over 600 sessions, covering everything from advances in fundamentals to the
4                                                                                       The Pipeline
newest developments in emerging technologies including bioengineering, nanotechnology, and
sustainability. More than 4,000 engineers and scientists are expected to attend.

Heather L. McNabb
2005 Chairperson

                            October AIChE Meeting
                             "Secret City" Social
        What:         October Social of the East Tennessee Section of AIChE
                      Visit the American Museum of Science and Energy & Ride the
                      Secret City Train (Oak Ridge). Family members welcome to attend!
        Date:         October 15, 2005
                      9:00 am - Depart Kingsport, car-pool
                      11:30 am – Lunch in local eatery (TBD)
                      1:00 pm – American Museum of Science & Energy
                      3:00 pm – Secret City Train departs
                       (Train leaves promptly at 3:00 pm, must be there 30 minutes
        Where:        Oak Ridge, Tennessee
                      Contact Heather McNabb ( ) or 423-229-
        RSVP:         3102 or cell phone 292-3102
                      LIMITED SEATING, RSVP BY SEPT 23rd
                      Cost for train is $13 per adult, $9 per child
                      Cost for the museum is $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children age 6 to
                      17 and $4.00 for seniors (65 and older). Children 5 and under are
        Note:         admitted free.
                      We'll make reservations for lunch at local eatery (Dutch-treat)
                      For driving directions contact Heather McNabb

T    he October Social for AIChE East Tennessee Local Section will be a trip to Oak Ridge to visit the
     American Museum of Science and Energy followed by an 14-mile guided train tour passing by the
K-25 facility and through the old "Wheat" community in what is now known as Oak Ridge. The 1940's
era train and passenger cars were purchased and restored and are operated by volunteers of the Southern
Appalachian Railway Museum. These volunteers delight in the sharing the rich history,
construction challenges, and operational secrecy shrouding the multiple
facilities that were involved in the research and
development of the atomic bomb.

"The Secret City Scenic Train runs on a rail line built
during the construction of K-25 to support the movement of materials in and out
of the site. For much of the line's history, Southern Railway provided service to the K-25 gate, where a
5                                                                                       The Pipeline
plant rail operation took over and actually delivered the cars. The K-25, or the gaseous diffusion plant,
is a warehouse-like structure covering more area than any building ever built. Completed at a cost of
$500 million and operated by twelve thousand workers, the K-25 plant separated uranium-235, an
isotope suited for achieving nuclear fission, from uranium-238. On its northern edge, near the workers'
city named Oak Ridge, rose the Y-12 plant where an electromagnetic method was used to separate
uranium-235. Built for $427 million, the Y- 12 plant employed twenty-two thousand workers. Near the
reservation's southwest corner, about ten miles from Y-12, was the third plant, X-10."

Come join us in a visit to this landmark, reminisce with us in this unparalleled chapter in US history, and
revel in the splendor of the fall colors in Appalachia. The autumn splendor attracts many visitors and
seats fill up quickly. We have 20 train tickets, but may be able to obtain additional tickets if there is
sufficient interest. Please contact Heather McNabb ( by September 23rd to
confirm reservations.

                                             "An Autumn Poem"
                                             by Catherine "Cat"

                          Falling leaves slowly drifting

                          The wind comes along and then it goes swifting

                          Conkers crashing on the ground

                         Making a lovely crispy sound

                         Brown leaves spiraling together

                            Gentle breezes in the wood

                           Evergreen trees staying green which is very, very good.

                          "Cat" wrote this poem when she was eight years old. She resides in High
                          Wycombe, England, in the United Kingdom.

                     Local Section Officers, Directors, & Support Staff
Chair:                                                  Heather McNabb                  229-3102
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and
Program Committee Chair:                                Burts Compton                   229-8526
Secretary:                                              Amy Wilson                      229-5323
Treasurer:                                              Lauren Moyer                    229-2208
Directors:                                              Richard Colberg                 229-3184
                                                        David Hitch                     229-5398
                                                        Lee Partin                      229-5716
Local Section Webmaster:                                Tim Nolen                       229-8287
Short-Course Coordinator:                               Lee Partin                      229-5716
Professional Development Coordinator:                   Joe Parker                      229-3850
AIChE Pipeline Newsletter Editors:                      Jennifer Mize                   224-7018
                                                        Melina Pahigianis               743-9141 x1496
ETEAC Representative:                                   Joey Watson                     229-6486

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