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					                       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Hotel Contact Info:
Zhengda Hotel (inside Fudan University)
220 Handan Rd. Shanghai. PR China
Tel: +86-21-65103300

Shanghai Group:

       Name           Last name      Campus/Site                   e-mail
Maria Fernanda     Orozco Olarte     MTY             morozco@escala.com.mx
Pedro              Alonso            CCM             pedro.alonso@abbott.com
FERNANDO           GONZALEZ          MTY             fernando1.gonzalez@ge.com
Claudio            Alcayaga          Santa Fe        alcayaga@hotmail.com
Sebastien          Le Calvez         Santa Fe        slecalvez@global.t-bird.edu
Francisco          Trejo             Santa Fe        ftrejo@global.t-bird.edu
Brian              Butler            Miami           bdbutler@global.t-bird.edu
Irza Barbara       Achirica                          barbaraachirica@prodigy.net.mx
Ricardo            Rueda             Colombia        rueda.ricardo@gmail.com
Fernando           Gonzalez          MTY             FGonzalez@Trane.com
Enrique            Lopez             GDA             ENLOSA@HOTMAIL.COM
Jorge              Estefan           Santa Fe        aestefan@la.ko.com
FABIOLA            GONZALEZ          Lima            fabiola.gonzalez@o-i.com
Alfonso            Arce              Santa Fe        aarce@la.ko.com
Pablo              Fernandez         Lima            pablofernandez@global.t-bird.edu
Andres             Correa            Colombia        acorreaperez@global.t-bird.edu
Alexander          Gleiser           Lima            alex@rey.com.pe
Mario Alberto      Garza             MTY             mgarzag@global.t-bird.edu
Enrique            Bravo             Santa Fe        enrique.bravo@microsoft.com
JUAN               MARIN             MTY             jmmarins1@gmail.com
Bernal             Rodriguez         Costa Rica      bernalrodriguez@hotmail.com
Luis               PAULIN            Leon            LUISPAULIN@NOWPACK.COM.MX
Carlos             Hernandez         MTY             chernandez@cla.att.com
Israel             Romero Rojas      CCM             iromero93@gmail.com
Luis Antonio       Alvarez           MTY             luis@alvarez-mx.com
Jorge              Morton            MTY             jorgemorton@hotmail.com
Dagoberto          Castex            Miami           dcastex@t-bird.edu
Humberto           Gutierrez         MTY             gutierrh@wlv.com
Jose David         Fernandez         Santa Fe        jcasilla@mx.lenovo.com
Roberto            Kenny Espinosa    CCM             rkenny6230@aol.com

1. What is the weather like during this time of the year in Shanghai?
The temperature during May averages a high of 23° C, and a low of 16° C

2. What should every traveler know about Shanghai?
Review the following websites for information pertaining to Shanghai:
   ▪   http://www.frommers.com/destinations/shanghai/
   ▪   http://www.chinatour.com/maps/shanghaimap.gif
   ▪   http://realtravel.com/shanghai-china-travel-information-d6158-8.html

3. What sort of clothing attire do I need for the trip?
For all presentation, business attire (suit coat or sport coat and tie) is required.
Also, students will have time to enjoy the city on their own, so don’t forget to bring
casual attire.

4. Don’t Forget….
Any special medication
An alarm clock
Comfortable walking shoes
Camera, film, batteries
Internet cable
An umbrella and raincoat, if you have one

5. Do we need to bring a laptop to the Interim?
Laptops are not really needed for class. However, we are planning to take our
laptops to stay in touch with home and office. An Internet connection will be
available in every room but you have to pay for that service.

6. Passport and Visa information:

   A passport is required at all times and must be valid through December 2007

Each student is responsible for applying and obtaining his/her Visa for China. The
processing fee (if applicable) should be covered by the student. It is necessary for
you to check with the Chinese consulates at least two months prior to departure in
order to confirm visa requirements.

At this time, Mexican nationals need a visa to visit China. Other nationalities please

               Embassy                           Web page
          Bogota, Colombia         http://co.china-embassy.org/esp/

          San Jose, Costa Rica     Should applied at Mexican or USA
          San Salvador, El         Should applied at Mexican or USA
          Salvador                 consulate
          Mexico City, Mexico      http://www.embajadachina.org.mx

          Lima, Peru               http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/cepe/esp/

          United States of         http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/

7. Airfare:
You will need to make your own flight arrangements to Shanghai.

Airfare is not included with this interim; however you will be receiving a travel
credit in the amount of US$500.00 towards your June or September 2007 tuition
payment; depending on your individual payment plan.
8. What is the itinerary for the trip?
Check in: Monday May 14, 2007 after 3:00 pm and before 11:00 pm
Check out: Sunday, May 20, 2007 before 12:00 noon
Note: preliminary agenda attached

9. What are the seminar participation requirements?
This interim is a graduation requirement. It is required of all seminar participants to
attend all scheduled presentations in order to receive a passing grade. This course
is graded as Pass or Fail.

10. Do seminar attendants receive some recognition for their participation?
Yes! All participants who meet the academic requirements set forth by the lead
professor will receive one (1) academic credit and a Certificate of Participation on
the final day of the seminar.

11. For any questions, please contact:
Adriana López Román: adriana.lr@itesm.mx
Tel: +52 (81)83 58 20 00 ext: 6175
MSN: adriana_lopez_roman@hotmail.com


   Dealing with Jet-lag:
       Time difference example… on Saturday, January 13th at 3:00 AM, Beijing
       time is:
                14 hours earlier….Friday, January 12th 1:00 PM in Mexico City

       The key to acclimating yourself is:
                   Sleep or rest on the flight to Beijing, as much as possible. Also
                    avoid carbohydrates during flight because they give you energy
                    and discourage sleep
                   DON’T sleep upon arrival, remain awake until sundown
                   Upon arrival, take a shower and eat a high-carb meal and get
                    out to see the town
                   DON’T drink alcohol during flight or upon arrival, it will just
                    make you more tired
                   Wake at a normal hour the next morning in order to enjoy a full
                    day (Beijing time)
                   If is possible arrive one day early…and be fully rested for check-


The unit of Chinese currency is the Yuan (RMB).

What is the current exchange rate?
Go to: http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html#

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