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									Strengths and Developments
The following has been collated from the post-it notes exercise
undertaken at the last DSLP Head Teacher Morning Meeting – areas
where there have been no responses have been left blank. If you wish to add or change anything
please do so and hand it in to Lauren. We will email the completed collation to all heads next week.

 Leadership and Management Focus
  Strengths Offered                                    Developments Needed
  School Governance                                    School Governance
   Proactive Governing body (Ravensdale Junior)        Governance (Arboretum)
                                                         Governors – need full quota especially LA
                                                         vacancy 2 years (Ivy House)

  Creating a Challenging Culture                       Creating a Challenging Culture
   Creating a culture of challenge and change
     (Ridgeway Infant)
   School improvement plans and RAPs (Moorhead)

  Team Building                                        Team Building
   Leadership structure – collective responsibility
     (Chellaston Infants)
   Making Federations work (St James Federation)
   Effective teamwork (Ravensdale Junior)
   Making a new senior leadership team
   Developing all staff into teams (Lakeside)
   A cohesive staff working together (Murray Park)
   Good at being distinctive (Church Ofsted =
     outstanding) (St Peter’s Junior)
   Whole team approach to making the school a
     happy place to be (Cavendish Close Infant)
                                                       Middle management/Leadership
  Middle management/Leadership
                                                        Developing middle managers (Newton’s Walk –
   Literacy leadership (Reigate Primary)                PRU)
                                                        Future development of middle leaders (Aspirant
                                                         and leadership programme) (Murray Park)
                                                        New SENCO in post from September – New
                                                         Head and Deputy (Derwent)
                                                        Develop delegated leadership within school
                                                         (Portway Junior)
                                                        New SENCO in school – would be good to ‘pair
                                                         up’ with an effective SENCO who would be
                                                         willing to help / advise / give ideas (Wren Park)

  Developing Cross Phase Work                          Developing Cross Phase Work
   Developing a new cross phase curriculum to          Transitional links with other schools (Central
    replace the ECM agenda (St Martins)                  Nursery)

  Support Staff                                        Support Staff
   School Business Management (Reigate Primary)
   Lunchtime organisation – Playleaders / mini
    leaders / peer mentors (Bishop Lonsdale)

Mentoring/Coaching/Training/Sharing Practice             Mentoring/Coaching/Training/Sharing Practice
 Practitioner Training – in particular outdoors (Lord    Peer coaching for staff (St Chad’s / Castle)
  Street Nursery)                                         Share good teaching practice consistently
 NQT Induction (Borrow Wood Primary)                      (Shelton Junior)
 Mentoring teacher trainees (Woodlands)                  Staff CPD – everything – everyone – on every
   Staff conference – sharing good practice in            level (Bishop Lonsdale)
      workshops / showcases (Woodlands)                   Developing internal CPD through coaching
   CPD Mark (St martins)                                  (Mickleover Primary)

                                                         International Work
International Work
  Global links (Gayton Junior)
  International schools (St Chad's / Castle)

Work/Business Related
 Enterprise – Development work related skills (St

Areas where offers of support are still needed:
                                                          Templates needed for effective Head Teacher
Teacher Observation/Monitoring                             observation of teaching and learning (Central
                                                          Linking observation to learning to observation
                                                           (Stonehill Nursery)
                                                          Observations of staff's teaching and learning
                                                           (Ashgate Nursery)
                                                          Head monitoring of staff roles and development
                                                           (Stonehill Nursery)
                                                          Linking observations of children to their learning
                                                            – particularly for TAs (Ashgate Nursery)
                                                          Moving on the one Teacher who is stuck at
                                                           barely satisfactory and will not budge (Reigate
                                                          Managing transient learners – improving
                                                           learning outcomes for learners who join school
Transfer and Transition                                    other than normal times (Lakeside)
                                                          Restructuring (Lord Street Nursery)
Restructuring                                             Ongoing saga of buildings / kitchens other ‘stuff
                                                           that detracts from focusing on standards – so
Buildings                                                  managing this successfully (Ravensdale Junior)
                                                          Capacity of school buildings – using condemned
                                                           temporary classrooms. We’re due for
                                                           substantial BSF build (Saint Benedict)
                                                          Refurbishment of both buildings (Reigate

    Teaching and Learning Focus
Strengths Offered                                        Developments Needed
Quality First Teaching                                   Quality First Teaching
    High quality teaching in most classes                   Consistency of quality of teaching and
       (Ravensdale Junior)                                      learning (Lawn Primary)
    Y2 teaching good to outstanding (Ravensdale             Teaching and Learning (Ridgeway
       Infant and Nursery)                                      Infants)
    Transferring of excellent T&L (Borrow Wood              From satisfactory to good (teaching)
       Primary)                                                 consistently (St Peter's Junior)
      Strong direction and purpose in developing             Moving teachers from Satisfactory to
       T&L (Murray Park)                                       Good (Firs Estate Primary)
      School ‘Learning Hubs’ and coaching pairs              Raising teaching from Good to
       now well established and having an impact on            Outstanding (Lakeside)
       T&L (Saint Benedict)                                   We have two NQTs starting – would be
      Capacity to improve – teaching improvements             good to have a practical network –
       resulting in better academic outcomes                   exchange visits – CPD from Heads –
       (Portway Junior)                                        some CPD from both schools (but has to
                                                               be manageable) (Wren Park)
                                                              For all teachers to be good / outstanding
                                                               (Ravensdale Infant and Nursery)
                                                              Moving ‘stuck’ teachers – Satisfactory to
                                                               Good (Village)

Innovative Lessons/Curriculum                           Innovative Lessons/Curriculum
    Making lessons relevant and engaging –                 Developing a creative curriculum (Firs
      capturing children’s interest – setting the             Estate)
      scene to make something not so interesting,           Encouraging creativity and risk taking in
      interesting (Wren Park)                                 lessons (Woodlands)
    Developing creative cross curriculum                   Creative curriculum developing and
      (Oakwood Junior)                                        implementing (Ashgate Primary)
    KS2 interventions – applying learning through          Curriculum at KS4 – retaining benefits of
      practical projects (Wren Park)                          broad curriculum (including vocational)
    Creative Curriculum – have established a                 with external pressures of EBacc etc
      cross-curricular topic based curriculum                 (Saint Benedict)
      (Brackensdale Junior)                                 Development of ‘creative curriculum’ that
    Skills curriculum / L2L (Homefields Primary)             challenges (Ravensdale Infant and
    Curriculum development and development of                Nursery)
      our own brand L2L (Mickleover Primary)                Making science more interesting
    Lively, innovative curriculum (Shelton Junior)           (Brackensdale Junior)
    Child initiated learning (Lord Street Nursery)
    Education for sustainable development –
      curriculum innovation and skills based
      thematic approach (Silverhill Primary)

Literacy/English                                        Literacy/English
     Attainment and achievement in reading                  Quality of writing (Lawn Primary)
       (Portway Junior)                                      Writing and Maths (St Peter's Junior)
     Read Write (Pear Tree Junior)                          Writing (Pear Tree Infant / Walbrook
     Writing – teaching and assessment of (Walter             Nursery)
       Evans)                                                Writing KS1 (Village)
     Speaking and Listening (Stonehill Nursery)             Sustaining improvement for more able in
     Literacy / Reading – guided reading phonics /            Literacy (Beaufort Primary)
       Writing – Talk for Writing (Breadsall Hill Top        Raising boys achievement in writing
       Infant)                                                 (Cavendish Close Infant)
     Talk for writing (St Mary's)                           Boys writing (Borrow Wood Primary
                                                             Writing across the school – boys and
                                                             Whole school literacy (da Vinci)
                                                             Emergent Writing – an approach across
                                                               the entire primary school (Reigate
                                                             Would like to know more about ‘Big
                                                               Write’ and its impact / introduction costs
                                                               (Homefields Primary)
                                                             Raise standards in writing (Shelton
                                                             Raising the profile of reading for all
                                                              children (St Joseph's Primary)
                                                             Developing excellent reading skills in a
                                                              Junior School (St Peter’s Junior)
                                                             Increasing the % of children who achieve
                                                              average and above in writing (Redwood
                                                             Improving standards in writing (Oakwood
                                                             Raising standards in writing esp boys
                                                              (Cavendish Close Junior)
                                                             Improve writing standards – attainment
                                                              and achievement (Portway Junior)
Numeracy/Maths                                         Numeracy/Maths
   Attainment and achievement in numeracy                Maths (St Mary's)
     (Portway Junior)                                     Raising Numeracy attainment – using
   Improvements in the teaching of Maths (St               and applying (Lakeside)
     Joseph's Primary)                                    Developing early mathematical skills
   Creative Maths- from partnerships (St Peter’s           through play (Ashgate Nursery)
     Junior                                               Raising attainment in Maths (Cavendish
   Maths at all levels (Borrow Wood Primary)               Close Infants)
   Maths detectives – raise mental maths scores          Using and applying maths
     (Breadsall Hill Top Junior)                            (Brackensdale Infant)
                                                          Maths – Help – raising standards (Dale
                                                          Maths and English standards (Pear Tree
                                                          Continue to raise standards in Maths –
                                                            application of skills (Boulton Primary)

Outdoor Learning
                                                       Outdoor Learning
    Outdoors provision for EY – reception
                                                           EY – outdoor provision (Oakwood Infant)
      (Alvaston Infant)
                                                           Outdoor learning opportunities in KS1
    Use of outdoor environment (Oakwood Junior)
                                                             (Chellaston Infants)
    EYFS Outdoor Learning (Redwood Infant)
                                                           F1 and 2 outdoor learning (Village)
    EY outdoor learning (Ridgeway Infant)
                                                           Outdoor curriculum (Pear Tree Infant /
    Development of outdoor environment (Central
                                                             Walbrook Nursery)
                                                           Develop outdoor learning further (St
    Developing outdoor learning (Ashgate
                                                             Chad’s / Castle)
    Outdoor provision in FS2 (Chellaston Infants)
    Outdoor learning including visits (Harrington
    Use of outdoor learning with disaffected pupils
      (Shelton Junior)

Learning Environment                                   Learning Environment
    Classroom environments – linked to
      curriculum (Dale Primary)
    EYFS – learning environment (St Mary's)
    Foundation stage provision (environment) –
      (Boulton Primary)

EYFS                                                   EYFS
    EYFS (Borrow Wood Primary)                           Nursery provision (Alvaston Infant)
         Foundation stage FS1 and FS2 (Breadsall Hill            EYFS development (Beaufort Primary)
          Top Infant)                                             Review of the EYFS ( Harrington
         EYFS development Progress through ECAT                   Nursery)
          input and Rtime and Seal (Cavendish Close               Support with developing EY (Becket
          Infant)                                                  Primary)
                                                                  We are making building and
                                                                   organisational changes to our FS –
                                                                   would be good to hear / see somewhere
                                                                   that has good practice or undergone
                                                                   changes in FS recently (Wren Park)

Independent Learning/L2L                                 Independent Learning/L2L
    KS1 curriculum – exciting and personalised              L2L (Oakwood Infant)
      (Chellaston Infants)                                   Active Learning – encouraging children
    Developing independent learning (Ashgate                  to become independent learners,
      Nursery)                                                 confident individuals and responsible
    Foundation stage provision– developing                    citizens (Ashgate Primary)
      independence (Boulton Primary)                         Developing independent learners (da
    Independent learning in FS2 (St Joseph's                  Vinci)

    Horticulture (St Clare's)
    Forest Schools – WNS (Pear Tree Infant /
       Walbrook Nursery)

ICT                                                      ICT
         ICT – PTI (Pear Tree Infant / Walbrook                  ICT provision curriculum development
          Nursery)                                                 (Dale Primary)
         ICT – developing the use of personalised                Use of ICT in the classroom across the
          learning (Brackensdale Junior)                           curriculum (Brackensdale Junior)

   EAL work / Inclusion (St Chad's / Castle)            SEN/Inclusion/EAL
   Inclusion: EMAG; Roma Comm; SEN;                        Ensuring SN children make appropriate
      Learning Mentors role (Dale Primary)                     progress (Oakwood Junior)
   Inclusion – ERS / EAL / SEN / Des
   SEN Inclusion – PTI (Pear Tree Infant /
      Walbrook Nursery)
   SEN / Inclusion (Harrington Nursery)
   EAL support – PTI / WNS (Pear Tree Infant /
      Walbrook Nursery)
   Inclusion (St James Federation)
   SEN Interventions – range and quality (Becket
   SEN inclusion (Ravensdale Infant and
   SEN provision (Alvaston Infant)
   Inclusion – use of Learning Mentors (Becket
   Inclusion – FS/KS Transition (Cherry Tree Hill
   Inclusion (Oakwood Infant)
   Supporting SEN children (Redwood Infant)
      Inclusion – particularly children on the Autistic
       Spectrum (Brackensdale Junior)
      Working with DE children with no English (St
       James Federation)
      Support new arrival families with no English,
       no money, no clothes, no toys and no
       aspirations (Village)
      Our sensory area (Bishop Lonsdale)
      Going to become a centre of excellence for
       M.O.V.E. (Ivy House)
      Cultural support – Roma (Pear Tree Junior)
      Great example of multi-agency partnership
       education / NHS / Social care (Ivy House)
      Learning Mentors (Pear Tree Junior)
      Cultural Support (Roma) (Pear Tree Infant /
       Walbrook Nursery)
      Centre for moving and handling training in the
       city (Ivy House)

                                                              Sex Ed (Pear Tree Junior)
   Personal, Social and Emotional Development
                                                              RSE (Arboretum)
     especially through all areas of EY learning
                                                              RSE (Pear Tree Infant / Walbrook
     (Stonehill Nursery)
   Strong pastoral / inclusion systems – PSHCE
     / SEAL / Ethos (da Vinci)

                                                               Transition from FS2 to Y1, national
    Transition from nursery to school (Ashgate
                                                                  curriculum (Brackensdale Infant)
                                                           Extended Provision
Extended Provision
    Extended schools and alternative provision
      (St Martins)
                                                              Improving the standard and participation
   Sing Up – Platinum school (St Chad's /                       in Music (Brackensdale Junior)
                                                           Pupil Progress/Learning
Pupil Progress/Learning Journeys/Aspirations               Journeys/Aspirations
    Pupil Progress Meetings (Reigate Primary)                 Raising achievement and attainment /
       Monitoring Pupil Progress through pupil                    aspirations (Moorhead)
       progress meetings (Ashgate Primary)
                                                               Closing the gender gap – raising quiet
    Continual provision and the use of Learning                  girls without putting the boys off
       Journeys in FS1 (Brackensdale Infant)                      altogether (St Joseph's Primary)
                                                               Tackling under achievement with our
                                                                  ‘average’ children (Oakwood Junior)
                                                               Post 16 provision across the city (NEET
                                                                  issues) (St Martins)

Areas of support still needed:

Challenge for more able pupils                                   Challenge for more able pupils (Walter

     Behaviour / Attendance / Safeguarding Focus
Strengths Offered                                      Developments Needed
   Behaviour                                              Behaviour
 Standards of behaviour in school and the systems      Consistent approach to low level behaviour
   which underpin these (Portway Junior)                 issues (Murray Park)
 Behaviour management and working with children
   with ASD (Brackensdale Infant)
 Supporting schools with a proactive response to
   challenging behaviour (Newton’s Walk – PRU)
 Behaviour management of challenging pupils
   (Beaufort Primary)

  Exclusion                                              Exclusion
 Reintegrating excluded pupils back into               Reducing exclusion rates (da Vinci)
  mainstream by supporting pupils in managing their
  own behaviour (Newton’s Walk – PRU)
 One day swap with local schools of children in
  danger of exclusion (Cavendish Close Junior)

  Safeguarding                                            Safeguarding
 Care; Safeguarding (Dale Primary)

  Looked After Children                                   Looked After Children
 Personalised programmes of education for
  vulnerable pupils particularly LAC pupils
  (Newton’s Walk – PRU)

    Pastoral Care/Wellbeing                               Pastoral Care/Wellbeing
   Care of the whole child (Shelton Junior)
   Pupil well-being (Breadsall Hill Top Junior)
    Strong system of pastoral care underpinned by a
    very effective ‘House’ system (Saint Benedict)
   Family groups (vertically grouped, approx 17
    leavers, Pastoral groups across school)
   How children are involved in worship in schools
    (Bishop Lonsdale)
   Our Nurture Provision (Lakeside)
   New Nurture Unit (Cavendish Close Junior)
   Our nurture group – awarded Boxall Quality Mark
    (national award) Praised by Ofsted (Firs Estate)

    Attendance                                            Attendance
                                                        Attendance issues – raising attendance in a
                                                         climate of extended holidays abroad (St
                                                         James Federation)
                                                        Attendance (Arboretum)
                                                        Attendance (Harrington Nursery)
                                                        Promoting attendance (Pear Tree Junior)
                                                        Promoting attendance (Pear Tree Infant /
                                                         Walbrook Nursery)
                                                        Improving absences – esp parents who still
                                                         insist on holidays during term time (Cavendish
                                                         Close Junior)

     Assessment / Standards / Data Focus
Strengths Offered                                        Developments Needed
Assessment/Standards                                     Assessment/Standards
 APP for reading and writing (Brackensdale Infant)       Planning for learning as a result of
 APP in Literacy / Numeracy (Oakwood Infant)              assessments (Whitecross Nursery)
 AFL in Numeracy (Gayton Junior)                         APP for science (Brackensdale Infant)
 APP Writing (Dale Primary)                              Monitoring of non core subjects (Dale
 Internal moderation using APP (St Joseph's               Primary)
   Primary)                                               Quality assessment of foundation subjects (St
 Good standards in PSHCE and good assessment              Joseph's Primary)
   in the subject (Lawn Primary)                          Monitoring / Assessment (Lord Street
 Assessment and tracking – APP KS1 – EYFS                 Nursery)
   observations / learning journeys – Pupil target        Continue with assessment – gathering
   setting etc (Breadsall Hill Top Infant)                 evidence / observations etc (St Chad’s /
 Rigorous monitoring and evaluation of standards          Castle)
   across the school (Saint Benedict)                     Developing assessment systems that are
 Development of assessment for learning in                practical and make a difference and impact on
   Literacy – esp involving children’s self                learning (Becket Primary)
   assessment (Cavendish Close Infant)                    EYFS assessment and quality teaching
 APP in Numeracy – planning ops for assessment            (Ashgate Primary)
   into num Raised attainment trend at SAC and
   SACEM (da Vinci)
 Reducing % Neets (da Vinci)
 L2L and Assessment for Learning (St Martins)
 Raising standards in a challenging school
   (Beaufort Primary)
 Academic results improvement (Murray Park)

Use of Data/Targets/Tracking
 Using data analysis to feed into school                Use of Data/Targets/Tracking
  improvement (Redwood Infant)                            Quality and effective target setting (Chellaston
 Tracking / assessment analysis (Beaufort                  Infants)
  Primary)                                                Support in data analysis re: narrowing the gap
 2 levels progress (Arboretum)                             (Redwood Infant)
 Accreditation pathways for Entry – to Level 1           Assessment Y3 – Y5 and tracking pupil
  Accreditation (St Martins)                                progress (Cherry Tree Hill Primary)
                                                          Embedding data in lessons to inform teaching
                                                            and learning (Woodlands)
                                                          The Y3 dip (Ravensdale Junior)
                                                          Addressing the needs of pupils entering
                                                           school during the year who are below age
                                                           related expectations (Silverhill Primary)
 Moderating progress (St James Federation)              Moderation
                                                          Improving assessment moderation within a
Self – review                                              small unit (Newton’s Walk – PRU)
 Self Review in light on new Ofsted framework (?)
   (Ashgate Primary)                                     Self – review

Marking, Recording and Reporting
 Success criteria / targets / marking in Literacy       Marking, Recording and Reporting
  (Homefields Primary)                                    Continue to refine assessment recording and
                                                           reporting procedures (Portway Junior)
                                                          Quality and effective marking and feedback
                                                           (Chellaston Infants)
    Other: Parents as Partners/Community
Strengths Offered                                       Developments Needed
                                                         Encouraging parents with no English to
      Developing relationships with parents / carers     support their child’s learning (St James
       (Ridgeway Infant)                                  Federation)
      Developing parental links (Oakwood Junior)        Parent engagement in pupils learning (Gayton
      Good at involving lots of partners (St Peter’s     Junior)
       Junior)                                           Improving parental involvement (Redwood
      Working with CC for family support (Village)       Infant)

   Parent Partnerships (Harrington Nursery)       Central help with community cohesion (St
   Relationships with families and children        James Federation)
    (Whitecross Nursery)                           Adapting to a growing and changing school
   Social Values (St Clare's)                      community (new housing estate, mostly social
   Engaging with parents (Lord Street Nursery)     housing so far mixing with traditional, middle
                                                    class families – what a clash in values with
                                                    some families – ouch! (Ravensdale Junior)
                                                   Parental engagement in Children’s learning –
                                                    hard to reach parents, how to get them to
                                                    hear their children read? (Breadsall Hill Top
                                                   Engaging parents with children’s reading /
                                                    Boys writing (Breadsall Hill Top Junior)


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