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					   Game On, Girl
    2011 Tour

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Summary of Proposal
       The Game On, Girl Tour will comprise a multi-
       city tour of female-focused events to offer an
       inspirational, positive experience for young
       women to interact with the John Frieda brand.

       The events will feature a multi-media
       presentation by author and sports broadcaster
       Betsy Ross along with product demos and
       sampling. The tour will be promoted through a
       mix of traditional media (advertising, media
       relations and grassroots) and social media.

       The call-to-action will include a scholarship
       contest for college-aged women across
  Playing Ball With the Boys is a new book by
  former ESPN anchor Betsy M. Ross, featuring
  conversations with nearly two dozen women who
  are pioneers in the world of sports in media, on
  the court or in the front office.

  Among those interviewed are such notables as
  tennis hall of famer Billie Jean King, NFL reporter
  Lesley Visser, racing pioneer Janet Guthrie and
  USA Today columnist Christine Brennan. Former
  Miss America and co-host of CBS’ The NFL Today,
  Phyllis George, contributed the foreword. Each
  woman tells how she succeeded in her chosen
  field, and offers advice to those who wish to do
  the same.
About the Author: Betsy M. Ross
             As one of the first women to break into national sports
             news, Betsy worked as an anchor at ESPN for five years.
             Before anchoring SportsCenter and ESPNews, Ross worked
             at NBC News Channel and Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate, where
             she covered the 1996 Presidential Election and
             Inauguration and the 1996 Atlanta Games.

             Betsy continues to be involved in sports broadcasting as
             play-by-play anchor for women’s college basketball for
             ESPN, Fox Sports and other national and regional outlets,
             and as a sports reporter for Cincinnati’s FOX 19. She is also
             the in-stadium announcement voice of the Cincinnati
             Bengals and University of Cincinnati women’s basketball.
             She is the host of a weekly sports interview segment, “The
             Front Row,” that airs Saturday mornings on WVXU-FM, the
             NPR affiliate in Cincinnati. She also teaches a master’s level
             course, Sports and PR, at Xavier University, and is a visiting
             journalism professor at Indiana University.
     Highlights of the Program
•John Frieda will honor girls and young women who are breaking
barriers in sports (high school and college) with four scholarships to
continue their studies
•Program would be promoted at women sporting events and college
campuses by a series of presentations, retail events and book
signings by Betsy Ross (including sampling opportunities) and
supported with advertising in magazines and on Facebook
•Nominations for honorees would be uploaded to the John Frieda
Facebook page
•Scholarship winners will be chosen by panel of women in sports
including, but not limited to, those featured in the book
•Scholarship winners will be announced on live streamed webcast
hosted on site
                     Sample Copy
Do you know a young girl who is “Playing Ball With the Boys?”

Whether on the athletic field or in business, more young women are
choosing to take risks and follow their passions in sports. We at John Frieda
want to recognize young girls and women, ages 16-21, who are involved in
some aspect of sports usually dominated by boys or young men.

Perhaps she’s a high school football kicker; maybe she plays on the boys’
golf team or drives a race car; or she’s a manager of a boys’ youth baseball
team. John Frieda wants to honor those young women with a $25,000
university scholarship to continue their sports careers in college.

Upload your video nominations to and help us
honor young women who are “Playing Ball With the Boys.”
                  Tour Overview
We propose a four-pronged approach to each tour stop. Markets and
events would be chosen based upon mutually-agreeable events, cities and
opportunities with title sponsor.

Each stop would include but not limited to:

•A local media tour with sponsor mentions
•Presence at a high profile, female focused event, i.e. Women’s Final Four
at five per month from March through July
•A major speaking opportunity at a university or relevant non-profit
(Women in Sports and Events chapter, American Marketing Association)
•A book signing at a high traffic book store
•A VIP sponsor event with a retail partner/salon partner
        Proposed Tour Schedule
•Launch tour at BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Tournament, Hartford, CT (March 4-6)
•Hold events to promote scholarship, product sampling, media blitz

      •Event with ESPNW in Bristol, CT (TBD)
           •Event at University of Connecticut with Rebecca Lobo

      •New York City event with the Women’s Sports Foundation and Lesley Visser (March)
           •New York University event

      •Sony Ericcson Tennis Tournament, Key Biscayne, FL (March 25-27)
            •University of Miami event
            •Women’s Networking event with LPGA’s Zayra Calderone, Miami, FL

•Hold events to promote scholarship, product sampling, media blitz
      •NCAA Women’s Final Four, Indianapolis, IN (April 2-5)
      •Los Angeles retail event, book signing with Kim Ng, LA Dodgers (TBD)
      •Las Vegas retail event, book signing with Tina Kunzer-Murphy, Las Vegas Bowl (TBD)
        Proposed Tour Schedule
•Hold events to promote scholarship, product sampling, media blitz
      •Kentucky Derby with Phyllis George, Louisville, KY (May 6-7)
            •Louisville retail event, book signing
      •Northwestern University event with Christine Brennan (TBD)
            •Chicago retail event, book signing
      •Indianapolis 500 with Janet Guthrie, Indianapolis, IN (May 28-29)

•Hold events to promote scholarship, product sampling, media blitz
      •Women in Sports Business Symposium with Kim Ng, LA Dodgers, Cincinnati (June 3)
      •Association of Women in Sports Media annual convention, Charlotte, NC (June 23-25)
      •Seattle Storm event with Nancy Darsch, Seattle, WA (TBD)
      •Phoenix retail event, book signing (TBD)

•Hold events to promote scholarship, product sampling, media blitz
      •U.S. Open Women’s Golf with Zayra Calderone, LPGA, Colorado Springs, CO (July 8-10)
      •WNBA All-Star Game with Rebecca Lobo, Ruth Riley (TBD)
            •Give away scholarships at the All-Star Game
     Staffing & Management
The tour will be managed by Game Day Communications with client
direction/approval using the following staffing model:
    •Tour Director/Client Liaison
    •Event Coordinator for on-site needs
    •Social media coordinator
    •Two models for sampling, product demo
           Budget Considerations
      •Four scholarships at $25,000 ($100,000)
•Event sponsorship fees
      •Eight events at $15,000 per event ($120,000)
      •Half-time sponsorship of the WNBA All-Star Game (TBD)
•Travel expenses
      •TBD based on fees, staffing
•Betsy Ross endorsement fee
      •$5,000 per tour stop at 10 stops ($50,000)
•Media Relations/PR support
      •TBD based on agency
•Tour branding needs (design, exhibit, signage, merchandising with tour logo)
      •TBD based on approval of tour
•Product sampling with collateral
      •TBD based on participation of brands
•Event staffing and tour management
      •Tour management for each destination is estimated at $5,000/tour stop
      •Six staff for each event (tour manager, coordinator, social media, video/photo editor, two
      models for sampling)
             •$500/day @ four staff x # of events

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