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									      Information session
ESS Timesheet users (Wed to Tues week)
The following staff types now complete their timesheets using the automated
timesheet system:

• Casual Professionals

• Research Assistants

• Sessional Teaching Associates

• Ongoing and Fixed Term staff (for overtime only)
• An electronic timesheet needs to be submitted each week.

• Login to the timesheet is via ESS.

• Payroll is still fortnightly

• Each timesheet is subject to a 2 step approval process
     1. Supervisor
     2. Approver

• Weekly cutoffs apply for each step
• Each Supervisor and Approver must approve the timesheets submitted to them
  weekly. The Supervisor and Approver must be different people.

• If the Supervisor does not approve in the required timeframe, the timesheet is
  automatically escalated to the Approver.

• This timesheet mode uses the Wednesday to Tuesday working week (this shows
  a week in arrears)
     Timesheet user logs in to ESS at https://eservices.monash.edu.au/irj/portal

     The Employee Services should be displayed


     Click on the Timesheet Entry link
 Process bar

Submit button

                Your personnel data

                                        Function buttons

                                       Each new timesheet
                                      will be empty the first
                                        time you access it
                                               Hit ‘Add Row’

A new row is added    Sessional Academics                      Casual Professionals
                       enter a number of                           and Research
                     hours for each activity                    Assistants enter a
                                                                start and end time
                                                            Comments will be viewed by the
 Unit Codes contain Cost Ctr &
Fund info as well as Supervisor
       & Approver info.
  Created by School / Dept.

                                   Activities map to Wage Types /
                                  Attendance Types. Pre-set in SAP
                                      based on employee type.
                   Hit ‘Validate Entries’.

Enter your hours worked.

                   Your totals will be
Add a row for each new     Use Comments if you need to tell   Use ‘Validate Entries’ to calculate
Unit Code &/or Activity.   your Supervisor something about               your totals.
                             the times you have entered.
When you have completed your timesheet, hit ‘Submit Timesheet’.
         When you have successfully submitted your timesheet, you will see a
                               confirmation screen.

The screen contains a summary of the times you’ve just submitted
                        and their status.
You can access timesheets for the past
    6 weeks via ‘Previous Period’.
To update a timesheet for a previous
   period, click ‘Go to Timesheet’.
                                                         When you access a previously
                                                      submitted timesheet, you will see the
                                                          current status of the entries.

White    Entry has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
Orange   Entry has been approved by the Supervisor and is awaiting the Approver.
Green    Entry has been fully approved by the Approver and is awaiting payment.
 Red     Entry has been rejected by the Supervisor or Approver.

                             Hold your mouse over each entry to
                              see a tool tip describing its status.
                                   Includes Reject Reason.
To copy last week’s time entries, hit
      ‘Copy Previous Period’.
Each employee has a ‘home’ employee group and subgroup.

Your employee group and subgroup determine which kind of timesheet you’ll see
each time you access your electronic timesheet.

The timesheet type determines whether you enter hours or start/end times; and
the activity types available.

Employee       Default           Sample activity   Alternate        Sample activity
group          timesheet         type              timesheet        type
Sessional      Sessional       Lecture (normal) Research            RA time incl ½
Academic       Academic (hours                  Assistant (time     hr break
               based)                           based)
Casual         Casual            Time incl ½ hr    Sessional       Lecture (normal)
Professional   Professional      break             Academic (hours
               (time based)                        based)
Research       Research          RA time incl ½    Sessional       Lecture (normal)
Assistant      Assistant (time   hr break          Academic (hours
               based)                              based)
To request your alternate timesheet,
 hit ‘Request Alternate Timesheet’.

   Your alternate timesheet will be
presented. Complete all the fields and
submit as for your default timesheet.

                                         On time based
                                         timesheets the
                                          start and end
                                         times must be
                                         entered in the
                                         format hh:mm
Timesheet for Jez Godin
                          Supervisor for Unit Code 1
Unit Code
   Unit Code 1                                         Approver for Unit Code 1
   Unit Code 2                                         Approver for Unit Code 2

                          Supervisor for Unit Code 2
A reject email is sent when one or
more entries are rejected.

     The status of each entry is shown. The
     reject reason is included.
              If you resubmit your timesheet after
              Monday 12pm, you MUST let your
              Supervisor know that you have

Update ONLY the entries which were
rejected via your ESS timesheet.
                    Thursday 6PM    Friday 4PM   Monday 4PM
Weekly processing

                      Employee      Supervisor
                    completes ESS   approves /
                      timesheet       rejects

                                                 approves /

                                                              Payroll Mgr
                                                              runs payroll
                     Thursday 6PM       Friday 4PM      Monday 4PM
Weekly processing

                      Employee          Supervisor
                    completes ESS       approves /
                      timesheet           rejects

                                                        approves /

                                                                     Payroll Mgr
                                                                     runs payroll
                                        Items not

                      Items not
                                      approved by
                                     Supervisor by
                    before cut off
                                       the Friday
                    will appear as
                                      4PM cut off
                     ‘Red’ in the
                                     will escalate to
You can use the new token-based method access to ESS

Steps to follow:
• Within Monash network, login into ESS. Under the Employee Services tab, click
  on the link under Personal Information which says ‘Email and Mobile Phone’.

• Create a new mobile phone number if none exists and save the record. Log out
  of ESS.
• When accessing ESS from home, you need to tick the check box on the initial
  ESS token access screen and click “Send me an SMS token”.
• The system will then send you a 6 digit number to your mobile.
• You will need to enter this number into the login screen and this will enable you
  to access ESS.
Advice or support can be obtained from either:

       Your faculty Timesheet Administrator (TA)


           HR Enquiries +61 3 9902 0400

Contact details for Faculty Timesheet Administrator are
available on the Timesheet Automation Project Website
•Assistance with completing or approving a timesheet

•Queries regarding the status of your timesheet

•To issue a timesheet

•To change your email address to receive timesheets

•To follow up on timesheets not being approved on time

•To change or create a Unit Code

•To assign Unit Codes to timesheets

• To change the Supervisor or Approver as required, such as:
    • When positions / assignments change
    • When someone is on leave
    • When someone is sick

•To change from PDF timesheets to ESS (or vice versa)
•General queries about the automated process

•Queries about email addresses

•Assistance with completing or approving a timesheet

•Queries regarding the status of a timesheet

•To issue a timesheet

       HR Enquiries do not have authority to do the following:

•Change or create a Unit Code / Assign a Unit Code to a timesheet

•Change a Supervisor or Approver if someone is away/ill

•Change you from using PDF timesheets to ESS

•Follow up on timesheets not being approved

•Change your email address to receive timesheets
Visit the project webpage
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• Links to reference material
• Links to Information Sessions

  Visit ask.monash.edu
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• Ask a question

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