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               Technology in Language Teaching

•   Warm-Up
•   Before reading
•   While reading
•   Post reading

                  Which job would
                   you like to do
                  when you leave
                     school ?
 List some jobs
you’ve known!!!
                                    Why do you
                                     that job?


                    ACTRESS SINGER

            BEFORE YOU READ

Work in groups: Tick () the factors that you think
   would help you succeed in a job interview.

       Wearing casual
       Giving clear, honest
       Feeling self-confident
       Feeling nervous
       Having a good sense
       of humor
       Avoiding difficult
pay attention to: listen to, look at or think
 about sth/sb carefully.
 Ex: Don’t pay any attention to what they
punctuality (n): the act of happening or
 doing sth at the arranged or correct time.
 punctual (adj)
 Ex: She has been reliable and punctual.
 demeanor (n): the way that sb looks or behaves
  Ex: He maintained a professional demeanor

 informed (adj): having or showing a lot of
  knowledge about a particular subject or situation
Ex: Keep me informed of any developments.
    information (n)
       informative (adj): giving useful information
 eventually (adv): at the end of a period of time or
  of a process
  Ex: Our flight eventually left five hours late.
 attribute (n): a quality or a feature of sb/sth
  Ex: Patience is one of the most important
  attributes in a teacher.
 give away: show sth that you want to keep
  secret = betray
  Ex: She gave away state secrets to the enemy.
 on time: not late or early; punctual
  Ex: You should come on time for the interview.

 in time: not late; with enough time to be able to
  do sth
  Ex: Will we be in time for the six o’clock train?

 put yourself/sb in: bring yourself into the state or
  condition mentioned
  Ex: Put yourself in my position.
 neglect (v): to fail or forget to do sth that you ought to do
  = omit
  Ex: you neglected to mention the name of your previous

 reiterate (v): to repeat sth that you’ve already said,
  especially to emphasize it.
  Ex: Let me reiterate that we are fully committed to this
  reiteration (n)

 set sb/sth apart from sb/sth: to make sb/sth different from
  or better than others
  Ex: Her elegant style sets her apart from other

1. Is it necessary to be well-prepared for a
   job interview?
2. What should you do to prepare for the
   job interview?
Read the passage quickly , then choose the sentence that fits each
   blank. There is one extra sentence that you do not need.

      1. It is also a nice gesture and a matter of
      2. A smiling, relaxed face is very inviting.
      3. This is usually an interview with someone
         in human resources.
      4. Preparing means knowing about the
         industry, the employer, and yourself.
      5. Whether we like it or not, it is the first
         thing people notice about us.
                              A Job Interview

A job interview is your chance to show an employer what he or she will get if you are
hired. That is why it is essential to be well-prepared for the job interview.
      Preparing means knowing about the industry, the employer, and yourself. It also
mean paying attention to details like personal appearance, punctuality, and
Before the interview, you should gather as much information about the company and
the employers you can. Not only will you appear informed and intelligent but you will
also make a decision if a job offer is eventually made. You might also want to
prepare for answering questions by listing some of your attributes. Remember that
                                       Whether we like it or not, it is the first thing people
appearance is very important. (2).______________________________________-- notice about us.
You should match your dress to employees in the workplace where you are applying.
You should come on time for the interview.
During the interview, you should speak slowly and clearly. Eye contact is very
                                                 A smiling, relaxed face is very inviting.
important but make sure it looks natural. (3)____________________________.
People say that body language gives more away about us than speech. Usually
toward the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. By
asking about a typical day on the job or special project, you are putting yourself in
the job and showing the employer how you will satisfy his / her needs.
After the interview, don’t neglect the thank-you note or follow-up letter. It is your
chance to reiterate something you mentioned in the interview or bring up something
                             It is also a nice gesture and a matter of politeness.
you forgot to mention. (4)___________________________________________. It
certainly will set you apart from everyone else who forgot to or chose not to do this.
Isn’t that the kind of person the employer is looking for?
   Work in pairs. Read the following
statements carefully and decide whether
     they are true (T) or false (F) :
   Statements                 True   False
Is it necessary to be well-
    prepared for the job
    Find out as much
 information as you can
  about the job and the
 You do not need to ask
     any question.

  Remember to dress
  neatly and formally.

 Do not need to send a
thank-you note after the
     Read the text again in detail and find the words
        or expression which mean the same as:

1. the way you look or behave.               demeanor
2. the people and activities involved in producing a
   particular thing, or in providing a particular service. industry
3. having a lot of knowledge or information about something.
4.    qualities or features of someone.    attribute

5.    show an emotion or quality that you are trying to hide. give away
6.    fail to do something that you should do. neglect
7.    repeat something in order to emphasize it or make it very
      clear.     reiterate
          Post - Reading

Work in groups. Discuss the questions:

 1. Which pieces of advice given in the
    passage do you find most useful and
    least useful? Why?
 2. Why should you take care of your
    personal appearance before the

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