EUROPEAN UNION

                                                                                  Committee of the Regions

                                                                            Brussels, 14/05/2012

                          VACANCY NOTICE No CDR/AST1-AST2/11/12
                                            concerning a post of
                                           ASSISTANT (M/F)
                             in the Directorate for Administration and Finance,
                                       General Administration Unit
                    Publication under Article 29(1)(a) and (b) of the Staff Regulations

1.      Vacancy:          AST1-AST2

2.      Brief description of main responsibilities:

         Official in charge of the administrative and budgetary management of the missions of the
         CoR administration –budget lines 162, 550.

3.      Duties:

     a. Processing of travel requests forms (main activity)

                 Verification of forms and supporting documents, of requests for booking air/rail
                  tickets and of compliance with the principles of the guide to missions
                 Confirmation of tickets to the travel agency and spot checks of the prices charged by
                  the travel agency
                 Cost estimation, calculation and payment of any advance
                 Regular information to staff on the rules to follow
                 Encoding and classification

     b. Treatment of mission costs statements (main activity)

                 Verification of forms and supporting documents
                 Calculation of missions allowances
                 Preparation of payment orders
                 Encoding and classification

     c. Invoice processing (as backup)

                 Verification of compliance with the principles of the guide to missions
                 Verification of invoices from the travel agency et preparation of supporting
                 Encoding and classification


4.   Qualifications and skills:

           Established official or successful candidate in a competition of the European public
            service in the appropriate grade;
           Sense of initiative, well-organised and good communication skills, given the daily
            contacts with other departments and the client base (front desk);
           Sound computer skills: Microsoft Office XP; Word; Excel; Powerpoint; Outlook;
           Ability to work in a team and to communicate;
           Familiarity with the financial regulation and ABAC are an asset;
           Sound knowledge of one EU language and ability to work in a second language. For
            operational reasons, excellent working knowledge of English and good knowledge of
            French are required;
           Good knowledge of IT database (Access) will be considered an asset.

5.   Applications:

           CoR officials who wish to apply for this post should do so on form F 001, which
            may be obtained from the CoR Recruitment and Careers Unit or in CdR-Net under
            "Templates & Forms/Application form for employment vacancy".

           Established officials from other EU institutions and people on a reserve list for
            officials of the European union may also apply for this post. Applications must be
            accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and an official document vouching for
            the official's category and grade (e.g. copy of the most recent decision).

           This vacancy notice only concerns successful candidates from an EPSO competition
            for officials in the appropriate grade (and not persons on a CAST short list for the
            recruitment of contract staff).

     Applications should be submitted to the Recruitment and Careers Unit of the Committee of
     the Regions:

      by registered post at the following address:
                                                      Committee of the Regions
                                                      Department for Recruitment
                                                      Vacancy Notice No COR/AST1-AST2/11/12
                                                      Rue Belliard, 99-101
                                                      1040 Brussels

      by hand, with proof of delivery, during office hours, at the following address:

                                                      Ms Anna Starace
                                                      Committee of the Regions
                                                      BvS 827
                                                      Rue Montoyer, 92-102
                                                      1000 Brussels


6.         Closing date for submitting applications:                             15/06/2012 at midday (Brussels time)


          The appointing authority will first consider applications submitted under Article 29(1)(a) of
           the Staff Regulations (transfer, appointment or promotion), then applications submitted under
           Article 29(1)(b) (inter-institutional transfer) and finally applications from successful
           candidates from a competition1.

          The post will be filled as and when budget resources permit.


The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the political assembly that enables local and regional
authorities to make their voices heard when EU policies and legislation are being drawn up. It is an
advisory body set up in 1994. Its consultative role enables its 344 members and, through them, the
local and regional authorities that they represent, to take part in the EU decision-making process.
As an employer, the CoR applies a policy of equal opportunity ruling out any discrimination and is
also committed to protecting the environment.


The Secretary-General


G. Stahl

           Article 29(1)(b) of the Staff Regulations offers officials the possibility of requesting a transfer to another institution or agency at
           any time during their career. However, candidates are reminded that, in view of the interests of the service, the transfer of newly
           recruited officials less than three years after they first take up their duties is only possible in exceptional cases and for duly
           justified reasons; each individual case has to be submitted for approval to the official’s original institution or agency and to the
           institution or agency to which he or she wishes to transfer.

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