Boarding Guest Registration Form by Y88rwls


									                            THE INN AT CVC
             ‘Pampered boarding under a doctor’s watchful eye’
                      GUEST REGISTRATION FORM

Please complete the following form (one per guest) so that we may best serve you upon check-in.
Then contact us to set up a check-in appointment time on check-in day:

OWNER NAME: ________________________                GUEST NAME: ________________

**Please note that all boarders must be current on vaccines and monthly flea control:
Dog vaccine – date given: DHPP ___, Bordetella (required every 6 mo.)___, Rabies___
Cat Vaccine – date given: FVRCP ____
Flea Application – date applied _____

RESERVATION DATES: from __________________ to __________________
Please choose accommodations for our guest (all spaces are indoor, heated and air conditioned –
the floors are even heated in winter):
For Dogs: Classic Run ___ Luxury Suite___        For Cats: Cat Condo

The Inn provides at least three walks every day in our large, beautiful dog-walking park, daily
brushing and loads of TLC -- as well as bedding, bowls and premium Eukanuba/Iams food.
Weight, appetite and elimination are monitored daily.

MENU SELECTION: Please choose from the following:
 The Inn’s food:    A.M. (canned, dry, mixed) ________
                     P.M. (canned, dry, mixed) ________
 Your own food (kibble must be pre-bagged): Brand _____________
                      A.M. amount _______ P.M. amount ________

**Does guest need feeding today?     A.M.        P.M. 

MEDICATIONS to be administered during guest’s stay:
____________________________ administered _______ times per day
____________________________ administered _______ times per day
____________________________ administered _______ times per day

**Does guest need medication today? A.M.            P.M. 

TOYS or other belongings to be left with guest: (maximum of two items):
________________________            ________________________

                                    OTHER AVAILABLE SERVICES


Our guest may want to take advantage of off-leash play with a staff member in our gated, shaded
inner yard. Each 15-minute playtime is $10.

Please indicate the number of playtimes desired per day/week/stay: ________________


Our guest can luxuriate with a soothing bath before check-out. Included in the bath price are nail
trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Guest would like a bath:         Yes          No 

**We also offer haircuts and body shaves. Please inquire for more information and prices.


Please contact us as early as possible to set our guest’s check-in appointment time. This will
enable us to facilitate the check-in process (expect about 15 minutes per guest). Call (818) 341-
7770, fax (818) 341-3604, email (

I would like to set up a check-in appointment as close to __________ a.m./p.m. as possible on
check-in day.

Check-in and check-out times: M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
I authorize the stay of this guest at The Inn at CVC. I further authorize The Inn at CVC to administer any care and
treatment necessary to his or her health, safety or well-being, or that of any other guest staying at The Inn at CVC
(including but not limited to flea treatment and vaccines required by us for the stay, and will be responsible for any
additional charges thus incurred. I understand that overnight staffing is not ordinarily provided, and that any
belongings are left at my own risk.

___________________________                       __________             _________________
OWNER/PARENT/AGENT                                DATE                   EMERGENCY PHONE #
                                   BOARDING PRICE LIST

For Dogs: Classic Run -- $35 per night
       Luxury Suite -- $55 per night
For Cats: Cat Condo -- $25 per night

Medication administration charges:
$4 per day if once daily; $7 per day if twice or more daily
$11 insulin injections once daily; $20 insulin injections twice daily


Under 25 pounds: $35
25-50 pounds: $40
50 to 100 pounds: $45
Over 100 pounds: $50


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